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Hey Sports Fans!

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. This is one of those pictures.


  1. says

    Then you must have very little to say about that subject because I don’t see a picture. Just the little photo icon. Does this have something to do with football, SEC CB?

    • Dave Miller says

      Were you using your phone?

      When I opened this with my phone, I got the icon. But using my computer, it comes up fine.

          • says

            The BCS computers have relegated Puddles the Duck to a lesser position than he deserves. I know that. You know that. Funny how an SEC team falls, comes back strong, and then ends up (most likely) in the National Championship. A PAC 12 team falls, comes back with a vengeance, and then gets kicked to the curb.
            I shall continue to cheer my Ducks on to their rightful glory. The 2013 season is less than a year away. Be afraid. Be very afraid, SEC CB.

  2. Greg Harvey says

    Picture a brawny elephant wearing crimson shorts with a “script” A on it facing a brawny bulldawg wearing black shorts with a Power G on it, and a tiny leprechaun in green standing off to the side from both of them. Now add this caption:

    “One of us will be right with you…”

    The SEC Conference Championship acts like a preview of the #2 v. #3 playoff game we’ll have after the 2014 season. Notre Dame will get a tested, worthy opponent to try out their #1 ranking against. History appears to favor the mighty SEC.

    There is a fascinating article at si.com that uses NCAA personalities to simulate the selection committee process for this year’s teams. Well worth the read.

      • cb scott says

        “Slanted.” Really?

        Dale Pugh, if there was a four NATION playoff, how would it be possible to have it be of an honest and fair nature unless 3 of the 4 NATIONS were from the SEC.

        The SEC dominates now. THe SEC will dominate no matter how the National Championship develops.

        The only possible way a playoff system could occur wherein a NATION from a Lesser Conference could win consistently, would be for the SEC to begin to compete with the NFL for the Super Bowl Championship.

        If that occurred, the NCAA would go into bankruptcy within three years.

          • cb scott says

            Dale Pugh,

            Today, at 4;00 ET the SEC will produce the next National Champion to be crowned on 01-07-13 after dancing a little Irish jig with the boys from the Monk School in South Bend.

            However, if giant buzzards swoop down upon Atlanta today and carry off the Elephant and the Bulldog to parts unknown and they never appear on the gridiron again, let the following decree be known here today in the FOOTBALL UNIVERSE:

            The SEC GATOR NATION shall rise to the occasion, in the absence of her sister NATIONS, and smite the IRISH hip and thigh.

          • says

            Sadly, I agree with you, because my Ducks have been woefully ignored and painfully rejected by the SEC loving BCS. Honestly, I hope that the victor makes Riverdance look like children’s theater when they show up to the Championship Game. I am in total denial of the Monks and their super-inflated season.

          • cb scott says

            Dale Pugh,

            I agree with you about the falsely inflated Monkishness of the little Irish Munchkins of South Bend. A reckoning is about to hit them like a dead cat to the face on a cold January morning. The outcome shall be nothing less than shocking.

            However Dale Pugh, let me appeal to you. if I am not mistaken, you now live within the boundaries of a SEC NATION. You seem to be a fine and sound fellow in all things theological, philosophical, and of practical common sense.

            Therefore, leave this DUCK NATION affinity behind and come forth to the wonders of being a SEC NATION Fan and begin to enjoy the joys of FOOTBALL Fanship.

            Do not become old and bitter like Dave Miller who doggedly hangs on to the wings a dying BUZZARD-EYE NATION and is miserable during FOOTBALL season year after year after year.

            Why live that way?

            Dale Pugh, come forth to the SEC and be FOOTBALL happy forever.

          • says

            SEC CB–
            I do live within the boundaries of a newly adopted SEC nation. However, in these parts, they are considered a silly and puckish group. Thus, the constant barage of Aggie jokes (“How many Aggies does it take to change a light bulb? Three. One to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder he’s standing on.” You get the picture.) They are also considered to be whining crybabies who abandoned their longtime family here to make a name for themselves in a new conference. They have done that. Very well, I might add.
            My love for all things “Oregon” (including my very pretty granola chomping, Birkenstock wearing, backpack carrying hippy wife) extends to the fast paced, fashion savvy, offensive machine that is the Ducks. Here I stand. I can do no other.

          • cb scott says

            Well Dale Pugh,

            Since you are going to go all Martin Luther on me, I shall leave you to your own devices……. hopeless as they are.

            BTW, tell your dear wife cb said, “Old Hippies never die, they just go to San Francisco and regroup.” See you both there at the Hippie reunion in 2066. You can recognize me by the “flower in my hair”—a “Crimson” Rose.

            ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

    • cb scott says


      I realize that for you, history and the present are the same. But in the real world the loss to the AGGIE NATION (a SEC NATION, BTW) is history.

      Now, it is onward and upward to the National Championship…if we can get by the BULLDOG NATION, that is. But be assured, whoever wins tomorrow will be National Champions on 01-07-13.

  3. Christiane says

    I suppose the leprechaun is meant to represent David and the elephant and bulldog are in competition to represent Goliath? :)

    • cb scott says

      No L’s.

      The leprechaun (Irish Munchkin) is the mascot of the Monk School Irish Mercenaries. Therefore, it is impossible for him to be David.

      BTW, Goliath would have had no more hope against the Elephant or the Bulldog than will the Irish Munchkin.

      • says

        What kills me is that if Georgia beats the Crimson Crud, I will end up cheering for an SEC team in the BCS game. Can’t believe that.

        If my old college bud John Wallace is right and this is just a giant conspiracy to get the Crud and the Irish together for a national championship game, I am just going to pretend college football doesn’t exist.

        By the way, I think the Ducks would be able to beat anyone.

        • cb scott says

          “… I think the Ducks would be able to beat anyone.”

          Dave, you need rest. You are delusional. The DUCKS would lose to most any SEC team they could have met this season except AUBURN, KENTUCKY, and VANDY and VANDY may have, on a good day, beaten them.

          Dave, we are now down to talking about real FOOTBALL here, the SEC. No longer is it early in the season when dreams are in the air. This is reality. This is the time of the SEC. This is playoff and bowl season again….and again….and again…and……..

          • says

            Dave is not delusional. Dave is a man of wisdom, character, and spiritual depth. A greater Christian leader of such intellect cannot be found. I read his words with respect and admiration. May his tribe increase.
            I will say it again. The Ducks were robbed by the referees during the Stanford game. It was a disaster of almost biblical proportions. Alas, it shall change nothing, and the Ducks shall meet another, less worthy opponent in a BCS bowl. Then they shall prepare for total domination next year.

        • says

          “I am just going to pretend college football doesn’t exist.”

          This is why I don’t let my kids read blogs, even Baptist blogs. They come along and see a preacher type and think, “Oh! I bet he sets a good example and we should be just like him!” But then they just learn how to be sore losers. Then it’s all, “Daddy, if you win this game then I’m just going to pretend that Candyland doesn’t even exist!”

        • cb scott says


          What a revelation! No wonder the Monk School at South Bend can’t play FOOTBALL.

          The band plays old ballads that make the team and fans want to jump off of a bridge with a log chain around their necks.

          I want you to listen to a real FOOTBALL NATION band and then maybe you will understand what makes the SEC great.


          • cb scott says

            You see, L’s!

            That is a FOOTBALL band doing what a FOOTBALL band is supposed to do – Inspire the team and fans to greatness. That was the CRIMSON TIDE Million Dollar Band!! A true FOOTBALL band.

            ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  4. cb scott says

    And now! FOOTBALL at its finest begins in 2012.

    Georgia v. Alabama — the best two FOOTBALL NATIONS in the SEC, for all the marbles.

    Let me get me another chicken leg…….and:


  5. Dave Miller says

    Georgia is going to win today.

    I know this because the thought of an Alabama Crimson Crud vs Notre Dame Fighting Evils playing for the national championship is too horrible to countenance.

    Georgia HAS to win.

    And I don’t even like the Bulldogs!

  6. cb scott says

    I hope all of you Lesser NATION Fans (especially Miller and Pugh) are watching this game. If so, you are watching FOOTBALL as it is meant to be played.

    Who among you can, with any capability of rational thought whatsoever, even imagine the Monk School from South Bend standing against such sheer greatness as either of these SEC giants of the gridiron?

  7. cb scott says

    Today, the best of the best played the greatest FOOTBALL game of the 2012 season.

    Sadly, one had to lose. Personally, I am glad it was Georgia that lost.

    However, had Georgia won, I would have tipped my Crimson Tide Cap to them.


    • says

      And therein lies the admission…”The SEC is NCAA foorball.”

      It is time for the BCS/NCAA to go the way of parachute pants and sequined gloves.

      Bring on the playoffs!

        • says


          Certainly a possibility. AND, I would be more inclined to watch the games versus this random pick and place bowl selection that we have now…and I do mean beyond the vaunted BCS bowls as well…Shouldn’t NIUvFSU be a week one bowl match up? :-)

          • Dave Miller says

            I think the SEC should just become a new NFL division – payrolls are about the same.

            Sorry, I’m bitter.

          • Joe Blackmon says

            Yeah, and the MLB could start giving out awards for making the playoffs. They could call it, oh I don’t know, “The Yankee Award” and every team that makes the play offs gets one. That way, the guys in pinstripes will have something pretty to show for all the hard work during the season when they’re watching the world series from their couch. :-)

  8. says

    Fact is that the championship for football fans will be the Fiesta Bowl. The BCS (Biased College System) Championship is going to be nothing compared to the K State-Oregon game.