Why the Slavery Question Is Important

I’ve been blogging for a long time, and slavery was never something on my radar when it came to topics to discuss. I’m not the Civil War’s equivalent of a “Holocaust denier.” The aspects of our regional past and our denominational history that touch upon slavery are the least flattering portions of our story, and […]

The Dawning of Emancipation

Our modern world economy offers options to us that were not previously available (or widely available). Some of these developments make slavery less desirable than it once was (which is why passages like Exodus 21:5 are inscrutable to us). We quite naturally take these things for granted, but they make our present wage-labor system possible: […]

I’d Rather Be Abraham’s Slave Eliezer Than…

Eliezer of Damascus was the trusted slave of Abraham. He managed all of Abraham’s worldly affairs. He was, until Ishmael and Isaac arrived, Abraham’s heir-apparent. We have no reason to believe that he ever tasted the business end of a whip. We have no reason to believe that he was malnourished or ill-clothed or mistreated […]

The Bible and Slavery

Few things in the Bible are more countercultural than what we read there about slavery. It runs contrary to ancient Greco-Roman slave culture. It runs contrary to nineteenth-century American slave culture. It runs contrary to twenty-first-century libertarian culture. There’s something here to afflict everyone. First, the data: Jesus nowhere advocated the abolition of slavery. Search […]

Why We Find It Difficult to Talk about Slavery

Today I launch a series of posts on the subject of slavery. The thinking that lies behind this series has been brewing over the course of years. Only rarely do I wait so long before putting thoughts into writing. What is the cause here? This subject is fraught with difficulties that impede our discussion of […]

I’m Not Black, But…

I’m not black, but I am a lot of other things. All of them influence my reaction to the death of Eric Garner: I am a Christian: That means I’m someone proclaiming the message of peace on earth and good will toward men. These events must trouble me, because they are moving us away from […]

My Own Miracle Story

Last November I went to Senegal—one trip in a series by which our church is trying to take the gospel to an Unengaged, Unreached People Group. While living among our people group, we stay in tents that we pitch in the Community Center. This building houses the offices of the rural community’s President, Vice-President, and […]

A Case for the Miraculous?

Among the more interesting books I’ve recently read is Miracles by Eric Metaxas. Together with several members from my church, I recently heard Metaxas at an event at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and purchased a copy of the book (which he graciously autographed). I finished it a couple of days ago. Few books have both […]