Africans in the Baby Jesus’ Bloodline (by Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr.)


A Biblical Response to Megyn Kelly’s Claim That Santa Claus and Jesus are White

By William Dwight Mckissic, Sr.


In response to Aisha Harris’ article “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore,” Fox News Commentator, Megyn Kelly gave the following response:

“By the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa is white but this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. Santa is what he is and just so you know, we are debating this because someone wrote about it, kids. Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That’s a verifiable fact — as is Santa. I just want the kids watching to know that.” (

Kelly offered no supporting evidence for Santa or Jesus being White. She was simply echoing the thinking of the culture that surrounded and produced her. In the case of Jesus, Kelly was ethnicizing Deity, and in the case of Santa Claus she was ethnicizing mythology.

By declaring Jesus and Santa White, Kelly consciously or sub-consciously empowered any person who is also White with a sense of high self-esteem and racial supremacy based on her perception of the ethnicity of the historical Jesus and Santa Claus. If Jesus is God’s Son and He is White, what color would that make His Father? If God, Jesus, and Santa are White, what are the inherent implications of those notions?

The implications of Kelly’s remarks are dangerous and deceptive. Inadvertently, perhaps, but Kelly’s remarks were rooted in a racial and racist DNA that America was constructed on; and the residual effect still exists.

There are two reasons that I never taught my four children the Santa Claus myth: (1) Once they discovered that Santa Claus was a myth, I didn’t want to run the risk of them also thinking of Jesus in the same manner. (2) Rather than giving the credit to an overweight Anglo man from the North Pole who brought gifts once a year to place around the Christmas tree, my wife and I decided to give the credit to their overweight African-American father and loving mother who maintained a relationship with them all year long.

Even if one argues as Bill O’Reilly does that the Santa Claus myth is based on a historical person that lived in Turkey in the 4th Century; one has to also admit that the vast majority of people in Asia Minor or modern day Turkey, then and now, don’t fit the description of most blond-haired blue-eyed Europeans. Although O’Reilly joins Kelly in proclaiming Santa Claus as White, the vast majority of people in Turkey and the Middle East simply don’t look like the popular depictions of the American White Santa Claus. As most Middle Eastern people, the people are olive or tannish in complexion with black hair. Megan Kelly and Bill O’Reilly are simply wrong. The color of Santa is the color of the parents who provide the Christmas gifts.

In all fairness to Kelly, after receiving much criticism for her ethnocentrism, unfounded claims, she later said that her claims regarding Santa Claus being White were tongue-in-check, and the color of Jesus was not a settled matter. Nevertheless, because her earlier expressed viewpoints regarding Jesus’ ethnicity is a common view in America, and in contradiction of the Bible, I feel compelled to address her claim related to Jesus being White.

Was Megyn Kelly right? Was Jesus a White Man when He walked this earth? We must look to the Bible for an answer to this question. According to the Bible, Jesus was a person of mixed ancestry with physical features that would reflect a composite of the three basic races of mankind. Jesus can be claimed by Asians because He was born in an Asian country. Israel is on the Continent of Asia, located in Southwest Asia; Jesus can be claimed by Africans because there are four African-Hamitic ladies mentioned by name in the bloodline or genealogy of Jesus. None of the Jewish wives are mentioned—only the African-Hamitic wives (Matthew 1:1-16). Jesus can be claimed by Caucasians because His dominant people-group category was Semitic (Luke 3:36-38). He was a descendant of Noah’s son, Shem. Semitic people, although they range in skin complexion from chocolate to chalk, are anthropologically and academically classified as Anglo or Caucasian. Therefore, Jesus can be classified as a mestizo—a person of missed ancestry. He can be legitimately claimed by all people groups. It is simply dishonest and historically inaccurate for any one people group to exclusively claim Him. My thesis is:  We often overlook the fact that Jesus was a Jew—who loved Israel—and four African women were in His bloodline, and was born into a Greek and Roman social and political culture.

The Jewish people are a people of mixed ancestry according to Exodus 12:38. They comprise a mixture of African-Egyptian-Hamitic blood and Semitic blood. They later mingled with Europeans. The Sephardic Jews of North Africa and the Mediterranean carry the sickle cell anemia trait, which is commonly carried by African descendants.

According to John MacArthur, all racial-people groups existed before the flood and after the flood:

“The fact of the matter is that all human beings came from Adam, through Noah. Which means that all there is in the genetic code for all human races was in Adam and Eve, and all that there is of genetic coding that is in all the races that exist today was in the family of Noah. That has all kinds of interesting implications. Because in the world you have so much diversity; a very dark-skinned people, very light-skinned people, you have various features of certain kinds of people that are identifiable; Caucasoid, Negroid, astrolid, etc. Mongoloid. Particular descriptions of physical features, and yet all these differences in skin color and all these differences in facial look and body design and the question is often asked, where did this diversity come from and the answer is the genetic code for all of that was in Adam and Eve. And the genetic code for all of the humanity in all of its diversity today was in the family of Noah. Everyone from pigmies and dwarfs and aborigines to seven foot two Zulus, and basketball players, came from Noah and his wife. All physical features, all skin colors, all physical characteristics, all eye shapes, noses, eye colors, hair colors, etc. All of the necessary genetic coding was in Adam and Eve, and all of it was in those eight people. In fact, all of it was in those three couples, the combinations multiplied by each new union almost without limit.”

“Further along the line thinking this through, for a few centuries after the flood, everybody was one big family. One language, one family, one culture. And so everybody intermarried. No barriers to marriage. And many believe that that tended to keep the skin color and the physical features generally away from extremes. Right? You have the whole of humanity all sort of living together. There are no barriers. There’s one culture. And so it tends to keep features and skin color away from extremes because all are exposed constantly to the full gene pool.

Very light skin sometimes appears, very dark skin sometimes appears, features vary, but because the people intermarry, the average stays generally similar. And biologists will tell you that to obtain distinct separation of color and distinct separation of features, it is necessary to break a large breeding group into smaller groups and keep them completely separated so they don’t interbreed. So you have to pull people off and isolate them, and then they would begin to be dominated by the genetic features that are within that people group. That’s exactly what happened at the Tower of Babel.”

To express it in “hood language,” the people of the biblical world were not “lily white.” Therefore, the bloodline of Jesus could not have been “lily white.” The Bible testifies to the fact that the original occupants of the land of Israel/Canaan were the people of Ham (I Chronicles 4:40), and four of them show up in the bloodline of Jesus. Again, Ham was the progenitor or ancestral father of the African and some of the Asiatic people.

The biblical world consisted of people of all colors. The largest people group in the biblical world was people of Hamitic-African descent (Gen. 10:6-20). Ham had thirty descendants. Shem had twenty-six descendants (10:21-31). And Japheth had fourteen descendants (Gen. 10:2-5). That is the reason that there are more dark and dusky skinned people in the world than fairer complexioned people. Although disputed, the etymology of the word Ham means “dark or black.” The etymology of the word Shem means “dusky or olive colored.” The etymology of the word Japheth means “bright or fair.” Japheth is considered the father or progenitor of the European people. Shem is considered to have been the progenitor or ancestral father of the Semitic people; the Jewish, Arabic and other Middle Eastern People. The entire African Continent was named at one point: “the Land of Ham.” Again, although Jesus was primarily of Semitic lineage, there were people of African-Hamitic descent in His bloodline. Four of the five ladies mentioned in the bloodline of Jesus descended from Ham.

Before I name persons of African-Hamitic descent in the bloodline of Jesus, I want to share with you biblical descriptions of physical features of Jesus:

“For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,
And as a root out of dry ground.
He has no form or comeliness;
And when we see Him,
There is no beauty that we should desire Him.” (Isaiah 53:2)

This verse suggests that Jesus would not make the world’s ten most beautiful person’s list. Physically, Jesus was not a “beautiful” person. The attraction to Jesus would not be based on physical appearance. The implication is that His physical features might repel one, rather than attract one. In his Genesis Commentary, Martin Luther said that Noah’s son, Ham, had a “foul” complexion. Interestingly, Jesus and Ham were not considered “beautiful.”

The Apostle John was exiled to the isle of Patmos for the Word of God (Revelation 1:9). While at Patmos, John was granted a glimpse of the glorified Savior (Revelation 1:10-17). In Revelation 1:14-15, John gives us a description of the glorified Son of God.

“His head and his hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were a flame of fire; and his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.” (Revelation 1:14, 15 KJV)

John used the word “white” twice in these two verses to describe the physical features of Jesus Christ. Permit me to define this word “white” based on the original Greek word “Leukon(s)” translated “white” twice in this verse. In Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, pages 212 and 213, we discover that “Leukos” is an adjective describing a color that can be compared to “ripened grain.” This same word “Leukos” is also found in John 4:35 as a reference to ripened grain. The Greek word “Lampros” is translated “white” in Revelation 15:6 to describe “white linen.” A Greek English Lexicon of the New Testa­ment, page 472, by Arndt, Giugrich and Bauer, explains that the word “Leukon(s),” Greek for white, included for the Greek many shades of that color and gives as an illustration our “white” wine. John tells us his feet were like unto brass. Brass, ripened grain and white wine are all similar in color. This apparently was the color of the glorified Christ, which is consistent with the meaning and complexion of Shem and Semitic people, “dusky” and “olive-colored.” Caucasian Christians usu­ally portray Jesus in their paintings as a man with Caucasian features. Hamitic Christians in recent years usually portray Jesus in their paint­ings as a man with Negroid features. It will do Black and White Chris­tians well who have strong feelings about this issue to hear the words of Tom Skinner.

“One thing is certain; whatever contemporary man decides about the “color” of religion, Christ stands outside the debate. He was God in the form of man—neither Black nor White.”

The historical Jesus is the Holy Son of God. He came to reveal God, redeem man and reign over our hearts. Regardless of his complexion and physical features, I’m glad that through Jesus Christ God demon­strated his love for all mankind in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8), the just for the unjust (1 Peter 3:18) that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21). I’m glad that I’ve met the Holy and historical Jesus by faith. Have you?

The four Hamitic-African ladies in the bloodline of Jesus were Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, and Bathsheba. Rahab, Tamar, and Ruth were descendants of the Canaanites. The Canaanites were descendants of Noah’s son, Ham. Africa and Egypt have been referred to as “The Land of Ham” in the Bible and ancient history. Bathsheba can also be traced through the lineage of Ham (Gen. 10:7). Prominent biblical characters such as David and Solomon who are listed in the lineage of Jesus also descended from these four non-Jewish ladies. Biblical descriptions of David and Solomon are described as “ruddy” (I Samuel 17:42; Song of Solomon 5:10, 11).

Solomon’s complexion and hair features are described in Solomon 5:10-11. This description is apparently given by the woman who described herself as “Black but beautiful” (Song of Solomon 1:5). (David Adamo, Ph.D. in Old Testament from Baylor University, states that this phrase could just as easily have been translated “Black and beautiful” and still remained true to the Hebrew text.) This dark-complexioned lady described Solomon’s features as follows:

My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thou­sand. His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as raven (Song of Solomon 5:10, 11)

The Living Bible reads:

My beloved one is tanned and handsome, better than ten thousand others! His head is purest gold and he has wavy raven hair (Son of Solomon 5:10, 11).

The Hebrew word for “white” in the King James Version is “tsach” (5:10). The definition given is “dazzling” or “sunny” or “bright.” The Hebrew word translated “ruddy” in the King James version is “Adom” from the root word “Adam,” which means taken out of red earth.” I believe from these two verses we can deduce two facts regarding Solomon’s physical features: (1) his head was as gold — mean­ing tan, dazzling, sunny, or bright and (2) his hair was black, bushy and wavy.

In the South one was considered Black if one could trace “one drop” of Black blood in one’s heritage. It was often said, the blood of a Negro is like the blood of Jesus—one drop makes you whole. However, it would be unfair to impose the “one-drop” Southern rule on Jesus born in Bethlehem of Judea. Therefore, I do not claim that Jesus was Black. Nor do I claim that He was White. Jesus was Jewish, Semitic. But having been born in brown Asia, hidden in Black Africa, and categorized by anthropologist and scholars as Caucasian based on His Jewish roots—Jesus can be legitimately claimed racially by all. Red and yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves all the people of the world.

If Megyn Kelly is searching for Jesus’ racial roots, if she promises not to go back to Europe, I will promise not to go back to Africa, and we will meet up somewhere on Noah’s Ark. Ultimately we will end up at Nazareth and Bethlehem where Asians, Africans, Europeans, and Middle Eastern people meet and celebrate historically (Psalm 87). If Jesus is White, that would have huge implications and impact on evangelism, apologetics, Christian Education and the study of biblical backgrounds.

Color is inconsequential in the New Jerusalem. And when it comes to the color of Jesus, it would be better if we all would probably make it an inconsequential matter.

The two preachers who have impacted the kingdom the most in the past fifty years were Billy Graham and Martin Luther King, Jr. They both made interesting comments about the color of Jesus.

Alan Blum reported:

“Even Martin Luther King Jr. claimed that Jesus was white, after being asked why God created Jesus as a white man.

King responded that the color of Christ’s skin didn’t matter. Jesus would have been just as important ‘if His skin had been black.’ He ‘is no less significant because His skin was white.’”

Billy Graham stated, according to Blum:

“Famed evangelist Billy Graham preached in the 1950s, and then wrote emphatically in his autobiography ‘Just As I Am,’ that, ‘Jesus was not a white man.’”

The truth of this matter lies between King’s statement and Graham’s statement. Jesus was probably the color of white wine, which reflects His interracial ancestry.

Christmas is a time not to fight about His color, but worship His majesty. JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD IS COME, LET EARTH RECEIVE HER KING.



  1. says

    Sephardic Jews can trace their history back to Spain. After the Moors were expelled in 1492, the Jews who refused to convert to Cathlicism were also expelled, which is why many Sephardic Jews speak Spanish. If they are alone in carrying the sickle-cell anemia trait, it is likely due to the intermingling of the races in Moorish Spain from 711 to 1492 than anything in pre-first Century Jewish experience.

    That notwithstanding, I agree with you and I think that we do a disservice to the gospel that eliminates race as a factor in salvation by trying to glorify our own “race” by claiming Jesus as White or Black. Though Jesus certainly had some Gentile ancestors, we need to remember that he was born a Jew and not a Gentile. We need to remember that if we are descendants of White Europeans or Black Africans, we are probably not the best models of what Jesus looked like.

    • Dwight McKissic says


      Thanks for your perspective-that I happen to share-and your insight on the history of the Sephardic Jews. That was information I did not have.

      Moses & his Ethiopian or Cushite wife would be a biblical example of African-Israeli intermingling(Numbers 12). Plus, the many references to Cush, Cushites, and their derivatives in the Old Testament also demonstrate major interaction between Israel/Jewish and African people. There were also Jewish Colonies in various parts of Africa. African Jewish proselytes showed up at Pentecost. An African/Ethiopian government official traveled to Jerusalem to worship(Acts 8:26-40). My point is that there was plenty opportunities for the sickle cell trait, common to Africans & her descendants to make it’s way into Jewish blood long before the Sephardic Jews mixed with the Moors of Spain. Agreed?

      • says

        Good point. I was actually thinking over my comment before checking back and I thought, “That’s probably not limited to the Sephardic Jews, and they may have come to Spain with the trait already.”

        • Dwight McKissic says


          Glad that you checked back. There is also a reference in 1st or 2bd Chronicles to Ethiopia having an army with a million men. Israel called upon them to be an ally in a time of war. The Bibke Knowledge Commentary points out that Ethiopians were not on the list of people-groups or countries that the Hews were forbidden to marry. Tacitus speculated(if my memory serves me correctly) that the Jews were a colony of the Ethiopians & originated there. But, the Bible does not support that conclusion. I wish Tacitus had elaborated though on why he made that statement. While recently in Israel, a Jewish Rabbi explained the orgin of the Ethiopian Jews as originating from the intermingling of The tribe of Dan with the Ethiopians. According to that Rabbi, the tribe of Dan migrated to Ethiopia at a very early period in Jewish history.

          • says

            If you remember several years ago (maybe 10), the state of Israel sent a number of passenger planes to Ethiopia to bring home (make Alyia) a group of black Jews. They had been checked out by the chief rabbinate and found to be authentic Jews. If memory serves correctly there were several thousand of them.

        • Dwight McKissic says


          You are correct. They practiced a primitive form of Judaism that some say predate the Judaism practiced in Israel. They gave been vetted & accepted by midterm Israel as authentic Jews. We are probably seeing a people whose history is unbroken from Bible days. There has been so much dispersio and disruption in continuity of a people in Israel, it is difficult identifying who the biological Jews are, as opposed to the proselytes and cultural Jews. I appreciate you bringing them into this discussion. Interesting, there are several OT verses that point out a relationship between Ethiopians & the Jews/Israel. It is undeniable that their is a shared history there. This is one of the seldom taught lessons in the Bible. If it was clearly understood, perhaps, Megyn Kelly would not make such a statement.
          When the Bible referes to the Jews leaving Egypt as a “mixed multitude,” that group inevitably had blood mingled with the indigenous Africans who also were in “The Land of Ham,” which an ancient name for Africa & Egypt. Jake, thanks for visiting. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. volfan007 says

    Santa Claus is fat. Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew. And, I’m a fat Cracker.

    That’s just the facts, Jack!

    David 😉

    • cb scott says


      Here is the true story of Santa Claus.

      During the fourth century A.D., there was an Irishman named Sandy McClarken who was a mercenary soldier. His nickname was Sandy the Claw. He got his nickname because he was so good with a dirk with either hand that a legend grew about him that long “claws” grew from his hands. Thus the nickname; Sandy the Claw.

      He would travel the earth as a mercenary for hire eleven months out of the year. However, he always came home to Dublin during the month of December to visit his dear, ole mama who was a Pentecostal Evangelist. Sandy’s mama would preach to him constantly for a month that his chosen occupation was not a proper and civilized way of life and especially not for the son of a Pentecostal Evangelist and would definitely not be good enough for him to get into heaven.

      After about two weeks of his mama’s constant preaching, Sandy the Claw would spend the last two weeks of his vacation laid up in a drunken stupor on Irish whiskey. This went on for several years. Then, one foggy, Irish Whiskey, December night, Ole Sandy got himself a vision.

      He determined he would give one month a year to being nice and not naughty and justify the other eleven months of being a mercenary for hire and get him in heaven. Therefore, he changed his nickname to Sandy Anti-claws and went, during the month of December, to all the countries he had fought wars in the previous eleven months, giving toys and fruit to all the kids whose daddies he had whacked in combat during the past years.

      As the years went by the nickname was shortened to Santa Claus from Sandy Anti-claws, he gained weight, and started wearing red instead of camouflage. Thus the legend grew and became world wide when Macy’s Department Store opened in the United States and later became more than a legend when Sam Walton opened Wal-Mart. And that’s the fact, Jack!

  3. Dwight McKissic says


    LOL. -:). My smiley button don’t work here on my IPhone for whatever reasons. But that was funny. You & CB are on a roll. But Robin Foster still got the best one when he said regarding CB or you putting us far guys on the field on the last second of the Alabama-Auburn game: “Is my named being used in vain.” Now that was the funniest line that I’ve read in a long time.

    • Robin Foster says

      I see my name is still being used in vain. 😉

      Dwight, when Kelly said that I flipped out. I appreciate your scholarly work in this article. I love Fox News, but like the History Channel, when it comes to the Bible, they get it wrong nearly all the time.

  4. DJG says

    Honest question, Dr. mcKissic, are racial tensions continuing because of statements like Kelly’s or because of articles like yours?

    The reason I ask is because I am not white nor am I black. Most people find it hard to believe that I am of Hispanic descent. My father told me that I would face racism when I got older because of my Hispanic descent. I have olive complexion with salt and pepper hair. The only racism that I have ever faced is by an elderly gentleman who did not like the Japanese cars that I owned at the time (Honda and Toyota) because he “remembered the war.”

    I know my father experienced racism when the deacons of our church said that they no longer wanted him to lead music at our church because of being Hispanic. They were all white. I’m grateful to the Lord that our pastor helped those deacons out the door with that racist attitude. It’s rather difficult to reach a people group that has changed the demographics of any particular area for Jesus Christ. Later, my father translated from English to Spanish the sermons that our pastor preached in another church and those same men welcomed my father and his ministry.

    I appreciate your article and your thoughts, Dr. McKissic.

  5. Dwight McKissic says


    Appreciate your question & comment. Racial tension in our nation is simply a reality & there are many causes. Perhaps Kelly & I both contribute, but if we allow her statements directed to our children to go unchallenged, then we are inadvertently allowing a false view of race to be perpetuated. That has dangerous implications for our children.

    I’m curious though: admittedly my post is reactionary, but exactly what did I say in this post that you believe contribute to racial tension? Seperate from the Kelly response, was there not biblical content on this subject matter to have warranted a lesson reflecting the biblical ancestry of Jesus?

    • DJG says

      Indeed there is Biblical content in your article for us to learn. The reaction I think is something that contributes to racial tensions. Nevertheless, I think the article as a whole is a good response. I am not one to take to heart comments like Kelly’s. I would take your comments more seriously because of the Biblical explanation.

      • Dwight McKissic says


        Thanks for the clarification(s) and the interaction. Merry Christnas!!!!
        I am thankful that your experiences with racism was far less problematic than your Dad’s. I believe that as we move toward the end of time, and persecution nears, we will become less race conscious, & forge a unity around our faith. The Phil Robertson controversy may help toward that end.

        • says

          I hope you and your family enjoy a blessed Christmas as well, Dr. McKissic. My wife and I adopted our two boys (ages 7 and 3) last year. Today we celebrated our 1 year anniversary together with a banana split for breakfast, the T-bones are marinating as I prepare to grill our anniversary meal. We will have another blessed Christmas.

          Thanks again, Dr. McKissic!

  6. Tarheel says

    “There are two reasons that I never taught my four children the Santa Claus myth: (1) Once they discovered that Santa Claus was a myth, I didn’t want to run the risk of them also thinking of Jesus in the same manner. (2) Rather than giving the credit to an overweight Anglo man from the North Pole who brought gifts once a year to place around the Christmas tree, my wife and I decided to give the credit to their overweight African-American father and loving mother who maintained a relationship with them all year long.”

    Those are two of my main reasons as well. I don’t just call it a myth. I identify it as a lie.

    I’d add another though.

    3) manipulating good behavior by lying to my children would undercut the morality I wish to convey into their lives.

  7. Tarheel says

    I think Vols point is that Jesus was middle eastern.

    St. Nicolas was German (Anglo)

    So Kelley was wrong on both fronts…she’s admitted so.

    I attribute her coments to more of an “excited utterance” than anything. That happens a lot on those prime time Cable News blabberfest shows….lol

    • Tarheel says

      Wait a minute.

      Well, I guess if she meant the German version of the myth (there’s multiple ones), then he is Anglo….white.

      Each culture/family who chooses to can (and does) take history into account, or not, and create the myth as they desire. Because its a myth. A fable. Fiction. So it doesn’t matter.

      Jesus was real, middle eastern historical figure…and therefore not open to honest recreation, so to speak.

    • Dale Pugh says

      St. Nicholas was born in Patara and lived in Myra, located in Lycia et Pamphylia, which is in modern day southern Turkey. He wasn’t German, nor was he European. He was of Greek descent.
      Caucasian? Yes. White? Not as white as me. Our modern day versions of jolly old Saint Nick are based on the Northern European Sinterklaas.

  8. says

    The reasoning in this issue is flawed from beginning to end. Jesus was a Jew. Four variations in His entire genealogy would not have made as significant difference as you imply. There is no Biblical reason to think that He looked significantly different than most other Jews of His day.

    Besides, if we look at this Biblically, the racial categories are a myth. All are one race, twice descended from a single pair (Adam & Eve, Noah & his wife). It is not, as MacArthur seems to say, that prior to the flood, the DNA for all the different races was present in everyone; but rather, the entire human genetic information was shared. As groups were isolated, each group lost some of the human genetic information, resulting in characteristics that set them apart from the rest of humanity. The idea that there is genetic information for each race is a myth, since it is not what is present but what is missing that creates distinctions between racial groups.

    The claim that if Jesus was of a distinct racial group, then that group would be elevated above all others is flawed. No race produced the Messiah—God Himself produced Him by the virgin conception. If God Himself had to step in like that, then obviously no race was of good enough stock to do the job on its own. And your rebuttal of that claim is equally flawed, since you have merely argued that Jesus is a member of the mixed-race group—which would elevate all people of the mixed-race category above all those of the non-mixed groups.

  9. Dwight McKissic says


    ” There is no Biblicalreason to think that He would have looked significantly different from the Jews if that day.”

    That’s the question. What did the Jews of that day look like?

    Do you question the Biblical descriptions of David, Solomon, and Jeaus that I reference here? If so, would those not be typical? Are you in disagreement that the four non-Jewish Hamitic ladies physical features would not have impacted the blood-line and features of Jesus? Matthew traced Jesus’ genealogy through Mary, not Joseph. Therefore, why wouldn’t these ladies features been passed down?

    Would you be more specific as to what makes my argument flawed? What exactly did I say that is flawed? I need to know before I preach this tomorrow. I don’t want to make the mistake that Kelly made. Please be clear, pointed , & specific. Thanks & Merry Christmas!!!!

  10. Dwight McKissic says


    Being of a mixed race means that we all can claim Him. And that makes no one race superior to another. As I re-read your comment, I saw specifics. I guess the questions remaining is: (1) Di you agree with the Biblical descriptions of David, Solomon, and Jesus, as mentioned in the Bible and my post? (2) What did the typical Hew look like? I maintain that there was no typical Jewish look during Bible days. They had wide ranging appearances. Even today, Jews resemble very much the people from the country in which they are indigenous to. What say ye?

    • cb scott says


      Seriously, the fact that Jesus is the Son of God who came in human flesh is what means we can all claim Him. He identifies with us all, no matter our heritage, for we are all of human flesh and natural born sinners.

      We, on the other hand, who are of human flesh of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, have the commonality that we are all sinners in needs of a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

      Race vanishes at the utterance of the prayer of repentance and faith in the biblical gospel.

  11. Bill Mac says

    This is not definitive of course, but I have read that a typical Jew of Jesus’ time would have been slightly built, about 5 feet tall. This is from reconstruction of skeletons unearthed in that region. The facial reconstruction that I saw looked similar to Australian aboriginals.

    I’m not an expert at this, but I’m guessing that the Jews of that era would have been quite dark skinned, not having intermingled with Europeans unlike most of the current Jewish stock.

    We often laugh in my bible study about what we call “renaissance Jesus”.

    Depending upon which mythology you are thinking of when referencing Santa Claus, it may be technically true that Santa Claus is white(ish), but I wonder what the motivation for making such a claim is.

    • Dwight McKissic says

      CB & Chris,

      I somewhat agree that the race of Jesus & the race of the people in the Bible is at best a secondary or tertiary issue.

      I didn’t accept a Caucasian Jesus or a Black Jesus. I accepted a caring, loving, forgiving, & soul saving Jesus.

      However, until recently it has been taught that that Jesus was White, & all the Bible characters were White. If a Black Man appeared in Scripture he was identified as a slave. Practically, all of the great scholarly theological reference books make clear statements that the people if the biblical world were White, including the Ethiopians. Go figure? Sayce, Bright or Albright(forgot his name) ISBE, SBC scholars, unanimously, these people taught that the biblical world was exclusively comprised of White people including Jesus. Where do you think Kelly derived her opinion from? That is why this subject needs to be addressed.

      Finally, you cannot preach the whole counsel of God or expositionally without dealing with this issue. It comes up in the text, beginning in Genesis 9-11. And it reappears throughout the Scriptures. Ignoring this subject is to our peril. The average preacher finish college & seminary illiterate ’bout this subject. Consequently, we fail to educate our people, and illiteracy on this subject then reins. No one would claim Jesus was White if this subject matter was properly taught. No one would claim that Africans were cursed as Mrs. Criswell did on the radio, a few years before she passed. The movie Noah that will be released soon, casting Noah’s sons as three White men, which will generate more controversy, would not reflect that gross biblical & historical inaccuracy if this subject matter was taught. That movie will help to foster the notion of White supremacy as Kelly’s comments did. That’s why we-all of us-need to address this topic. Thanks Chris & CB for weighing in. Merry Christmas!!!

      • Dwight McKissic says

        Bill Mac,

        Thanks. This link makes my point without the benefit of the scientific data. I deeply appreciate your link & contribution to this discussion. Merry Christnas!!!

  12. Chris Roberts says

    Who cares what race anyone in the Bible was (or in the world today is)? It matters zero on either the grand scheme of things or the minuscule scheme of things. When people say stupid things (for examples see Aisha Harris and Megyn Kelly), just ignore them and move on. Morgan Freeman still has the right idea about all this.

  13. Dwight McKissic says

    Bill Mac,

    Your insights are interesting. In preparing to write this post, I read that when Judas had to identify Jesus by a kiss, as opposed to tall, blue eyed, blond-haired, or light skinned etc., that indicates that Jesus was of a short stature because it was easy for Judas to kiss him. It was also the best way to identify him. However, I didn’t find that a very convincing argument as to why Jesus might have been short. If archaeologist confirm what you say ’bout the height of the average Jew; that is a convincing argument. It appears that the Greeks & Romans did not have major interactions with the Jews ’til ’bout 323 BC., when the Greeks came to power. I also agree with your assessment–and there is a substantial amount if scholarship to back it up–that the Jews of the Bible, particularly of the OT were of a much darker hue than they are today. However, the Africans were generally darker than the Mediterannean norm. Thus names like Cush, Phineas, Nubian, Ethiopian, and Ham(which all at some point meant Black, and generally was a reference to skin color) entered into the Jewish lexicon. The biblical descriptions of David, Solomon, and Jesus, reflects the intermingling if African and Israeli relationships from my vantage point. Generally, the Jews were not as dark as the average African, but they were darker than the average European.

    God’s wisdom was on display. The Black Muslims/Nation of Islam in part exist because of a perception that Jesus was a blond haired blue-eyed European. There logic was/is that the slave & the slavemaster could not share the same Saviour/God. The KKK who claim to be Christian would not under any circumstances worship an African Jesus with pronounced Negroid features. I am convinced that Jesus’ heritage reflecting all groups, again is the wisdom of God on display. Thanks for commenting. Merry Christmas.!!!!

  14. dr. james willingham says

    Dear Dr. McKissic: I thoroughly enjoyed your blog about the Africans in the bloodline of Jesus. Having studied Black History under Dr. Lorenzo J. Green at Lincoln Univ., in Mo., (he is listed in the bibliography section for chapter 8 by John Hope Franklin in his From Slavery to Freedom as the authority on slavery in colonial New England), and in my M.A. program in American Social & Intellectual History under Dr. Broaddus Jackson at Morehead State in Ky. as well as some other professors, and again at Columbia Univ., under the Marxist Historian, James P. Shenton, and a Black Professor from Nigeria and the (I think it was the Ibo tribe, but at this distance in time, I am not sure. Anyway, it was the minority tribe in that Civil War that Nigeria had in the 60s, I think). I think the connective waw for the conjunction can be rendered, “I am black even beautiful,” or even better with that suggested “black and beautiful” which suggests a matter of equality between the two.

    When I was converted, I saw one whom I took to be Jesus standing in front of me, about 15-20 feet from me, facing me, looking at me, with a hand raised like he was knocking at a door. He had a bear, long hair, and a blue and red robe. Later, I had the greatest experience of my life, when I awakened one morning to find He was present in our bedroom at the seminary, invisibly present, but more real than if He had been physically present. That experience lasted for a solid half hour, while was preparing to go to a morning class in the seminary (SEBTS). Some weeks later, I would experience a presence standing at my shoulder during most of that week in the lost of my mother, two half-sisters, and step-father in a murder-suicide tragedy in St. Louis (that was the Fall of ’72). Then in the Spring of ’73, I dreamed my wife and I were standing in a group in a semi-circle around the Lord. But in the dream He was a Youth, of light complexion, beardless, and wearing a white robe (it was like the pictures one sees in the noted paintings of Jesus as a Youth answering the scribes and scholars in the Temple). We were telling Him about our tragedies, and He was telling us about how He saw them. And we were laughing, a happy healthy laughter like we had heard the only thing that could possibly answer our griefs and questions about such sorrows. Funny, part of the experience is that I heard the Lord talk about such visitations, but I do not know what He said. Later, in another dream, He appeared leaving the area in which I then served, and I had the sense that I would be leaving that place and it happened as indicated in that dream, not that I believe in following dreams or anything. Nothing compares to the Bible as Peter indicated in II Pet.1:18-21, not even his experience with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. As to our Lord’s skin color, I incline to the view that He would reflect the color of darker skinned people due to the location, etc. And if He was a full African, it would not bother me in the slightest. After all, in biblical terms there is only one race, the human race, all descended from one couple, named Adam and Eve, and narrowed again after the flood to 8 people, Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives.

    No doubt, godly Black people, be they Africans or otherwise, Native Americans, Hispanics, or the mingled Caucasians of the Ango-Saxons, Irish, Scots, Teutonics, and the people from Scandinavia, have been the reason why this country has lasted as long as it has and has maintained its freedoms longer than any other Republic in history. For 40 years I have been praying for a Third Great Awakening, and I intend to continue to pray for it until I die, an Awakening which shall reach every soul on earth, saving, delivering all of fallen mankind from their sins and transgressions, restoring all of them to dignity, equality, liberty, and true spiritual fraternity and that for a thousand generations and a million billion planets, all for the sake of our Lord’s cheerful, encouraging words in Rev. 7:9, given to lift up the downhearted.

  15. dr. james willingham says

    I see I left out the folks from the Far East, and I did not want to leave out anyone as the doctrines of grace are designed to reach people of all climes, tribes, even families.

  16. Dwight McKissic says

    Dr. Willingham,

    Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I find it interesting that most evangelical colleges & seminary’s don’t really teach systematically or substantively biblical ethnicity. But, in secular studies of history, and the study ofsecular Ancient History and Anthropology this subject matter is dealt with. ‘Bout 27 years ago, several college students who had studied ancient history challenged my belief on the thought that we really didn’t know or the Bible didn’t address ethnicity. They challenged the depictions of the ancient people’s being all White based on archaeological, scholarly eyewitness testimonies, source documents, etymology, and other evidentiary sources. After they left my office, I began to research this matter & I was surprised to learn that the Bible contained some of the Ancient names & evidence of the information that they were sharing. They learned the information from secular sources. But most of it was consistent with a thorough study of biblical text. J. Vernon McGhee in his Genesis Commentary addresses this topic & affirms that the history of the Black Man starts with a serious study of Genesis 10. Thanks again for weighing in. I value your input & comments on this subject.

  17. dr. james willingham says

    Dear Dr. McKissic, one thing I learned from Dr. Greene and Dr. Jackson and Black History was to do research outside the box. The word was, if you wanted to know anything about Black History, you had better do research outside the box (not their words, but mine from later years), that is, outside the regular history books and other standard sources, for they would not tell you much, if anything, about Black History. I began to apply what I learned under Dr. Greene and others in other areas of life, like theology and eschatology. Although sometimes the Lord had to rub my nose in a matter before I got the message. Dr. Greene taught me to go down a shelf full of books, pull off one here and there, look at the table of contents, the indexes, leaf through the work, reading here and there. He also inspired me to begin my one big project, research in church history (his words were, “Pick any subject you like, and take notes on every thing you can get your hands on.” He did not add, but should have, “And do it for years.” I did it in church history (especially Baptist History for 6 years and accumulated some 3000 5×8 notecards covering more than 250+ sources, and it was in this research that I stumbled across the greatest body of primary source materials on Black folks in the old South prior to the Civil War, the Baptist Church Records, which have their names (even if it is one name and associated with the slave owner). That knowledge would have earned me a Ph.D. at an Ivy League University, if I had gone back to New York in the Fall of ’71. But a child was born, our son, who is now our pastor, and serves a country church which has about four or five Black members. And that knowledge did help me to secure my Doctor of Ministry at SEBTS, even though I had a battle royal getting the project done and approved by the so-called, “most liberal seminary,” in the SBC.

    I also did research outside the box in eschatology, inspiration, theology, the doctrines of grace, awakenings, the launching of the modern missionary movement, etc. Funny, how I got turned out of another blog, all because I called attention to the reality that God blessed folks who believed what some do not find theologically acceptable today, though they be Southern Baptists and owe so much to them. The fellow said I was following theology and people and not God. Really? I also did research in Creation and Evolution, in Conspiracy History, on I Cors.12:31b-14:1a, Philippians, I John, the Holy Spirit or Pneumatology, and wrote papers developing what I found to be a reality of biblical theology, namely, that every teaching is composed of two parts, two poles, sort of like the dielectric of positive and negative poles, and like the dielectric field, these seemingly contradictory ideas of each teaching are to be held together in the mind, creating and producing a tension which enables one to be balanced, flexible, creative, constant, and magnetic, able to respond to any situation that arises in a manner appropriate to that particular situation, without feeling one has compromised one’s self into a limp noodle or without responding like a brittle zombie that goes to pieces or shatters to bits at opposition and antagonism. Intellectually, I found the biblical teachings to be the absolute methods for raising any one from dead horizontals to upright verticals, bring meaning and purpose to an otherwise seemingly aimless morass of despair and depression and melancholy. That is one of the things I found about the Black folks, they could be more cheerful than their White owners, even to the point of cause the latter to be quite envious of their confident faith and commitment.

    I will tell one story before I have to close. Back in 1918, when I my dad was about 6 years of age and his sisters were, younger than he (though I think one might have been a year or so older), the adults in their life, their mother and step-father became ill with the Spanish Influenza and were put in a hospital in or near England, Arkansas. No one was available to look after those children. A big Black man came into that home, prepared the meals and looked after those children until that man and my paternal grandmother got out of the hospital. My Dad said, “I am sure we owed our lives to that Black man.” There were then, and there still are great Black people, Christians of the finest character that one could ever desire. A few years ago, my son and I assisted a Black pastor in the funeral of one of his members who was a friend of ours, a wonderful Christian friend to our whole family. I don’t think I will ever forget her, and I treasure the thought of her prayers in our behalf and sought to return the favor, though I doubt my prayers were anywhere near as effective as hers. We miss her with that painfully poignant emotion of loss, a loss which can never be assuaged until we come to our own transition from this earthly existence to that wonderful state above.

  18. Adam G. in NC says

    So, did Jesus look like a middle eastern Jew (they still exist) or was there something that made him look african?

    • Dwight McKissic says

      Adam G,

      Middle Eastern Jews are as diverse in physical appearance as Americans are. That statement really does not tell us much. I’d rather trust the biblical descriptions. Ashekanazic(sp) from Germany or with German roots politically dominate Israel today. They are quite European as would be expected in looks. Biblical Jews are probably closer to the look described by the link provided by a commentor upstream.

      • Adam G. in NC says

        What I meant by Middle-Eastern Jews were not the German/Russian Jews of Israel. An unbroken line of Jews has existed in places like Iraq, Iran, Yemen and other parts of Asia ever since the diaspora of the first century.

        That guy in popular mechanics is not white, but he doesnt look “African” either.

        I do have to say that this article is the first time I have ever heard the symbolic description of Jesus in Revelation used (in a racial way) that was NOT quoted by a member of the Black Hebrews cult.

        • Dwight McKissic says

          “symbolic description of Jesus in Revelation”

          Adam G.,

          What makes you view it as symbolic? If one look at pictures from Jews in various locations they tend to resemble the people from the countries that they hail from. There is a group of South Africa Jews(whose name momentarily escape me) but they also gave an unbroken Jewish link, and they have been certified by DNA test to be authentic Jews. They look traditionally indigenous African.

          The biblical descriptions of David, Solomon, & Jesus as having a “white wine” complexion, “lamb wool hair,” “brass” colored feet, “ruddy” and in the case of Solomon, “tannish” complexion–are either accurate or inaccurate. I believe the accuracy & testimony of these Scriptures. I believe that some of the Jews in Scripture had features as described. I believe others were much lighter & some much darker. The features of those Gentile ladies & the intermingling of the Jews & Cushites-who were undisputably Black-could possibly explain the darkness of the Biblical Jews, where they were dark. The fact that Moses Cushite wife & Phineas(Nubian or Negro) existed among the Jews & were noted for their dark color(Jeremiah 12:23) suggest that their complexion was much darker than the Mediterannean norm & the average Jew(whatever average might have been). What say ye?

          • Adam G. in NC says

            I think you’re reading into this too much. Not sure what your motivations are (and I disagree with Megyn Kelly as much as anyone), but this is just, in my opinion, an equally errant leap in the opposite direction.

            The Lemba of southern Africa contain the “CMH” Y-chromosome and Y-DNA “haplogroup J” which are common in Jews…as well as other arabs of the middle-east. And, being a Y chromosome would indicate it was transferred down the male line. Geneticists would say that it would lean towards a group of males leaving their home in Arabia and marrying the local women. That is why they look just like the africans around them…but dont take my word for it.

            I cant find Jeremiah 12:23

            No doubt many of us would find some links to africa in our genealogical history…that doesnt make them black. The “one-drop” rule of the old south was absurd and still is.

            I think “ruddy” means “reddish”…but, I’ll give you that one…I know some red-headed black folks, too.

          • Adam G. in NC says

            “Even if it’s symbolic, would not the descriptions be based on reality? ”

            Well, I guess so. If you really, really want it to be, and can’t find anything that definitively states otherwise, then…yeah.

          • Dwight McKissic says

            Adam G.,

            Oops! You are right. It is not Jeremiah 12: 23, but Jeremiah 13: 23 that references the color of the Ethiopians in Scripture & documents there presence among the Jews.

            My motivation is threefold: (1) simply to refute Kelly’s claim. Her claim is not only totally without merit, it is actually harmful to the very children that she directed her false assertion toward. (2) it is a part of the Christmas story, an often neglected part. The four Gentile ladies mentioned by name are significant, just as much as the names mentioned in The Hall of Faith(Hebrews 11). There are staggering & multiple implications & lessons to be drawn from the presence of these ladies in the blood line of Jesus. One of those lessons is that their presence would have effected the physical appearance of Jesus. This is perhaps more closely reflected in the biblical descriptions of David & Solomon, who were much closer to the blood lines of these ladies. Yet, the biblical descriptions of Jesus are quite similar to the physical descriptions of David & Solomon. (3) Just as there was an undeniable vast and influential impact and presence of the Greeks & Romans on the Biblical world/landscape, there was also an undeniable, vast, and influential presence & impact of Africa and Africans on the landscape of the biblical world, including being included in the bloodline of Jesus.

            Perhaps, you don’t find value & merit in these motivational factors, but obviously I do. It is because the Kelly’s of this world have gone unchallenged for so long, is in part why we still gave major racial discord & division in our line.

            The KKK who claims to be Christian would not worship or accept Jesus as He is physically described in the Bible. The Nation of Islam absolutely reject Jesus under the guise that they cannot worship a “blond haired blue-eyed Jesus.” They also argue that the slave and slavemaster can’t share the same God. If the God of the Christian Faith is on the side if the slavemaster, He can’t simultaneously be on the side of the slave. So goes the reasoning of the Bkack Muslims/Nation of Islam. Therefore, they have rejected Jesus because of how Kelly described Him.

            Dr. Willingham, I deeply appreciate what you have written in this thread. Particularly, when you said that if Jesus was a full African that would not effect how you view Him or worship Him. That is powerful. That would effect how many would view Him & worship Him. Conversely, I agree with you Adam G., & Dr. Willingham. I didn’t accept a White Jesus or a Black Jesus, or any color in between. I accepted a loving Jesus; a forgiving Jesus; a merciful Jesus; a Wonderful Counselor; mighty God; and Prince of Peace. And if Christ were proven to be as Megyn Kelly described, as in blond hair, blue eyes, and the fairiest skin on the face of the earth, I would still love, worship, and serve Him.

            Adam G., it was not until I worked as a prison chaplain intern in Arkansas at 19-20 yrs. of age, that I even gave any serious thoughts to the color of Jesus. Many of the inmates that I’d thought were won to Christ, later renounced Christ, and joined the Nation of Islam in prison, primarially, behind the notion that Jesus was White, and it was non-sensical from their vantage point to worship or be commited to a White Jesus.

            I did not know how to respond to them or refute the claim of Jesus being White. I simply told them that the Jesus I accepted was the Jesus of Scripture, where His race or color was not a significant issue. Yet, the paintings, depictions, and descriptions of Jesus in pop Christian culture, trumped to them my response.

            About 12 yrs. later, I was preaching through Genesis. When I arrived at Genesis 10, I discovered that therein lied the keys that could unlock the doors to biblical ethnicity. It was during that study that I discovered the truth about Christ and all the people of the Bible’s ethnicity. I reached the conclusion as did John MacArthur, that racial groups & color existed before & after the flood, and obviously before The Tower of Babel.

            Biblical ethnicity is one of the neglected teachings of most seminaries & Bible Colleges. Therefore, most pastors are ill equipped to address this subject. Consequently, when someone like Kelly, makes such a preposterous claim, we are at a lost to respond. Thanks Adam G., for the dialogue. Merry Christmas!!!

          • Adam G. in NC says

            To say that Jeremiah 13:23 is evidence of the Ethiopians “among” the ancient Jews is a big stretch. The Bible is full of references to people of other lands. The verse doesnt give any evidence that they were together in Judah. If anything, it accentuates the differences between the Ethiopians and the Jews.
            Merry Christmas to all!

          • Dwight McKissic says

            Adam G.,

            Professor Ullendorf wrote a scholarly book entitled “The Bible & Ethiopia”. That books details the Scripture references & the relationship between the Israel & Ethiopia which was quite extensive. There are close to 50 references in Scripture documenting the history. The fact that you are unaware of this is evidence that this subject goes unaddressed in our schools.

          • Adam G. in NC says

            Mr. McKissic, just wanted to let you know that I got “The Bible Experience” for Christmas. You win.
            I was thrilled!

        • dr. james willingham says

          Dear Adam G. in NC from …also in NC. I remember Dr. Greene challenging the assumptions that there was any such standard of appearance for Africas. The so-called negroid features marks on some of the folks from Africans. Take a look at the Mandinka people and you will find a people of lighter color, thin lips, etc. In short, though they are native Africans and have been for centuries, they do not fit the so-called and supposed negroid mold. Actually, one can find Whites with thick lips, flat noses, and kinky hair. I have a brother-in-law who use to play in a Black band in Ohio back in the 50s. He was of a dark complexion, black curly hair, but he was a White in the full sense of the term as to heritage. But people thought he was a Black man. It is hilarious. And I dare say, the fellow who has been saved by one of the supposed African could care less about such fine spun distinctions. I remember hearing on one tv program about a bomber pilot and his plane being saved by a Red Tail (one of the Tuskegee Airmen. After flaming the Nazi fighter, the Red Tail flew down by the Bomber and flashed a mouth full of white teeth. The Bomber pilot said he always wanted to find that guy and give him a kiss on his black cheek. A retired Marine’s wife took it on herself to do things to get people to DC for the memorial, and she told me that she managed to trace down the Tuskegee Airman, but he had died the year before she made the effort. The one thing that happened as a result of her effort was the saving of his records from the city dump (I don’t recall all the details of that effort, but that White lady went all out to find the records and rescue them from the city dump where they had just been taken for disposal). Who cares about color, except to make things right under our system of unalienable rights?

          • Adam G. in NC says

            “Who cares about color, except to make things right under our system of unalienable rights?”

            Not me. I really hadnt even considered it until this article. Even after reading it I still dont have any reason to believe that the Jews of the Bible (or Jesus, for that matter) looked like anything other than a sun-exposed middle-easterner. I definitely dont think he was white with blonde, feathered hair. I stand by Galatians 3:28.

          • Dwight McKissic says


            Merry Christmas,

            Thank you for reminding me of Danny Hay’s book. It is a great read. His book clearly documents serious & substantial interaction between Israel & Ethiopia. He has been a neglected aspect of theological studies. I wonder why?

            I am currently researching & writing a book on “The African-Israeli Connection”. I will have to review Hay’s book again. He mentions my name in that book as one who influenced his interest/pursuit of that subject matter. I presented a message in chapel at OBU in the early ’90’s on this topic. Hay’s later presented a lecture on the Cushites at a conference I hosted in Arlington. It is a fascinating study. It evens help to understand why one of the Wise Men is pictured on Christmas cards as an African/Ethiopian.

            A chef in my church fixed me a “Turducken” dish for Christmas. The duck in this dish made me think of u. I’ve never been hunting or duck hunting in my life. I love that dish so well, I thought of going duck hunting possibly next year. Perhaps you will mentor me and let me know what’s all involved. Then I will determine if it’s something that I really want to do. If you’ve never eaten Turducken, you need to try it. Um, um good. Merry Christmas again. Tell your precious wife & family Turducken got me thinking of them this Christmas.-:).

          • says

            Bro. Dwight,

            I’ve got several around here that can talk duck hunting, but if you’re up for a turducken, the farm-raised are better for it :) Let’s talk duck hunting, among other things, this year. I will be in Arlington in May, so perhaps we can make a connection then.

            Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  19. Dave Miller says

    I’ve not really weighed in here, but thank you, Dwight, for this post.

    And, let me just say that I think Megyn Kelly’s statement goes down in history as one of the dumbest things any talking head has said – and talking heads say a lot of dumb things.

  20. Bob Browning says


    I would only amend one thing – you said toward the end “Color is inconsequential in the New Jerusalem.” This is certainly true in one sense, but I think once we understand it in the sense you are implying, this frees us to praise God for His amazing artistic skill in creating all these different people groups from the dust of the earth.

    To put it another way, our skin color does point to a supremacy, but it is certainly not white supremacy – rather it is the supremacy of God most high. Let us give Him the glory and honor for ransoming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation!

    Soli Deo gloria!

  21. Dwight McKissic says


    I am going to lift your statement for future reference. The “supremacy” quote is priceless. I belive that you have grasped the letter & spirit of what’s being said here better than most. And for that I am grateful. Merry Christmas!!!