Sorry, but that MDiv is not a paying investment (William Thornton)

The SBC Plodder is back with his customary incisive analysis of all things SBC. LifeWay and Baptist Press do a good job this time of the year in researching and writing about clergy salaries. BP’s story about pastor salaries not keeping pace with inflation is a good example. According to LifeWay’s 2014 Clergy Compensation Survey, […]

“Your Comment Contains Profanity” (Paul Thompson)

Paul Thompson blogs at the Bridge. Unfortunately, evidently he also needs his mouth washed out with soap! The childhood fear of having my mouth washed out with soap haunted me this evening as I was responding to some push back from mycolumn this morning in the Times-News. I’m thankful for the opportunity to write a […]

When Those Who Preach Don’t Know God (Paul Thompson)

Paul Thompson blogs at “The Bridge.”  Today (October9, 2014) at 5 p.m., mountain time, we will know what the courts will say in regard to Idaho’s defense of marriage. In the mean time I’ve received messages like this in response to my calling the church (Eastside Baptist) to prayer. “OK, well in my place of […]

Designated giving UP; Cooperative Program giving DOWN for 2013-2014 (William Thornton)

William Thornton is the SBC Plodder. The SBC Executive Committee has closed the books on the fiscal year 2013-2014 and Baptist Press reports that “The Southern Baptist Convention ended its fiscal year 0.76% below last year’s contributions and missed its Cooperative Program allocation budgeted projection of $191.5 million by 2.58%…” Here are the relevant figures […]

Overlooking the Cooperative Program (Luke Holmes)

 Luke Holmes blogs at “A Copernican Revolution”  and is pastor of First Baptist Church of Tishomingo, OK.  “Mr. President, Mr. President!” Three voices spoke almost as one. “Mr. President, do I have the floor?” The president’s gavel hammered vigorously. “The Chair recognizes Brother Stealey.” “Mr. President, we must settle this evolution issue at once,” Clarence […]

A Call to Rural Communities (Steven Schenewerk)

Steven Schenewerk is pastor of Winston’s Community Baptist Church in Winston, Oregon. He blogs at WCBCpastor’s Blog.  I have seen countless articles encouraging young adults to consider serving urban poor populations. That is wonderful. But what I haven’t seen are many articles or encouragements for young adults to consider serving rural poor. Serving in a […]

The CP and the SQ: A Response to Bart Barber (William Thornton)

William is the SBC Plodder.  My insightful friend and fellow blogger, Bart Barber, has a short article on SBC Voices entitled, “It’s the CP, not the SQ”, in which he says, “I write today to disabuse you all of the idea that defending the Cooperative Program means defending the status quo.” I’ve concluded that our […]

Speculative Theology and the Great Commission (Joel Rainey)

Joel Rainey leads the Engagement Team for Evangelism and Missions at the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network. He is on the adjunct faculty of two seminaries,and the author of three books. He blogs at Themelios, where this was originally posted on Monday.    October 3, “Left Behind” will debut in theaters across America, and its release will prompt […]