IMB Questions (Thomas L Law)

As we continue to work through the issue of the IMB drawdown of its personnel there are a couple of issues which I think need further attention. Administration Based on the material that is being presented it would seem that 80% of the IMB budget is spent on personnel while 20% is spent in support […]

Admonitions to a Disappointed Young-Earther (by Ken Hamrick)

Recently, I came across a paper in the Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry, written by Dr. Kenneth Keathley in 2013, entitled, “Confessions of a Disappointed Young-Earther.”[1] The piece is well done and gives an informative summary of the various arguments and supposed problems of the Young-Earth Creationism movement. After reading it, I must say […]

Southern Baptist Fanboys (Melissa Edgington)

It’s always good to hear from the distaff side (if that hasn’t become a hopelessly sexist term how – if it has a) I’m sorry and b) I’m old!). I received this a few days ago from Melissa Edgington, a pastor’s wife and blogger. Thought you might enjoy it. Melissa blogs at “Your Mom Has […]

Church Authority and Church Discipline (Anonymous)

This author is a friend, who has good reasons that he needs this post to remain anonymous. I have watched with interest as Southern Baptist Churches are finding a renewed interest in the topics of Church Authority and Church Discipline.  Our own church is looking at these topics currently. I agree that in SBC life […]

Haiti, Jesus, and the Church

Andy Williams in Belloc, Haiti

**This is the report Andy Williams shared with his church after his first mission trip to Haiti. This small SBC church (about 215 average attendance) has sent teams to Haiti since 2009. There is much to discuss here, especially the question of mercy ministry versus evangelization in the context of short-term mission trips. HAITI: A few weeks ago, I was able to go on my […]