An SBC Voices Poll: Who is Going to Houston?

I’ll be there. Will you?

Last year, we gathered and had some good fellowship over beignets. Any interest in another get-together this year?

The floor is yours.


  1. Mike Leake says

    Won’t be there. Wish I was.

    Can we take another poll trying to guess who the first creative genius will be that writes an article, with the title beginning, “Houston We Have a Problem…”?

  2. John says

    I am going to Houston. It will be my first SBC Convention. I am really looking forward to it.

    • cb scott says

      “It will be my first SBC Convention. I am really looking forward to it.”

      That brings back memories. I made that very same statement . . . . back in ’46 . . . .1846, that is.

  3. Rick Patrick says

    I am going. I am even planning to attend the Gospel Project breakfast– having made this decision of my own free will.

    For the first time in years, due to the busy schedules of my family members, they will not be joining me, so I will be available for a get-together, as long as there is adequate security to protect me from Jared Moore and J. D. Hall.

    • Max says

      “The LORD will go ahead of you; yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind.” Although, you might keep your ears open for the sound of a chainsaw and/or crack of a whip.

    • Randall Cofield says

      Rick Patrick is angling to have himself quoted as a “Voice from Church History” in the Fall 2013 quarterly of the Gospel Project…

      • Rick Patrick says

        You’re right, Randall, but my backup plan (if the whole “quote thing” falls through) is to enjoy some eggs, drink strong coffee, and make certain panelist Eric Hankins is not the only Trad in the room.

        “The Lord has prepared a table before me in the presence of my frienemies.”

          • Rick Patrick says

            I’ll attend the Flounderers Breakfast over my dead body…which I now understand was Randall’s point all along.

          • volfan007 says


            I’ll go to the Founders breakfast with you…..that should be a hoot.


          • Rick Patrick says


            Wouldn’t they card us at the door? Is there a secret handshake? Why does this seem like a movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn? “The Calvin Crashers!”

        • Randall Cofield says

          Rick, you may have missed the nuance: The “Voices from Church History” in TGP are…ummm…dead. :-)

          And I don’t thing you’ll find any “frenemies” at TGP…just brothers in Christ.

  4. Bruce H. says


    I live in and work around Houston and know a few places you guys could consider meeting at.

    Barbecue $- (5109 Kirby Dr. Phone: 713.522.2530) This is true Texas barbecue with a twist. Nothing you have ever had. This location is around the corner from Lakewood Church.

    Seafood $$- ( 2621 Westpark Dr. (713) 523-7154) Someone order the Campechana De Mariscos. It is a seafood salsa. This location is around the corner from Lakewood Church.

    Steak $$$ – (1201 San Jacinto St. (713) 658-9457) I have been here and felt out of place. Steaks are great. Walking distance from the George R. Brown.

    Cajun $ – (The Colister, 1117 Texas Ave. (713) 229-8248) Best Red Beans & Rice and Gumbo around. It is located in Christ Church Cathedral downtown Houston. You can walk there for lunch.

    Keep your receipt. If you do not like any of these restaurants I will pay for your meal, unless I think you are lying.

    I pray the convention will be denominational changing this year. We do need fresh rains of the Spirit, maybe a monsoon.

    • volfan007 says


      I wish this Bible Conference was our SBC Pastors Conf. I may not attend the Pastors Conference this year. Is anyone having an alternative?


      • says

        David V.,
        I’m going to be Street Preaching in the hallways during Pastor’s Conference; want to join me? We can do a tag-team.

        Seriously, I don’t know all the speakers at the SBC Pastor’s Conference, but some I do know are good preachers. Even went to school with a fellow named Rodney Woo. I think it will be well worth attending.
        David R. Brumbelow

        • Kyle B. Gulledge says

          Thanks for helping us get the word out about this conference. We are very excited about hosting it. If anyone has any questions regarding the pre-SBC conference feel free to email me:

  5. says

    I’ll be there for the express purpose of, once again, laying eyes on Dave Miller’s lime green jacket and accompanying skirt. *grin*

  6. says

    Peg & I will be there. Our pastor Mike Shaw will be, too.

    Hadn’t heard about the Gospel Project Breakfast. I’d like to go, if curmudgeons are allowed.

  7. volfan007 says

    I am planning on being in Houston….along with my wife and my Mom and Dad.


  8. John Wylie says

    Lord willing I will be there and I will be attending the conference at Southview.

      • says

        Members of my church already think my out-of-town trips are somehow responsible for my previous two appendectomies. If I go to Houston and have an appendectomy while there or shortly after I return from the SBC annual meeting, they will never let me leave New Mexico again! And, Ben, you most definitely do not plan those. If I could have planned my last appendectomy, it certainly wouldn’t have been on Palm Sunday :-)

        • Dave Miller says

          I’m still a little bit mind-boggled by Howell’s medical situation. As I understand it, an appendectomy is the REMOVAL of the appendix. How does one have two of them? As best I know, the appendix ratio is still one per person.

          I have to suspect that Howell is using the appendectomy excuse to cover some kind of clandestine op he is involved with. For all his verbiage, I suspect he is a lackey of the power elite and does black ops work for them.

          It’s a theory.

          • Rick Patrick says

            Not bad. Dave. With a little more practice, you’ll be ready to spin some real conspiracy theories.

            Did you know my appendix was removed in 1973? Howell and I agree on much concerning the GCR. Perhaps the true fault lines in the SBC are centered around appendectomies.

          • says


            Had a comment ready to post earlier this morning, but the computer decided to time out on the page before it posted. You are entirely correct that an appendectomy is supposed to remove the appendix. It is always helpful if the doctor actually removes said appendix during the surgery!

            As to your theory about my appendectomy “cover,” you are getting far too close to the truth for me to just let this go. You won’t know when or where or how, but I will get you. This is how it might go down. You will be walking down the street when someone you know — perhaps even a mailman you know — motions you to get in the car with him. You won’t see it coming before it’s too late. After all, surprise and stealth are what the power elites want in their lackeys 😉

          • Dave Miller says

            Doesn’t admitting that you are PART of the conspiracy kind of nullify its impact and effect?

    • Dave Miller says

      Last time I was in Houston was the 1979 SBC convention (beginning of the CR). I was young and thin and I thought I would DIE walking to the convention center.

  9. Andy says

    I will be there, and will be there from the 7th on!!!

    Come by MABTS’ booth and visit. I would love to meet all you guys in person!

    • Bart Barber says

      Don’t anyone get confused. Andy will be at the MABTS booth. Don’t look for him at the MWBTS booth.

      (Andy, just in case you’re wondering why I just posted this puzzling and nonsensical comment, it’s because I delight in tweaking those SBC Voices readers who go nuclear when one abbreviates Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as MWBTS).

    • says

      I think we need a motion rename the Kansas City Seminary to stop the confusion. I had several people call me and ask about Mid-America’s presidential transition this past year and I was really, really confused since Dr. Spradlin hasn’t gone anywhere.

      Then I figured out they were asking about Midwestern and Dr. Allen.

      So, let’s rename Midwestern to Kansas City Seminary or something like that :)

      • SBC Historian says

        Since Midwestern has been in existence longer than Mid-America, why doesn’t the latter change her name? You could call it Memphis Seminary. But maybe because the school was located 3 different states in a 4 year period, it’s not a good idea to name it after a city. Never know when it might move again :)

        • says

          Well, first, there’s already a Memphis Seminary. Second, MABTS is also in New York.

          And, ultimately, the SBC can’t really do anything about MABTS since it’s an independent school. Midwestern, on the other hand….

          Plus, I have Mid-America coffee mugs and don’t want them to be obsolete.

          • says

            “Plus, I have Mid-America coffee mugs and don’t want them to be obsolete.”

            If they do change Mid-America’s name, don’t think of them as obsolete. Think of them as increasingly rare collectibles.

        • says

          And MABTS has been pretty stable since the Memphis move, and that was 1976, so they’ve been in the same place longer than some of our commenters have been alive.

          • dean says

            Doug, I want to congratulate you guys. I understand you got most of your roads paved on the campus. :)

          • volfan007 says

            Mid America has moved some, but it’s a very stable school….for as long as God wants it to be around…my life was blessed at Mid America in a great way. I thank God for this school. BTW, I went to Mid America back in the years when it was in Mid town Memphis….close to the old Bellevue Baptist Church. Our chapel was an old Jewish Synagogue….beautiful old building, too.


          • says

            I went to Mid-America when us students had to commute up from Mississippi. Had to put shoes on and everything before we went to class.


          • says

            vol, I do think it’s interesting that MABTS really built itself downtown near old Bellevue, and now it’s right by the new Bellevue. Funny how things like that happen.

  10. Stephen says

    I won’t be able to make it, but I trust a sizeable group will be present to elect a suitable 2nd Vice President to lead our convention in such lime-colored times.

  11. says

    I’m going, sounds like fun
    my first SBC
    Not my first time in Houston
    lived there for several years one spring in 75
    No truth to the rumor that Santa Anna surrendered on the Battleship Texas.
    When do we meet?
    And Most Importantly…..

    What the heck is a beignet?

    • Dave Miller says

      Cafe du Monde, in the French quarter of NOLA. Powdered sugar coated pastry. Very good

  12. Randall Cofield says

    I’m planning to be there, God willing and the Trad creek don’t rise…

  13. says

    So last year I was living in Houston on stateside assignment – and how many SBC conventions were in town? Yeah.

    Someone slap the schedule-maker for me.

  14. William Thornton says

    I hate to miss Houston in mid-June…in the same way I miss root canals.

    …am looking for an expense account absent which, I will not be attending.

    • Dave Miller says

      I’ll donate a dollar to the “Send the Plodder to Houston” fund. Maybe even 5. Anyone else?

      • dean says

        I would but my budget and finance committee read some jack wagon’s blog somewhere and decided to cut my housing allowance. I now have not extra funds to donate to this cause.

      • Rick Patrick says

        Put me down for 10. And a free bed at the Hilton if he doesn’t snore.

  15. dean says

    Guys, lets handle the real significant matters concerning the convention right now on Voices. From my previous trips to Houston you got to eat at Papadeaux seafood kitchen. They also have a Papadeaux Italian that is outstanding. I’m not crazy about all of you but I will let any of you buy me a meal at one of these two places. :)

      • says

        @Rick Patrick:

        Those are simply called friends.

        Frenemies are enemies who for one reason or another have need or affection for one another. U.S. and Soviet Union: enemies forced to become allies during World War II due to the existential threat posed by German/Italian/Japanese fascism is a good example. The temporary alliances made by Saddam Hussein in response to the first Iraq War (with Osama bin Laden and Iran) is another good example. Or if you are into such trivialities as comic books and popular culture: Catwoman and Batman or Professor X and Magneto liking to enjoy each other’s company when circumstances allow them to take a break from trying to kill each other is a good example.

        Calvinist and non-Calvinist Baptists, who have been in the same churches and denominations since the movement started in 1609? Not a good example.

          • Rick Patrick says

            From the Oxford Dictionary: “Frenemy” (alternately spelled “frienemy”) is a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy” that can refer to either (1) an enemy pretending to be your friend or (2) someone who really is your friend but is also a rival.

            Trust me, Job, I was using the term in the second sense listed. We are friends who happen to be theological debating partners. Please don’t read anything pejorative into my use of the term. I meant it in its friendliest sense. I trust, as a friend, you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt on this.

          • says

            Actually, Rick is gearing up to preach around the convention in 80 days with his sidekick, Portmanteau, the cousin of Phineas Fogg’s faithful helper Passporteau.

          • Rick Patrick says

            A portmanteau is either (1) a large suitcase divided into two compartments, or (2) a word that combines two or more words and meanings into a new word.

          • Greg Harvey says

            Ar you taking your portmanteau to Katmandu?

            Btw, when it comes to specific portmanteaux (as opposed to port-man-toes), make sure you enjoy the “smog” in Houston. It’s by etymology a combination of “smoke” and “fog”, but smashed together it turns into a totally undelightful and unbreathable portmanteau.

          • Greg Harvey says

            He can’t see them so he might…you might not get close enough if he’s truly portly.

  16. says

    My father-in-law will be attending. He has reserved a room with space for me. But my wife is due with our second child. So its highly unlikely that I was have the blessing of attending in Houston (despite living in Austin…).

      • says

        No, my grammar is suspicious (“was have”?!?!?!). My priorities are exactly as my wife set them. Correction required? Maybe. Suspicion? Ehhh. :-)

      • Greg Harvey says

        I probably would (let the birth of a child interrupt a trip to the SBC), but more importantly my living in Houston was interrupted by the birth of a child there way back in 1997. (Ok, Nassau Bay to be very specific, but we were living in Houston at the time.)

        She’s my delightful Kelsey and she’s about to finish her sophomore year of high school. My…how…time…flies…

    • Jess Alford says

      The reason I asked this question, the C’s are bad for comming back
      and telling what they have seen.

  17. Louis says

    I plan on coming with my pastor, another elder and the pastor of one of our church plants.

    I met Bob Cleveland last year.

    Hope I can meet many of you.