Review of Help My Unbelief By Barnabas Piper

I’m convinced that doubt has become a sexy virtue in our culture. Our generation has rightly understood that the Bible invites us to an authentic expression of doubt. But we’ve wrongly assumed that being in a state of doubt is an attractive virtue or somehow the summit of Christian experience this side of Eden. I […]

15 Helps for Developing Trust in God

It really should be easier to trust God. But we are silly creatures and so trusting the Almighty is difficult. Of course if he only asked us to do tiny things then it wouldn’t be as tough. But God doesn’t make small promises—he makes big promises that blow our minds and require big trust. Richard […]

Did Saul Kill Himself or Was It an Amalekite?

“Your Bible is full of contradictions…” As a good Bible-believing Christian you hear such a statement and balk. And then in the quiet of your bedroom you stumble upon a few of these “contradictions”. As a bit of shame fills your heart, you begin to wonder if maybe those who deny the Bible might have […]

As the Pendulum Swings: Let the Deacons Do It

History has always been a series of pendulum swings, but the individual doesn’t have to get caught in that. –Robert Johnson A pendulum, if you remember, is a weight that gets displaced on one side. Due to the force of gravity the weight will swing from one side to the other—losing a bit of force […]

Hanging With Sinners

If you start thinking about thinking you aren’t thinking anymore. I believe C.S. Lewis said something similar about worship. If you start thinking about the fact that you are worshipping then suddenly you aren’t worshipping anymore. I believe the same thing is true about mission. And with all our talk about going on mission and […]

As the Pendulum Swings: Family First

History tends to follow pendulum swings. The church is not immune. As finite and sinful human beings we have a tendency to bounce from one extreme to another—dancing around the truth along the way. I’ve got a handful of pendulum swings that I’d like to address. Today I want to address one that I’ve termed […]

Review of The Happy Christian By David Murray

What is the most realistically positive book ever written? Is it something by Oprah? Perhaps Peale’s classic, The Power of Positive Thinking? Something else on the self-help list? If you agree with David Murray, your answer is that the most realistically positive book in the world is the Bible (xxiii). This is why he has […]