In Defense of Amnesty

I believe that our immigration policy is in need of reform, particularly with regard to Mexican immigrants. Mexicans benefit from coming here to work. Americans benefit from having them here to work. Mexicans coming to the United States are far more likely to encounter evangelical Christianity than they are in Mexico. I have them in […]

The Walmartization of the SBC

If the Cooperative Program should go away, would we find ourselves with a societal missions approach? That’s been the standard presumption. I’ve said it myself. Now I’m not entirely sure. The great debate of the 1800s, besides whether slaveholders could be missionaries, regarded funding and organizational approaches to Baptist causes. On the one hand, Northerners […]


Dave Miller on a Camel

It’s hump day! Also, it’s the day that our wandering Aramean has come home to the USA. But I can still just publish something without your review, right Dave?

Death by Poverty

Kent Brantly: Recovered Nancy Writebol: Recovered Rick Sacra: Recovered Anonymous WHO Doctor: Recovered Ashoka Mukpo: Recovered Thomas Eric Duncan: Died Nina Pham: Recovered Amber Vinson: Recovered Craig Spencer: Ongoing Case Fatality Rate for African Ebola patients 70% Case Fatality Rate for American Ebola patients 11% The lone American fatality, Thomas Eric Duncan, was sent home […]

Why Are People Religious? Can Evolution Provide an Answer?

People are religious. Not “SOME people are religious.” People are religious. In every nook and cranny of this planet, among every race and in every tongue, in every culture and climate, there is prayer, there is ritual, there is religion. So pervasive is the religiosity of people that unbelieving scientist Jesse Bering has said, “I’ve […]

Whom Should Seminaries Educate?

This week, while I was away at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary attending our Fall Trustee Meeting, one of my church members received an important email from the seminary. Decades ago, when she was fresh out of college, she had served as a Journeyman to Brazil. She still remembers quite a bit of her Portuguese. She […]

Favorite Verses

Most awkward pastoral moment: When I’m pressed to identify my favorite verse in the Bible Sometimes it happens because a fifth-grader asks when I visit his Sunday School class. Sometimes it happens when I’m supposed to inscribe a gift Bible for one of our first-graders. Sometimes it happens in dialogue with a men’s Bible study. […]