The Impact of Blogging: A Poll

Can you identify anything in your current spiritual practice of your faith that has come about as a result of your having read a blog article? Have you ever preached a sermon that seemed helpful to yourself or to others for which you could say that some of the material was contributed through your consumption […]

A “Pray as You Go” Challenge

A weekish or so ago, I wrote some thoughts on some recent time spent in 1 Timothy and in particular 2:1-8. By far, my thinking on the passage has not subsided. The other day, in fact, 2:1 drew my mind in further. One translation of it reads: So, then, this is my very first command: […]

A Tough Question for Biblical Baptists

As I read the discussion on Bart’s post yesterday my mind went back to a story I heard a Baptist leader tell not too long ago. I wanted to pose this tough question for our discussion. We ought to form our theology based on biblical teachings, not on difficult quandaries such as this, but it […]

What’s Your Story?

This is my article for my church’s July 2014 newsletter… Psalm 145:1-7 1 I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever.  2 Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.  3 Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness […]

Is the SBC Bleeding to Death?

I lost my dad to cancer in 1999, there was a tumor in his kidney that causes him to loose blood.  He began to loose blood faster than his body could replace it, and he bleed to death over the course of a month.  It was slow, it was crippling but not painful.  He became […]

Baptism Is Commanded

Baptism is not merely a doctrine; it is a command. In the Great Commission the church is commanded to baptize disciples. If you are an unbaptized disciple and I make no effort to baptize you, that’s neither kindness, nor humility, nor generosity; it is simply disobedience. It is the valuing of my relationship with you […]

The Internet and the Ethics of Borrowed Sermons

I was listening to a message not long ago and was amazed at the quality of the organized outline and presentation. It was way better than anything I’d heard the man preach before. I had a small suspicion growing in my mind. So, I wrote down a few key phrases from the outline and later […]