Fight Over Ferguson or Focus On Solutions: How Should Evangelicals Respond? By William Dwight McKissic, Sr.

Fight Over Ferguson or Focus On Solutions: How Should Evangelicals Respond? By William Dwight McKissic, Sr. Battle lines are being drawn among evangelicals regarding how to properly interpret and consequently communicate the happenings at Ferguson, within the context of a biblical-kingdom worldview. One side sees the problems of Ferguson as rooted in history; particularly the […]

In the Truth Business

As ministers of the Gospel, and more than that as Christians, we are in the truth business. We commit our lives to the Truth (John 14:6) and are commanded to think on things that are true (Philippians 4:8). What do we need to know the truth about? Who do we tell it to? Here are […]

Open Mic Night: Share the Punny

After we turned not one but two comment streams a little on the silly side, let’s just go ahead and do this. Preachers are known for bad jokes, cheap puns, and other humour tactics. So, let’s share a few here. Note: this is about taking a minute and laughing at the truly funny. Save all […]

Conflict and Me

Well, they’ve done it again. One more time, a body of Baptists has gone and done something I disagree with. In fact, they’ve done something that qualifies as downright foolish. One could easily question the ethics of their actions, the righteousness of their thought processes, and perhaps doubt the salvation of the people involved. Who […]

SBCVoices Forum: Books for Ministers

I think we have discussed this before, but times change, and our audience may be different than it once was. Plus, I can’t find it. We see on this blog people who have been traditionally educated by seminaries, non-traditionally educated, and a few of us that are not really educated at all, formally, in the […]

Reflecting on Twelve Years (by Doug Hibbard)

Dear Olivia, I feel like this is a good year to write you this letter. You’re twelve now. You’re starting to learn a lot more about how the world works, and there are some things that I think you need to know. I want to start off, though, with an apology that I think I […]

Movies and Sermons, The Butler and the pastor

Having followed the discussion regarding the movie The Butler, I thought I would add my two cents worth. Not about race relations in America–that would take a whole different post with a whole lot of explanations. What I find interesting is tracking the reactions to The Butler. It is evident that, in the typical style […]

Church Discipline

A few weeks ago, someone raised a question in a comment regarding church discipline. I don’t remember exactly how it was phrased or who raised it. What I recall as the essence of the question was this: What is church discipline, specifically in a Baptist context? Which is, of course, a great question. I would […]