Bart Barber

30 June by Bart Barber

The Impact of Blogging: A Poll


Can you identify anything in your current spiritual practice of your faith that has come about as a result of your having read a blog article? Have you ever preached a sermon that seemed helpful to yourself or to others for which you could say that some of the material was contributed through your consumption […]

26 June by Bart Barber

Baptism Is Commanded


Baptism is not merely a doctrine; it is a command. In the Great Commission the church is commanded to baptize disciples. If you are an unbaptized disciple and I make no effort to baptize you, that’s neither kindness, nor humility, nor generosity; it is simply disobedience. It is the valuing of my relationship with you […]

18 June by Bart Barber

On Christian Businesses: A Friendly Rebuttal to Jonathan Merritt


The idea of following Jesus certainly involves more than just the way that you spend an hour of your time on Sunday mornings. For most Christians, it will involve working as a Christian in some sort of a secular enterprise. Doing so raises some difficult ethical questions. I know the feeling first-hand. I spent my […]

14 June by Bart Barber

The Rest of the Story: The FULL Annual Report from SWBTS


In 1517 Halloween, when the devils are supposed to enjoy a final fling, a courageous, frightened Augustinian monk named Martin Luther, armed with hammer and nails, took on Rome and all her advocates by nailing his theses to the door of the chapel church in Wittenburg, thus inviting serious debate. For the next few years […]

2 June by Bart Barber

On the Qualifications of SBC Presidents


We are blessed to have three candidates running for the presidency of the SBC, and I’m glad that all three are running. I have already opinined as to why I am glad that Ronnie Floyd is running. On this blog I mentioned that I am glad that Jared Moore is running, because it is a […]

13 May by Bart Barber

Maybe We Shouldn’t Stack Them Up At All?


Editor’s Note: A separate post called “Seminary Infographics” has been posted that demonstrates some of the data that William and Bart have been discussing.  As a contributor to this site and an unrepentant SWBTS booster, how ought I to respond to William Thornton’s latest post, Just How Are Our Seminaries Stacking Up These Days? It’s […]

7 March by Bart Barber

When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em: Pastoral Leadership and Pastoral Humility


I believe that pastors/elders/overseers are to give leadership to the congregation. I am also a congregationalist, which means that I believe that pastors/elders/overseers are accountable to the congregation and that congregations should attain consensus upon important decisions, as measured by processes that permit members of the congregation to give input, ask questions, offer different points […]