Knees at the Altar or Boots on the Ground? (by Ron F. Hale)

After the White House gathering on “violent extremism” this past week, our president said again, “The notion that the West is at war with Islam is a lie!” It feels evident to many Americans that a rigid and radical strain of Islam has declared war on us! This war is apparent in the beheadings, bombings, […]

Reflections on Martyrdom (by Nick Horton)

This post originally appeared at “Borrowed Light,” Mike Leake’s blog.  On Sunday the 15th, the frigid wind blew outside my home as windchills dropped to 35 below. Arctic air had pushed out of the North bringing snow squalls and treacherous travel the night before and church services had been canceled. Though winter’s fury raged outside, […]

The God Question: Definitions and Sharing the Burden of Proof (by Mike Keas)

This post was originally published on “The Christian Post” on September 7, 2013. Mike Keas, Ph.D, is Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute (, Professor of History & Philosophy of Science (College at Southwestern, & teaches at Biola ( In a comment on my last blog Hraefn refers to this statement from me: “God, if he exists, […]

Confessions of a Discouraged Pastor (Anonymous)

(We generally don’t publish anonymous articles, but this one seemed a reasonable exception) There are two things I dread every Sunday. First, I dread reading the tweets and Facebook posts of my pastor friends who are “stoked” and “pumped” as they anticipate gathering with the greatest people God ever saved to worship in the greatest […]

Is a Georgia Baptist College Covering Up Racism? (by Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.)

This post was originally published at Dwight’s blog, “A New Blog for a Pneuma Time.” Comments here are closed.  The Bible says, “Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses” (1 Timothy 5:19). Three witnesses recently came forth to deliver charges of racially offensive comments from the lips of […]