What is the Achilles Heel of your Pastoral Ministry?

There is a legend in Greek mythology that details the story of a baby on whom a young death was prophesied. This baby’s name was Achilles. To thwart this prophecy, Achilles’ mother, Thetis, took him to the River Styx, a river that supposedly offered powers of invulnerability. Thetis placed her faith in this river’s fabled power, and […]

Review of PROOF by Timothy Paul Jones and Daniel Montgomery

I’m convinced that some of the worst sermons that I’ve preached were terrible because I became a slave of alliteration. I used alliteration because I wanted people to remember the points of the sermon. But, here is where I went south—in order to make three points that all start with the letter P, I slightly […]

Tightening Your Belt With a Purpose: How to Budget During Tough Financial Times (by Joel Rainey)

Joel Rainey is the Director of Missions at Mid-Maryland Baptist Association, an adjunct professor at Capital Bible Seminary and blogs at Themelios (Twitter – @joelrainey).  Nearly six years after a near economic collapse, our nation continues to limp toward what has proven to be, at best, an anemic economic recovery.  Its truly scary out there, and over the past […]

My “personal plan” for SBC14: A self-assessment

In my pre-Convention post, I laid out my personal plan for this year’s Convention. I wrote my post before because I wanted to move past a non-specific, general call for unity and offer some practical, event-specific application for the average messenger like me. Well, no one in Baltimore asked me how I was doing on […]