Dan Barnes

9 July by Dan Barnes

Simple Things Work


If you have read my posts, you know I am a Sunday school guy.  Specifically, I am a fan of Lifeway Sunday school. I believe it works, and I think churches will grow if they use it correctly. Read David Francis’ books on Sunday school. Download then free at Lifeway’s website. There are simple things […]

26 June by Dan Barnes

Is the SBC Bleeding to Death?


I lost my dad to cancer in 1999, there was a tumor in his kidney that causes him to loose blood.  He began to loose blood faster than his body could replace it, and he bleed to death over the course of a month.  It was slow, it was crippling but not painful.  He became […]

5 June by Dan Barnes

Suited to Serve: The Green Suit that Propelled Dave Miller to the 2012 2nd Vice Presidency of the SBC by guest blogger Si Cochran


In the annals of history, artifacts tend to play critical roles in the events they shape. What would the 95 Theses be without the Wittenberg door, or the dissemination of Luther’s ideas without the printing press? Artifacts are not just matter in history’s past; they matter significantly in the formation of history. Though the significance […]

5 June by Dan Barnes

My Concern For Health of Church Community


The local church is changing, just like everything else in this country.  The shift is seen all across our towns and cities.  It began with how we shop.  First, it was the local grocer in a small shop., It then it became the Supermarket which has given way to the Mega, Super-centers which have everything. […]

11 May by Dan Barnes

Is Jesus a Liar?


So I posed the question in the title, so let’s discuss, is Jesus a liar?  Let me put it another way, who is the liar, us or Jesus?  Ok, more specifically, do we have free will, or is Jesus a liar?  Some of you just became very angry, but today I am going to get […]

4 May by Dan Barnes

Who are “The People”


There are a couple of passages I want to look at today, and contrast who the people are who are being talked about, specifically if they are groups or individuals.  We must be careful and diligent to study correctly, and not work to make scripture match our theology.  The first passage we find in Romans […]

1 May by Dan Barnes

Has My Passion Gone Out of Style?


Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time period?  Maybe the wrong century?  I feel like that sometimes, because I get excited about Sunday School.  Lots of churches still have Sunday School, but I am not sure it gets much attention or energy these days.  In my opinion, a church that puts it’s […]