January 2014

31 January by Dave Miller

God’s Vision for His Kingdom (by Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr)


GOD’S VISION FOR HIS KINGDOM Revisiting the Meaning of The Gospel of The Kingdom BY WILLIAM DWIGHT MCKISSIC, SR. God established the gospel in order to establish families, in order to establish His Kingdom in every nation. The purpose of the family is to pass down a godly heritage. The family is God’s evangelism plan […]

31 January by Mike Leake

What If Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter?


“Everybody’s opinion is valid,” said the teacher as she parroted the curriculum. It was one of those happy-feely Monday’s where the school was trying to help us love one another, accept differences, and play nice. We likely would have sang Kumbaya if it wasn’t so offensive to the atheists. One of my wise-cracking friends asked […]

30 January by Mike Bergman

Discussion: How does your church raise up leaders?


Leadership. This is a topic that I have much vested interesting for (1) being a pastor of a church, and (2) trying to find ways to raise up new, godly leaders. Ultimately, I am of the persuasion that each church needs a plurality of pastors (preferably homegrown) and a group of deacons that have servant […]

30 January by Ben Simpson

When One Wife Isn’t Enough: The Problems of Polygamy


Polygamy is the next battleground for marriage in the United States.  In fact, just last month a federal judge declared laws on the books in Utah that guard against polygamy to be unconstitutional.  The state may still outlaw plural marriages, but it cannot prohibit polygamous cohabitating, thus weakening anti-polygamy law.  The plaintiff in the case […]

29 January by Andy Hynes

God’s Providence and Influence on the Rise of Christianity


The providence of God gets lost in the singular discussion regarding salvation. When we talk about this topic this is the main idea. However, as I continue to look through a historical lens I see more than that. Maybe we do not think beyond salvific things in reference to God’s providence and allow ourselves to […]

29 January by Jeremy Parks

Antinomianism: Too Far or Not Far Enough?


I’m a new-comer to the discussion of antinomianism.  I’ve seen folks confidently toss the word around, the heptasyllabic term rolling off their fingertips and on to the digital page.  Finally, disgusted with my own ignorance, I determined to ascend from the pit of theological cognitive stupidity in search of greater intellectual challenges. In short, I […]

28 January by Jared Moore

Why I Follow SBC Leaders Uncritically First and Critically Second


Have you ever criticized a Southern Baptist entity or leader? Here is why I follow SBC leaders uncritically first and critically second.

28 January by Bart Barber

Useful Church History


Here are ten stories from Church History that I tend to use in my ministry as the pastor of a local church. They are not listed in any particular order: Monica of Hippo and Her Son Augustine: Augustine was a little hellion. He grew up to be a big hellion. His mother, the pious Monica, […]

27 January by Mike Leake

Is Jesus Really the Hero of Every Text?


The inquisitive lads look at me like a little dog when he knows you are getting ready to drop treats in his bowl. I’m so happy that they are this hungry. We’re learning how to study the Bible better and they are soaking it up. “Jesus is the hero of every text”, I inform them. […]

27 January by Jeremy Parks

Too Much of a Good Thing


I blame my parents, really, for all my troubles. Mom had hearing so perfect she could hear paint dry.  Dad couldn’t hear a low-yield nuclear weapon.  My sister took after Mom, and I – naturally – followed in my father’s ever-silencing footsteps.  A huge schnoz, blue eyes, and hearing loss are my primary paternal genetic […]

25 January by Guest Blogger

Lies, Murder, and Roe: 41 years of Satanic Influence (By Joel Rainey)


Joel Rainey is the Director of Missions at Mid-Maryland Baptist Association, an adjunct professor at Capital Bible Seminary and blogs at Themelios (Twitter - @joelrainey). This post was originally published at his site on Thursday,  January 23. 41 years ago yesterday, nine black-robed justices handed down a decision that would forever change the moral landscape of the United States.  Since […]

24 January by Mike Leake

Does Christian Blogging Rend the Bride of Christ?


For the past month or so I’ve been slowly reading Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry. It’s a fascinating look at how LEGO nearly went under about a decade ago, but righted the ship when they returned to what made LEGO unique. It’s an engaging story […]

24 January by Dan Barnes

Will Preach for Food


I have been in vocational ministry most of my “career”, but I am not currently.  I have served on staff in 4 churches, worked for an Association, served as a NAMB appointed missionary twice, have a degree from Golden Gate, and lately I am wondering if I’ll ever be back in vocational ministry.  The abrupt […]