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25 July by Guest Blogger

10 Ways the Evangelical Church Has Lost Its Curb Appeal (by David Manner)


Dr. David W. Manner is the Associate Executive Director for the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists. He blogs at . You can follow him on Twitter:  @dwmanner.  Most potential homebuyers decide whether or not to check out the interior of a house or take it seriously as a home prospect for their family based on its […]

17 July by Guest Blogger

Theology Thursday: Our Approach to Scripture, and to Culture (by Joel Rainey)


Joel Rainey is the Director of Missions at Mid-Maryland Baptist Association, an adjunct professor at Capital Bible Seminary and blogs at Themelios (Twitter - @joelrainey).  This week, I’m teaching a doctoral seminar atSoutheastern Baptist Theological Seminary on current issues affecting the church.  Western evangelicalism faces an increasing number of challenges when it comes to engaging its surrounding culture in a […]

16 July by Guest Blogger

Will one in four SBC churches be closed by 2030? (from William Thornton)


William Thornton is the SBC Plodder. Occasionally, I run across an assertion or a statistic that stops me cold. Here is one that did just that: “Fear of change is one of the reasons one in four congregations will close during the next 15 years…” Let me digest this: Twenty-five percent of American congregations will […]

8 July by Guest Blogger

Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal (by David Brumbelow)


David is a pastor and author of “Ancient Wine and the Bible.”  He writes at Washington State has become the second state to legalize marijuana. Christians need to be prepared to speak to this issue.  Reasons to oppose marijuana are here given in the form of Questions and Answers. 1.  Marijuana is no more […]

7 July by Guest Blogger



John Wylie is a pastor in Oklahoma and a frequent commenter here.  There is an ongoing debate in the SBC and in fact, many evangelical circles concerning the the superiority of expository sermons over topical messages.  There are a number of things to take into consideration, in my opinion, if one wants to have a […]

2 July by Guest Blogger

The SBC Will Be Smaller in 20 Years (by William Thornton)


William Thornton is the inimitable, insightful, sometimes curmudgeonly, rarely acerbic or irascible, always interesting, SBC Plodder.  I do think that we’re going to see a winnowing. We’re going to see a clarification of who we are and I do believe in twenty years we’re going to be a smaller denomination, maybe less number of churches […]

2 July by Guest Blogger

Practical Reflections on Baptism (by Adam Blosser)


Adam Blosser is the pastor of Drakes Branch Baptist Church, in Drakes Branch, Virginia, and blogs at One True Joy.  Over the last week on SBC Voices we have debated baptism as it relates to church membership, and whether or not we have the authority to use a different mode for baptism when immersion just isn’t […]