Mike Leake

29 July by Mike Leake

Why Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart


I’ve long been intrigued by the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. Truth be told I’ve been a bit emotionally bothered by the story. I’ve often read it as if Pharaoh would have repented and turned out to be a good dude around plague #4 but because the Lord hardened his heart he remained a stubborn jerk. […]

24 July by Mike Leake

Revival and SBC Decline


The results are in. The Southern Baptist Convention has declined once again in membership and baptisms. Even while we gained churches—thanks to our emphasis on church planting—we haven’t seen that result in baptisms or added membership. In response to this news I continue hearing the phrase “revival”. Some are saying that the only thing that […]

14 July by Mike Leake

What Did Jesus Mean When He Told Us Not to Judge?


It’s Friday night. It’s Fall. It’s Football season. You load your family up in the minivan to support the local high-school football team. You scan the bleachers for a space large enough to contain your squirrely children. Up a few rows in the bleachers you find a spot and unpack the house and set up […]

22 June by Mike Leake

Review of PROOF by Timothy Paul Jones and Daniel Montgomery


I’m convinced that some of the worst sermons that I’ve preached were terrible because I became a slave of alliteration. I used alliteration because I wanted people to remember the points of the sermon. But, here is where I went south—in order to make three points that all start with the letter P, I slightly […]

16 June by Mike Leake

Is Your Faith Like That of a Mormon?


Awhile back I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a couple of Mormon missionaries. They explained to me the way that Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon. Here was a bit of my response. “So…let me get this straight. Joseph Smith saw these golden plates. And he was permitted to read them. […]

12 June by Mike Leake

I’m Shocked!


It’s Wednesday night and for the fourth time this week and Sally finds herself praying all too familiar of words: “Lord, forgive me for my bitterness and the way that I lashed out at my friend.” She’s frustrated that she continues to come back to this same spot. But what more can she expect? She […]

2 June by Mike Leake

Conversation Over


“It’s time to go to bed, sweetheart,” I say with an optimism that forgets I am raising a sinner. In my mind the little munchkin will say with a refined British accent, “Why, yes, good sir, you are correct. The dawn is upon us and I must head to my quarters.” And with that she’ll […]