Connecting the Dots

SBC Voices has been overwhelmingly fixated recently on questions of racial reconciliation. SBC Voices will be overwhelmingly fixated in the near future on same-sex marriage. I’m about to disengage from online media for a while in order to turn my attention to other tasks. This is a temporary vacation, not a retirement. But as a […]


Growing is the list of “unchangeables” from the perspective of our society. Terrorists do not change, we are told. They can never be rehabilitated. Lock them away forever. Bullies do not change, we are told. It’s better not to trust them. Failed cities and their inhabitants do not change, we are told. That’s just the […]

Trying to Find the “Private Only” Option in Scripture

My position makes sense to me. I think it would be wrong to forbid speaking in tongues. I just have never encountered anyone actually doing that, as I understand the biblical gift: miraculously speaking in an actual language (a system of meaning-conveying sounds used to communicate ideas) that one has not naturally acquired. And so, […]

More Than One ‘R’

PBS’s NOVA has a fascinating recent episode entitled The Great Math Mystery. The “mystery” explored in the episode is the question of whether mathematics are ontologically real or are merely a way that we classify and think about the universe. In simpler words, where is math? Is it something in your head, or is it […]

How Joel Osteen Makes Me Worry Less about the IMB Policies

Joel Osteen will be thrilled, I’m sure, to know that he’s made someone a little bit happier today (since I’ve never heard him say anything that scratched much deeper than wanting people to be a little bit happier today). You see, Joel Osteen doesn’t speak in tongues. OK, so I don’t know what he does […]

Make Your Old Phone Useful Again

The iPhone 6 has been out now for many months. I’ve still got an iPhone 5. Actually, I’ve also still got an iPhone 4, sitting in a drawer at the house, totally unused. Once your contract expires and you upgrade to the latest-and-greatest, what to do with that old phone? I gave one to my […]

Gratitude for Ben Carson’s Withdrawal

I am thankful for the decision by Willy Rice not to have Ben Carson as a speaker at the 2015 Pastors’ Conference. I am also thankful for his blog post explaining his reasoning. There is much there to affirm. He reminds us that Carson is a man who sincerely and convictionally follows his faith. I […]

Has the SBC Been Serious About Religious Liberty?

In his recent post entitled “The Christian Butcher, Baker, and Wedding Picture Maker“, William Thornton offered a numbered list of nine critiques against the SBC’s handling of the present religious liberty contest that is before us. Of those nine, one predicted heightened judicial activity in this area (with which I certainly agree), seven were variations […]