Tony K

15 July by Tony K

Fat Pastor, Fit Pastor – Would losing weight help your ministry?


I’m not going to say waist size is even a top 10 issue in the ministry, but in our superficial society we can assume our personal appearance communicates a good deal about our character. Would you listen to a doctor who smokes in his office? What about a dentist with bad teeth? What about an […]

6 August by Tony K

Yes. Peter Lumpkins Got a Time-Out


I usually defend Peter’s blog as an interesting side-note to the Baptist conversation. Other times, I call him our weird cousin from Georgia. Either way, I think SBC Voices should be a place where outliers find their place. He earned a brief time-out the Jonathan Merritt posts. That seems over except for a few private grudges. Peter, welcome […]

6 April by Tony K

Liberty Publicly Refutes Peter Lumpkins (but leaves wiggle room)


This statement (HT) came out of Liberty University regarding Peter’s blog post about their Trustees and Mark Driscoll. I’m interested is the wiggle room they left and how it might suggest Peter is closer to the truth then they want to admit. Announcement MISREPRESENTATIONS BY BLOGGER RE. LIBERTY’S BOARD Student Affairs On April 4, 2012, a […]

5 April by Tony K

Liberty University Vs. Peter Lumpkins: Seriously???


I had a good laugh last night when I received the following email from David Corry, a General Counsel with Liberty’s Office of Legal Affairs. I’m posting it here with grammatical, factual, and spelling errors as received. from: Corry, David M to: “” cc: “” cc: “” date: Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 6:39 PM […]

21 February by Tony K

The “Great Cop-Out Baptist” Convention


In the past, I’ve considered a full SBC name change a worthy idea. But it’s more fun to be negative, so here are # reasons why the proposed “Great Commission Baptists” naming scheme is a failure. It’s a deceitful label. With declining baptisms and missions giving, this looks like wishful thinking. “Rainer said Baptists need to spend more time […]

19 January by Tony K

Who Knew Good Seminaries Could Be So Dangerous?


I spend almost 8 years in a very good Seminary & Bible College. I am greatly blessed by the correct information I received. But when I look back there was some dangerous lessons that never made the official syllabus. Who I am supposed to admire… What I am supposed to believe… Where I am supposed to […]

6 October by Tony K

The Tyndale Estate Sues for Plagiarism


The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible may be jeopardized by new legal action for alleged copyright infringement. The William Tyndale Estate has filed a lawsuit against the  British Monarchy. It claims the “Authorized Version” contains parts largely copied from Tyndale’s 1525 New Testament translation. Due to the magnitude of this case, the filing seeks an immediate […]