Has the SBC Been Serious About Religious Liberty?

In his recent post entitled “The Christian Butcher, Baker, and Wedding Picture Maker“, William Thornton offered a numbered list of nine critiques against the SBC’s handling of the present religious liberty contest that is before us. Of those nine, one predicted heightened judicial activity in this area (with which I certainly agree), seven were variations […]

Missionary Strategy Confuses Me Sometimes

“Introduction to Missiology” was not my best class in seminary way, way back in the last century when I took it. I’m tempted to chalk that up to deficiencies in the professor, but it’s likely that my deficiencies as a student contributed just as much or more. Having blogged a bit about missions from time […]

America: Where We Deliberately Allow Freedoms to Be Abused

People burn American flags. That’s despicable. The Ku Klux Klan holds a meeting. Every time that happens, it makes our society weaker and darker. William Randolph Hearst was able to use his newspaper empire to plunge our nation into the Spanish-American War. What an abuse of power! This parade of horribles represents the price we […]

A Plea at the Premiere of Presidential Politicking

Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America. And thus has begun both the 2016 campaign and the quadrennial Southern Baptist navigation of it. The 2012 election was a traumatic one for me. Democrats ran the incumbent president with the worst record on religious-liberty issues in the history […]

Same-Sex Secession?

I do not favor secession and civil war over the issue of same-sex marriage. If that makes me a left-wing, progressive, liberal, pinko, Commie sell-out in your eyes, then so be it. Since I do not favor secession and civil war over the issue of same-sex marriage, once the Supreme Court of the United States […]

Why Hate Fox News?

I don’t have Cable TV. I don’t have Satellite TV. I don’t have any regrets about that. Because of the facts that I just placed into evidence, I’m certainly not the leading authority when it comes to the Fox News Channel. We do have Sirius/XM Radio in one of our vehicles, and I’ve listened to […]

Why Doesn’t the CP Count?

At a large number of our entities (I suspect that this is true of them all, but am unwilling to do the necessary research to make the universal statement), giving money directly to that entity will win you some enhanced level of recognition or access. In my fifteen years at FBC Farmersville, Dr. Ken Hemphill […]

Read the Bible and Do What It Says

I’ve been hanging out with Koulandiso Tendeng this week (you know him as Dave Miller) in Africa. We’ve spent the week together sharing the gospel and trying to plant churches. I’ve got to die someday: I really hope I die someday doing something like this rather than playing Bejeweled Blitz. It scares me sometimes to […]