Another Step Forward: Gary Frost Elected VP of NAMB’s Midwest Region

Pastor Gary Frost of New York City has been elected the Vice President for the Midwest Region by NAMB’s trustees today, according to a tweet from NAMB.

I’m sure that bios and more information will follow in Baptist Press. But if my understanding is correct, Frost would become the highest placed African American in the history of our entities. Electing Fred Luter president this past summer was historic, but several observed that the next step is to include people of all colors in the administration and leadership of our boards and agencies. This is a step in the right direction.

As a midwesterner, I look forward to perhaps getting to know Gary Frost and seeing the effects of his leadership in this part of the country.


  1. Ron F. Hale says

    Gary is a great preacher and servant. I’m very happy for him. You may not remember but he was the V.P.of Strategic Partnerships with NAMB several years back. I think he would have made history then. Anyway, proud to see him serving us again!

    • Dave Miller says

      Okay. I wasn’t sure. He was also elected a VP of the convention some years ago, wasn’t he?