2014 New Year’s Resolutions

This article was originally posted at my site. I’m married with three children, an SBC pastor, a PhD student at SBTS, and an average Southern Baptist. I’ve authored two books. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

2014 new year's resolutions

Hopefully, these resolutions won’t be a “1 week thing.”

Resolved. . .

1. To spend 45 minutes in Greek and Hebrew per day (primarily sermon preparation). The goal is to have a scholarly understanding of the original languages of Scripture in 8 years. I also want this time to be an act of worship, a time of learning, interpreting, and applying God’s word.

2. To spend 45 minutes per day interpreting French, German, Latin, and Dutch documents (primarily sermon preparation). The goal is to have a reading knowledge of French, German, Latin, and Dutch by 2015. My dissertation is in the area of common grace. A reading knowledge of these languages is essential.

3. To write four books that are beneficial to the local church (All four titles have already been selected and started).

4. To write a quarterly Sunday school curriculum. This will be a bare-bones expository curriculum that will be sold at the cheapest price possible.

5. To spend 15 minutes per day learning to play the piano.

6. To plan every day meticulously so that I can accomplish more.

7. To constantly repent of boredom; to be less concerned with “wasting time” and more concerned with enjoying God through the so-called “mundane.”

8. To consistently participate in family worship (singing, Scripture memorization, and catechesis) every other evening.

9. To consistently eat with my children and play with my children every day for a total of at least 1 hour.

10. To spend at least 2 hours with my wife every day eating, talking, playing games, etc.

11. To exercise 45 minutes every day to every other day depending on my schedule.

12. To share the gospel with at least 2 people per week outside of my church walls, church events, funerals, weddings, etc.

13. To labor intensively to provide an environment for my family to flourish by enjoying God and loving one another. I hope to endure more stress so they can endure less; to die more each day so they can live more each day. I want my home to be a safe-haven for human flourishing under the Lordship of Christ.

14. To complete 5 PhD seminars and 2 Colloquia.

15. To spend 30 minutes per day cleaning the house.

16. To post three blog articles per week.

17. To write articles that edify while also being willing to unashamedly say what the Bible says.

18. To write three encouraging cards and/or letters to church members per week.

19. To sleep 8 hours per day.

20. To cook supper once per week.

21. To give my wife 1 day per week completely off from her normal work hours with the children.

22. To give each of my children one hour per day of one-on-one time three days per week (This will increase if we have another child this year).

23. To give each of my children a special one-on-one trip with daddy once per month.

24. To go two places per week as a family (visiting, eating, grocery shopping, leisure, etc.).

25. To spend 15 minutes per day practicing the guitar.

26. To pray without ceasing by being constantly aware of how much I need God’s common grace and special grace.

27. To go on vacation and really go on vacation; to go on vacation and enjoy God through family, friends, and leisure.

What are some of your resolutions for 2014?

This article was originally posted at my site. I’m married with three children, an SBC pastor, a PhD student at SBTS, and an average Southern Baptist. I’ve authored two books. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.


  1. Christiane says

    to pray for Jared Moore who will be needing forty-eight hours in a day and a lot more energy than is human, who remains hopeful and purposeful, and who deserves to be encouraged to try with his whole heart to succeed
    ‘ in His mission ‘ above all.

    God is good. All shall be well. Give thanks.

  2. cb scott says

    I would recommend at least 30 minutes per day studying math, especially in the area of addition.

    • cb scott says

      Jared Moore,

      I just checked with the US government. Although there will be many changes for the citizens of the United States beginning at 12:00 a.m., 01-01-14, the hours within a day will remain the same. There shall be only 24 hours in a week day. Of course, this is scheduled to change in the third year of Obamacare, 2016, when there shall be 28 hours in a day, four of which you shall be able to pay for health care, thus making the promise of the POTUS that “all” people shall be covered not a lie.

      So, maybe you should wait until the 28 hour days go into effect in 2016 before you try these resolutions. There will be two advantages for such a wait. You will have healthcare coverage for four hours per day and you will have a greater possibility of accomplishing your goals with the four additional hour in a day.

  3. Christiane says

    on giving your children one-on-one time,

    when my eldest son was very, very ill and needed more of my time and energy than the other two put together,
    I knew I had to find a way to make it right for the other two as well . . .

    my husband and I worked it out that on every alternating Saturday, I would take one of the children out for the day, just me and the child . . . pancakes at the diner, shopping, the zoo, a park, maybe a movie, the library, whatever the child chose for that day from what was possible . . .

    I think it did a lot of good . . . probably for me as well as the two children, and I have often thought of my decision as ‘inspired’, first because of its simplicity, and second because my children have told me as adults how much it meant to them . . .

    simple things shared with a child are memories in the making . . . you can spend time on many ‘important’ pursuits, but as someone very famous once said . . . if you mess up raising your children, what else really matters?

  4. Dale Pugh says

    Also, if you’re using French, German, Latin and Dutch to prepare your sermons, you’re thinking too much.
    (I’d insert an emoticon, but my New Year’s resolution is to not use emoticons.)

          • cb scott says

            This announcement is for Duckman Dale.

            Hey, all you poor LONGHORN NATION Fans. The DUCK NATION quacked all over you by 30-7. . . if you did not already know.

          • Dale Pugh says

            I shall now reciprocate for SEC CB: Alabama shall thoroughly trounce the Sooners. Oklahoma never did anything good for Texas or Oregon except lose so there’s no need to change it for Alabama.
            Roll Tide!!!!!

          • volfan007 says


            To be fair, this is not the same Georgia team that played at the front of the year. They’ve had a huge amount of injuries…and, to some of their best players, at that. But, the game’s still not over, either.

            In other games, the Bayou Bengals are beating Dave’s Yellow Buzzards, and the Gamecocks are having trouble with the Badgers.

            So, we’ll see….


          • William Thornton says

            There was virtually no one here excited about the Dawgs playing Nebraska in Jacksonville. It was practically a home game but the stands were empty. They won. Congratulations.

    • cb scott says

      “Also, if you’re using French, German, Latin and Dutch to prepare your sermons, you’re thinking too much.”

      . . . . or not thinking at all . . . about sermon prep, anyway.

    • Christiane says

      you have to learn French as a child in order to really master it . . .
      but learning Latin will help you with your French (nothing will help you with its spelling, though)

      if you are studying German, chances are it’s ‘hoch Deutch’ (high German)
      Dutch is a kind of ‘low’ German . . . more similar to English

      Dutch is related to old Frisian and Anglo-Saxon which predates modern English by about a thousand years or so

  5. Tom Bryant says

    I really wonder about trying to set 27 resolutions. Most businesses know that setting more than 3-4 goals guarantees that none of the goals will be met.

    I understand using the greek and hebrew, but why dutch, french, german and latin?

    I have a resolution for my church to provide better opportunities to train people in their ministries.

    Personally, there are some spiritual growth issues.

  6. Zack Stepp says

    You know, Jared, you could just translate the Greek or Hebrew texts into French, German, Latin, or Dutch. Et voilà! Items 1 and 2 are combined to a single 45 minutes. You just saved 45 minutes!

  7. cb scott says

    My New Year’s resolution is the same one that I made 50 years ago and thus far I have kept it for the same number of years.

    I resolve never to lie about NCAA FOOTBALL, specifically SEC FOOTBALL, and absolutely shall I never lie about the Flagship of the SEC, the CRIMSON TIDE.


    • cb scott says

      I think I should make another resolution for 2014. It is the only right thing to do.

      I shall not laugh with glee after the Iowa-LSU game tomorrow.

  8. Dave Miller says

    The nice thing about New Years’ Resolutions – I made a complete set (not quite as obsessive as Jared’s, but pretty extensive) about 15 years ago. Every year I just change the date and the process is easy.

  9. Nate says

    I resolve, as I resolved last year, to buy up as many incandescent bulbs as I can so that I won’t have to sit a house lit by (florescent/led) bulbs that have no warmth. I also resolve to buy as much ammo as I can and reloading supplies.

  10. volfan007 says

    The SEC is now 5-1 in bowl games…with the only blemish being the Dawgs losing to Nebraska…but, it was a great game. I will give credit to the Big 10, though. They played well against the SEC, today. Even Dave’s Yellow Buzzards gave LSU all they wanted, and then some, before the Bayou Bengals finally stuck their claws deep into the chest of the Yellow Buzzards.


    • cb scott says

      I promised not to laugh at the conclusion of the LSU-Iowa game as a New Year’s resolution.

      I must admit, that was the shortest lived New Year’s resolution in the history of New Year’s resolutions thus far in my life. The resolution I made a few years ago not to eat any more red meat lasted even longer.

    • says

      I’d say the SEC is 6-1 considering it took the combination of UCF Knights good playing and SEC refs bad calls to beat Baylor.

      Most of the penalties against the Baylor defense, including all 4 pass interference calls, were not supported by replays. Also, there were at least two clear instances of DEF pass interference by UCF (safety going for the receiver, not the ball) that were NOT called.

      Props to the UCF Knights for playing a GREAT game. The Baylor offense had a tough time getting into their rhythm and I think the Baylor coaching staff did not adjust to either the Knights OR the refs.

      I just wish UCF had been the only team Baylor was playing that night.

      • volfan007 says


        You do know that Baylor is not in the SEC; right? And, our 2 losses have been close games, where Georgia and Bama got beat?


        • Greg Buchanan says

          Of course… >:-|

          Baylor is Big XII

          But the other team Baylor was playing at the Fiesta Bowl was the SEC referee team. And they deserve credit for helping UCF beat Baylor.

          Ergo, SEC is 6-1 for the year.

  11. Dave Miller says

    That sound you hear is the Alabama Crimson Tide getting soundly spanked.

    SEC pride? Not tonight.

    • volfan007 says


      There’s a little too much joy in your voice as you say this…..that just can’t be right. :)


      • Dave Miller says

        Yes, I will admit that there is little holiness in evidence within me when Alabama gets crushed.

        • volfan007 says

          lol….and, to be fair, they did not get crushed…they did get beat, but crushed? I mean, they nearly came back and won that game. I’ll bet Stoops was glad to get out of there with a win.


          • John Wylie says

            I wouldn’t say crushed but certainly dominated. Two interceptions, a fumble, 7 QB sacks almost catching up with the all season stat of 10. Alabama’s defense was flat out overwhelmed by OU’s offense scoring more points against Alabama than any other team not only this year, but since Saban took over. I think that this was not some fluke or late game miracle, this was a legitimate win.

          • Mike Bergman says

            My new year’s resolution was to see stoops become the only coach to haul home all 4 bcs bowl trophies in the now fading bcs era… Well, I’m set for the year!

            boomer sooner… The team made us alum proud in a church culture seemingly dominated by too many sec fans… :D

  12. volfan007 says

    Greatest games this bowl season, ever! We’ve had one great game after another. BTW, the SEC is now 6-2 in bowl games with the Mizzou win over the Cowpokes, tonight.


    • says

      I particularly loved the Fox announcers who said as Oklahoma St was marching down the field with under 2 to play, “You know who we have not heard from tonight? Michael Sam, All American Defensive End.”

      Then on the very next play…BOOM!

      Felt good to see Mizzou beat up on our old conference foes (going back not just to Big 12, but Big 8 as well).

      M I Z!

      S E C!

  13. volfan007 says

    The SEC is now 7-2 in bowl games after Vandy’s win, today. Folks, I know yall don’t like it, may even hate it, but the SEC is the dominant conference in the nation.

    Right, CB?


    • John Wylie says

      I will say this Vol, the SEC is doing a whole lot better this year than they normally do in their out of conference games.

      • cb scott says

        John Wylie,

        Do you live on a planet in an alternative galaxy somewhere out beyond the FOOTBALL UNIVERSE wherein being delusional is the norm?

        You need to know, my Klingon friend, that the SEC dominates the entire FOOTBALL UNIVERSE and will do so as long as Southern born boys can still go to the sporting goods store of their choice and buy a FOOTBALL to learn how to play the game.

        • John Wylie says

          Dear CB,

          I live in a universe where the SEC is known as the bloviation nation in the BS sector. ;-p

          With Love and Respect,
          John Wylie

          • cb scott says

            John Wylie,

            So you admit you are an alien? Or, were you taken up in a spaceship and brainwashed as a child? For all who know truth in the FOOTBALL UNIVERSE know that the SEC stands for truth, justice, and the American way.

            By any chance did you appear in the recent Superman movie as one of the evil villains?

          • John Wylie says


            LOL! You are too much brother. I will certainly give you one thing you have a wonderful character trait called loyalty. I have always admired a man who isn’t ashamed of where he is from.

          • cb scott says

            “Bloviation Nation – what an apt description of the SEC.”

            John Wylie,

            Now see what you have done! Did you not read the sign when you entered the Zoo? “Do Not Feed The Monkeys”

  14. dr. james willingham says

    This whole blog has gone APE! Clearly, obviously, plainly, visibly nonsensical. I was glad to see the revelation of who Christiane is, but the whole blog might just earn a protest and march and even a sit-in for that bit of misinformation.

  15. volfan007 says

    Wow….great, great game! Congratulations, Florida St…..you beat an SEC team in the national championship game….you are the national champions. On a side note, that missed field goal by Auburn earlier in the game came back to bite Auburn… somehow, those mistakes always do.


    • cb scott says

      I agree. It was a good game. Florida State played as winners. So did Auburn. Florida State won. Good game. Good football.

      • volfan007 says

        MVP of the National Championship game….the District Attorney of Tallahassee, FL.


      • says

        I was surprised that Florida St was able to hang in there and come from behind, since they had no experience doing that this season. So, they deserve the championship.
        The SEC streak had to end sometime so I guess it’s best it ended with Auburn — the anti-Alabama.

        but, what’s all this have to do with Ergun Caner? :)

    • cb scott says

      In the state of Iowa tonight there are parties going on right now. At the parties there is a little chant echoing off the walls where each party is being help. The chant goes like this:

      We are so happy, we are so happy,
      Somebody else beat ‘em, somebody else beat ‘em
      ‘Cause we can’t, we can’t, we can’t.
      Oh No!, Oh No!!, Oh No!!!, We Can’t!!!!

      Just remember this Sports Fans. The SEC will be back next year. And next year the Champions shall be determined by a play-off system. All I can say is: Practice hard all you Lesser Conference Nations. Because in 10-12 years, the SEC might just lose another one . . . . maybe. But be assured, an SEC NATION will be in each and every one of the National Championship Games. Why, you ask?

      Because we are winners. We have always been winners. We will always be winners!!

      • William Thornton says

        That, and the fact that we pay our head coaches up to $7 million per year, several assistant coaches over $1 million, football revenues tens of millions per school. There’s a reason auburn and Alabama are top teams – they spend a ton of money, Auburn spent $108m the past three years. Practice facilities are all pimped out and bling soaked to lure the best, allegedly unpaid, athletes.

        It’s free enterprise. Folks are willing to pay for the product.

        Grain of salt here, brethren.

  16. Tarheel says

    Wow Jared, those are very ambitious, productive goals that will require massive discipline and structure.

    I think we all might benefit from attempting many of the things you listed.

    So instead of criticizing you, I’ll consider trying some of them.

    However, my new years resolution is to never again make “new years resolutions”. I make this single resolution every year, and I’ve achieved it every time! Lol.

    • says

      Tarheel, thanks. That’s the response I was hoping for… prayer for myself, my family, my church, and a heart-examination by those who read it to see if there’s any sin that needs repentance or change that needs to take place in their own lives.