Keep the safety on guns and marriage

I have seen the awesome power of guns. I have heard of people innocently cleaning their gun and shockingly a spouse, a child, a brother is killed when an unrealized bullet is shot. In the heat of the argument people are killed and wounded for life. Limbs are lost, lives are ended, and in the […]

Fundraising ideas gleaned from nonprofit fundraising

From my 15 years of fundraising as a senior pastor and later Development Director, listed below are lessons I have learned and hope they may benefit you in your nonprofit.  Some may be adjusted for your church but much can be applied for a special fundraising campaign: Elements of a Successful Fundraising Campaign FOLLOW THE […]

My top 12 ideas for church growth . . .as a pastor or consultant

My top 12 ideas for church growth . . .as a pastor or consultant Expository preaching–focus on the product we are producing–believers who KNOW God’s Word inside and out.  See the pastor’s role as quartermaster giving the believers the tools they need for the work of service.  Equipping the saints for the work of ministry […]

Why Pastors should pursue an MBA instead of DMin

Why Pastors should pursue an MBA instead of DMin This article is not for everyone and I am sure many will disagree with my statement.  Not everyone is cut out to pursue additional degrees after the MDiv.  But if one is considering pursuing a DMin, I am addressing this article to you. I am starting […]

Why is the minister search process often so dysfunctional???

I am writing this post less as making a statement and more of actually asking for feedback.  I graduated from SWBTS with my MDiv in 2001 and have probably gone through 20+ minister search processes in some form or fashion over the years.  I have also served on a Director of Missions Search Committee as […]

How to lay the foundation for your career while you are studying in seminary

How to lay the foundation for your career while you are a student Volunteer—Volunteering can increase your chances of being hired if you’re strategic about it.  It allows you to practically apply what you are learning in seminary and minister to others while you are learning God’s Word.  Volunteering builds experience, helps you network with […]


PREEMPTING CONFLICT FROM HAPPENING IN YOUR CHURCH” BY ATTORNEY/MEDIATOR R. WILLIAM ROLAND—-TRANSCRIBED BY SON, REV. JOHN ROLAND. I interviewed my Dad regarding church conflict on a webinar when I worked at Luther Rice.  Here is the text of our interview.  My Dad is a Martindale AV Preeminent rated lawyer (highest rating you can get) and practiced law […]

Praying for Daily Struggles with Forgiveness

As pastors with extensive theological education, forgiveness is hard to do even though we can preach a sermon on it.   When we are devastated by the destructive actions of others we need a daily prayer strategy to help us with our struggle to forgive.  Here is a prayer for you as you offer your […]