The Greatest Danger from ISIS (by Bill MacKinnon)

“Bill Mac” is a frequent commenter here. I asked my men’s bible study group the following question: “What is the greatest danger ISIS poses to Christians?” As you might expect, I received answers about possible attacks, forced conversions, the spread of Islam, the persecution of Christians, etc. They pointed out the systematic destruction of Christians, […]

National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors Press Release (Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr)

THE NATIONAL BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP OF CONCERNED PASTORS NEWS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: Heidi McDow, 214.679.3409, Pastors Call for Accountability as American Baptist College Hosts Lesbian Bishop; The National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors to hold Press Conference to Address Objections to Same-Sex Marriage Advocates at Lecture Series NASHVILLE, Tenn., Mar. 12, 2015 – In […]

Open Letter to the ABC Board of Trustees: “Who Left the Gate Open?” (Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr)

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE ABC BOARD OF TRUSTEES “Who Left The Gate Open? THE AMERICAN BAPTIST COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES By William Dwight Mckissic, Sr. How is it possible that an unrepentant lesbian bishop, legally married to a female, be invited to preach and lead the Tuesday night worship service, at the prestigious 58th Annual Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series, […]

A Defining Moment for the Nation and the National Baptist Convention (Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr)

A DEFINING MOMENT FOR THE NATION AND THE NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION Ten Reasons Why American Baptist College President Forrest Harris Should Rescind Lesbian Bishop Yvette Flunder’s, Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Invitation By William Dwight McKissic, Sr. Discussions, deliberations and decisions, regarding the legality and morality of same-sex marriage—have wound their way through courts of justice, halls of […]