Why I Can’t Be He-Man

Sometimes, I wish I was He-Man. Nine words. That’s all he needs. Nine words…and a magic sword to hold aloft. By the Power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER. And with those words an effeminate looking dude becomes the most powerful man in the universe. Not only is he changed but so is his cowering […]

9 Ways to Preach Like a Chicken

In 2 Timothy 1:5-14, Paul exhorts Timothy to be bold in the gospel and guard this good deposit entrusted to him. In the middle of this passage it is as if Paul sets before his protégé two options. One option is to fan into flame the gift given to him even if it leads to […]

Why Your Prayers Might Not Be Answered

I wonder what Asaph’s prayers sounded like when he was in the midst of his brutish ignorance. Asaph is the guy from Psalm 73 that was envious of the arrogant and almost lost his faith by fixing his eyes on the prosperity of the wicked. At root, dude was covetous. And so I wonder what […]

The Need For A Decision

I ignore thousands of people every day. And you probably do too. As I’m typing this article my social media feeds are still rolling. People are still tweeting, liking, linking, and carrying on conversations. I’ll ignore 99% of it. You will too, because we live in a culture of dismissal. This is why we are […]

Doubt: A Sexy Virtue

Every morning, as I scan through over a hundred articles on Feedly, almost without fail there will be an article or two that has something to do with doubt. (I’ve even written a few myself). These are gritty and honest recollections of a not so smooth relationship with the living God. Some of them are […]

The Song of Broken Bones

It was only supposed to take a moment. I would walk across the street—change my shoes—and then get back to being Michaelangelo the ninja turtle. Just as I was putting on my left shoe, I heard the most terrible scream of pain coming from across the street. My compadre, Raphael the ninja turtle, had fallen […]

Celebrating a Hollow Victory In Your Child’s Sexuality

“Whew,” says the relieved dad. He’s just discovered that his twelve year old boy had pulled Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition out of the mailbox and stuffed it under his bed. You might be wondering why dad is saying, “whew”. It’s because he’s actually relieved that his little boy has a swimsuit edition under his bed […]

Would You Make This Deal?

You are in a desert wasteland. You haven’t eaten food in days. The last time  you had a drink of water was two days ago. You are parched and your stomach is screaming at you. You don’t know when your next meal or drink will be coming. In the distance you see Monty Hall and boy does […]