As the Pendulum Swings: Family First

History tends to follow pendulum swings. The church is not immune. As finite and sinful human beings we have a tendency to bounce from one extreme to another—dancing around the truth along the way. I’ve got a handful of pendulum swings that I’d like to address. Today I want to address one that I’ve termed […]

Review of The Happy Christian By David Murray

What is the most realistically positive book ever written? Is it something by Oprah? Perhaps Peale’s classic, The Power of Positive Thinking? Something else on the self-help list? If you agree with David Murray, your answer is that the most realistically positive book in the world is the Bible (xxiii). This is why he has […]

When You Are Called to Sing to the Deaf

His eyes can barely stay open. A graven look overwhelms his thin face. You can tell that this young man hasn’t eaten for days. He is starving to death. You, being the good chap you are, offer this dying man a bit of bread and water. You know that he needs to eat and wonder […]

A Tip For Seminary Students

Disclaimer: This works for me. It might not work for you. If you flunk out of seminary after taking my advice, I’m sorry. I came to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall of 2009. I was excited to be able to learn from some of the world’s greatest professors. I figured I would […]

7 Things We Sacrifice When We Succumb to Envy

Andrew Bonar once wrote in his diary: “This day 20 years ago I preached for the first time as an ordained minister. It is amazing that the Lord has spared me and used me at all. I have no reason to wonder that He used others far more than He does me. Yet envy is […]

How Will Faith Survive?

For many years, here in America, we have lived in a predominately Christian culture. Most of our neighbors shared our Judeo-Christian worldview. When you told people that you were a minister they responded with respect. Times have changed. Now when I tell people that I am a pastor they ask why I’ve given my life […]

How to Use the Bible to Avoid Those Annoying Christians

Are you annoyed by fellow-Christians being all up in your business? Would you like to just live life the way you want without having to deal with that nasty feeling you get when you are around those super-holy Christians? Tired of feeling judged? If so, I’ve got great news for you. By using the Bible…yes […]