Dan Barnes

3 April by Dan Barnes

Should We Preach for Unbelievers?


I saw an article listed by Trevin Wax (to be fair, I didn’t read it) called “How to Preach with Unbelievers In Mind.” When I read the title, my first thought is, should we? Should we preach a message to speak to unbelievers? I think many would say “yes, of course. Those unbelievers need an […]

28 March by Dan Barnes

Why I Need Jesus


I love evangelism.  I love to teach it, write about it and be up to my neck in it.  I have tried different methods, learned and used tools, even wrote a book about it.  I love evangelism, but with it comes a danger that sometimes I forget that no one else needs Jesus as much […]

24 March by Dan Barnes

All The Eggs, One Basket


I have heard lots and lots of churches say that church is more than just Sunday morning.  I have said it, others have said it, it’s been blogged, tweeted, facebooked, preached, and taught.  We agree, church is more than just Sunday morning worship service, right?  So why do we do everything on Sunday Morning during […]

20 March by Dan Barnes

The Disqualifier


I have been reading a book about a group in Evangelical Christianity, and the author points out the failures of many of the pastors and leaders, and explains how they are disqualified for ministry because of their indiscretions.  While reading this book, I saw the post from Driscoll and some of his past actions.  These […]

15 March by Dan Barnes

How to Eat Sheep


I am grieved when I watch these preachers on tv who take advantage of people who are searching for help. Jesus called them sheep without a shepherd. May have looked like this. There was once a small flock of sheep who decided they needed a shepherd.  They began to look for a shepherd and in […]

6 March by Dan Barnes

Should We Expect Respect


If there is one issue that seems to cause tension between older and younger leaders, it’s the issue or respect (or sometimes lack there of).  It causes issues between teens and adults, older and younger youth, pastors and congregations, husbands and wives.  Respect causes issues.  Should we expect and demand respect?  Should I be respected […]

20 February by Dan Barnes

It’s Time to Let the Dead Horse Lie. Let Calvinism Go.


My brother and sister, the dead horse has been beaten beyond recognition. Every day I see on blogs and twitter and posts fight and arguments about Calvinism and Traditionalism. I think the scripture points out where we are today in Titus. But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are […]

24 January by Dan Barnes

Will Preach for Food


I have been in vocational ministry most of my “career”, but I am not currently.  I have served on staff in 4 churches, worked for an Association, served as a NAMB appointed missionary twice, have a degree from Golden Gate, and lately I am wondering if I’ll ever be back in vocational ministry.  The abrupt […]

9 January by Dan Barnes

Let’s Be Honest about Sexual Temptation


Let’s face it, the sexuality and sexual sin in this country is out of control.  The sexual sin in the church is rampant.  The sexual issues faced by pastors, leaders, missionaries and men in general is a problem.  Lots and lots and lots of men are addicted to pornography, including pastors.  Lots of men struggle […]

7 January by Dan Barnes

Overloaded on the Argument, so I’m Out.


I think I have had my fill of the conversation. I have been part of the Calvinist/ Anti-Calvinist/ Traditionalist/ Reformed argument dialogue, and I am making my public declaration that i’I’ve had enough. It’s become a fruitless dialogue filled with anger and lacking in reason and civility. I am going to unpack for you exactly […]

25 December by Dan Barnes

Mary Did you Choose?


In this time of year, we talk about how Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.  Mary had a unique experience, she is the only woman in history to have a baby while being a virgin.  Mary had an incredible opportunity, but did Mary choose it?  Of course, Mary told the angel that she […]

12 December by Dan Barnes

Habits of a Less than Effective Leader


Leadership is big new, big business and a pretty popular topic these days.  I have not been on the leadership bandwagon for one reason, we have a leader and our job is to follow Him.  I have written about being a lead follower in several places, so I won’t rehash that soap box.  Today, I […]

9 December by Dan Barnes

Paganism, Holidays and X-Mas. Tis the Season for Angry Christians.


I love the Christmas season, joy and cheer for everyone except those who are upset by everything they see.  Yes, Christmas has become big business and it can be all about the “stuff” but we can’t let the joy of the season be overshadowed by the anger we shouldn’t be expression so loudly, especially when […]