Bart Barber

7 March by Bart Barber

When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em: Pastoral Leadership and Pastoral Humility


I believe that pastors/elders/overseers are to give leadership to the congregation. I am also a congregationalist, which means that I believe that pastors/elders/overseers are accountable to the congregation and that congregations should attain consensus upon important decisions, as measured by processes that permit members of the congregation to give input, ask questions, offer different points […]

5 March by Bart Barber

Of Pastors and Presbyters


When historians turn to consider the early twenty-first century in Southern Baptist life, a number of momentous events from our annual meeting will figure prominently. The revision of the Baptist Faith & Message in the year 2000 marked a turning-point in the history of our confession of faith and will be remembered as a milestone […]

1 March by Bart Barber

Why “No Creed But the Bible” Actually Imperils Your Liberty More


Baptist history includes more confessions of faith than we have the patience to enumerate or read in a simple blog post. Baptist history also includes a number of people, churches, and groups of churches who opposed the creation or use of confessions of faith. Virginia lawyer and religious liberty activist John Leland was perhaps the […]

26 February by Bart Barber



Spring is the season for meetings in Southern Baptist life—OK, let’s face it: EVERY season is a season in which Baptists are happy to convene a meeting, but there are a few periods of the year that are especially intense. For the past few weeks I’ve been encountering a lot of my friends from across […]

25 February by Bart Barber

My Beliefs About the Extent of Communion


I believe that you should encourage to participate in the Lord’s Supper any and everyone who, if he or she were a member of your church, you would not discipline out. That states my understanding of the extent of the Lord’s Supper in its entirety. A few corollary thoughts: This presumes that your church has […]

24 February by Bart Barber

Thoughts About Article III


As Baptist Press has reported, and as William Thornton has already discussed, Dr. John Mark Yeats’s motion about revising Article III in the SBC Constitution has passed the Executive Committee and is likely coming in some form or another to this year’s SBC Annual Meeting. Thornton’s previous post and the ensuing comment thread examined several […]

21 February by Bart Barber

Why I’m Glad Ronnie Floyd Will Be Nominated for SBC President


Today Baptist Press announced that Albert Mohler will nominate Pastor Ronnie Floyd for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention this year in Baltimore. In my judgment, it would be inappropriate for me as a sitting officer of the SBC to make any sort of an endorsement in the upcoming elections. I suppose it is […]

11 February by Bart Barber

An A Posteriori Cessationist Considers Evidence for A Priori Cessationism


OK, first a refresher course: I am an a posteriori cessationist. Basically, I do not believe that an airtight case can be made from the New Testament to demonstrate any promise either that the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit would cease at the end of the apostolic age or that they would not. Either […]

28 January by Bart Barber

Useful Church History


Here are ten stories from Church History that I tend to use in my ministry as the pastor of a local church. They are not listed in any particular order: Monica of Hippo and Her Son Augustine: Augustine was a little hellion. He grew up to be a big hellion. His mother, the pious Monica, […]

9 January by Bart Barber

Helping Heretics Come Home


This year’s SBTC Empower Evangelism Conference features at least three former heretics as a part of the official program. These are men whose previous spiritual affiliation was theologically deficient and—according to the teachings of scripture and the consensus of orthodox Christianity for two millennia—accomplished their damnation to eternal hell. The three men in question are […]

2 January by Bart Barber

The Potency of Proclamations


According to this story, Mayor Tom Hayden of Flower Mound, TX, has proclaimed 2014 to be the Year of the Bible in Flower Mound (complete with website that is performing about as well as under the increased load that accompanies media attention). Hayden collaborated with area churches in making the proclamation, and he hopes […]

27 December by Bart Barber

Belonging and Giving


The following article was originally published at Bart Barber’s personal blog, Praisegod Barebones (link). The Southern Baptist Convention faces few questions more important than that of cooperative giving. Not that I’m trying to categorize it as a crisis, the lugubrious tone of some of our prophets and sons of prophets notwithstanding. In the boomiest of […]

6 December by Bart Barber

Sunday Night Church: Blessing or Burden?


VIII. The Lord’s Day The first day of the week is the Lord’s Day. It is a Christian institution for regular observance. It commemorates the resurrection of Christ from the dead and should include exercises of worship and spiritual devotion, both public and private. Activities on the Lord’s Day should be commensurate with the Christian’s […]