Favorite Verses

Most awkward pastoral moment: When I’m pressed to identify my favorite verse in the Bible Sometimes it happens because a fifth-grader asks when I visit his Sunday School class. Sometimes it happens when I’m supposed to inscribe a gift Bible for one of our first-graders. Sometimes it happens in dialogue with a men’s Bible study. […]

A Ragamuffin Fundamentalist

It doesn’t make sense how much I love Rich Mullins. I am, probably—for the preponderance of our population in the way that they use the word—a fundamentalist. No, the folks over in the Independent, Fundamental Baptist world certainly wouldn’t call me a fundamentalist, and I admit that the word is used probably with too much […]

We Own the CP

Your reaction to the title might be, “OF COURSE we own the Cooperative Program. What’d you think, that we had sold it to the Methodists?” Or, perhaps, you might react by saying, “The Cooperative Program is not a THING to be owned. We own the entities. We own the assets. Nobody owns the Cooperative Program.” […]

Embrace the Politics of the CP

The Cooperative Program is political. This one fact, more than any other, has hindered its growth. I think our distaste for the political aspects of the CP is wrongful on our part. I’m writing to convince you of that. It is undeniably true that denominational politics can become evil. This is equally true, however, for […]

It’s the CP, not the SQ

I write today to disabuse you all of the idea that defending the Cooperative Program means defending the status quo. Yes, it is true that the Cooperative Program has been the premiere funding approach for the Southern Baptist Convention for nearly ninety years. Hegemony over the preponderance of a century certainly qualifies something to claim […]

David Platt is MY new IMB President

The International Mission Board is reporting that Dr. David Platt is the new president of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. I had opposed his election. He now has my support. Here’s why: According to our system, I had my say. The trustees had the opportunity to give full consideration to the […]

When to Go to the Mattresses in Blogging

Jus ad bellum is the Latin phrase used to describe that aspect of just-war theory dealing with how to know when your beef with someone is significant enough to justify going to war. With this post I hope to consider how to know when you are justified to sally forth to blogging warfare (or, to […]