My Word of Advice

It’s graduation season,  and all over the country,  people are getting ready to attend graduation parties,  ceremonies and activities. Kindergarteners with their construction paper mortar boards,  High School Seniors getting class rings and tassels,  College grads getting ready for the next chapter.   It seems like yesterday I was graduating from Seminary,  where does the […]

Is Name Calling Biblical?

There is something I’ve been pondering I would like to share with you. If you would share your feedback.  Is it ok to call people things that are less than flattering? Is it ok, permissible to call out or be  rude in a serious or confrontational situation? Here is the basis for my question, in a […]

What’s Your Atmosphere?

Have you ever heard the expression “it has an ‘air’ about it”?  It can be a person, a place, a room, a company or a church.  There are some churches that just seem friendly or some that just seem full of grace, and some that just seem cold and distant.  We project a certain type […]

Realities of a Post Christian America

Luke 12:16-20 tells the story of a rich man with a great crop.  He makes plans to build bigger barns and be merry, not knowing he wouldn’t survive the night.  I think the Church in the United States, and probably Western Europe as well, is like this man.  There was a foundation of Biblical teachings and […]

The Gift of Vocational Ministry

I have served in Vocational Ministry for a little more than a decade when I was transitioned out. I have been an interim,Youth Pastor, Education Pastor, Associate Pastor, Campus Missionary and Teacher. Currently I am working in a manufacturing plant. It’s a good job, good pay but it’s not where my heart is. I want […]

Things We Shouldn’t Tolerate in the Church, and a Few We Should

What defines a church?  What is a church and what isn’t a church?  We have had this discussion a lot when it comes to church growth and church planting.  There are definitely some some distinctives that exist, or at least should in the church.  Things we welcome, things we tolerate and some things we shouldn’t. […]

Maybe We Should be More Positive

I was invited to a back to school celebration this week.  The keynote speaker, Dr Draper (not that Dr. Draper) shared with us that we need to be positive when we talk about schools. . . other schools.  He made the comment that most people in the US think that their schools are good, but […]

What to Do With Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is hot news again, this time with protesters and many calling for his resignation.  What do we do with the Mark Driscolls of the world?  I have little doubt that Mark loves God and desires to serve Him.  I also have no doubt that Mark is a strong leader, a charismatic leader and […]