How to Use the Bible to Avoid Those Annoying Christians

Are you annoyed by fellow-Christians being all up in your business? Would you like to just live life the way you want without having to deal with that nasty feeling you get when you are around those super-holy Christians? Tired of feeling judged? If so, I’ve got great news for you. By using the Bible…yes […]

How to Be a Good Preacher

In his book, Dangerous Calling, Paul Tripp asks a few pointed questions about the nature of a seminary education: …Is it not possible for seminary students to become experts in a gospel that they are not being exposed and changed by? Is it not dangerous to teach students to be comfortable with the radical content […]

7 Helps For When One You’ve Been Discipling Turns Away

One day Charles Spurgeon was walking with a fella down the street when they came upon a drunken man staggering in the alley. Spurgeon’s companion turned to him and said, “Isn’t that one of your converts?” Spurgeon quipped, “It must have been. He sure wasn’t one of the Lord’s.” We laugh at this story because […]

On Romans 7:13-25

We are going through Romans at First Baptist Jasper. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to preach on Romans 7:13-25. What a difficult text. Most today who read this text believe this struggle is speaking of a believers daily battle against sin. But if you really follow the structure of Paul’s thought here it is […]

One Reason You Might Swallow False Teaching

I watched about five minutes of one of those prosperity gospel television preachers the other day. The cameras panned through the audience focusing on head-nodders, note-takers, and Amen-shouters. The preacher man was spitting nothing but straight heresy and these people were eating it up. This led me ton wonder, how in the world these people […]

Where To Find Bread and Water in the Dungeon of Depression

“He who has been in the dark dungeon knows the way to the bread and the water.” –Charles Spurgeon I’ve been in the dark dungeon. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for years. A few years ago I finally acknowledged this and began the road to recovery. I haven’t arrived by any means but I think […]

Dear Angry Preacher Dude

I started watching him as a joke. And then my spirit was grieved. I watched the angry preacher berating his congregation and laughed at some of the ridiculous things he was saying. Things that one can only truly appreciate if you spent any time in one of these angry little churches. I appreciated the humor […]