Dear Angry Preacher Dude

I started watching him as a joke. And then my spirit was grieved. I watched the angry preacher berating his congregation and laughed at some of the ridiculous things he was saying. Things that one can only truly appreciate if you spent any time in one of these angry little churches. I appreciated the humor […]

Swording Our Friends

“The best defense is a good offense”. That’s what you say when you have a terrible defense. If you’ve got a terrible offense you switch it and say that the best offense is a good defense. Either way, I think Christians have learned this secret when it comes to erecting barricades around those places in […]

That’s What Gospel Do

You might not catch that title….but I’m banking on the fact that since it has the word “gospel” in it, and that’s a buzzword, you’ve clicked here anyways. Allow me to explain the title before I show you something in Scripture that I’m confident will prod your heart to worship. A couple of years ago […]

When An Orange is Green

You sit down to eat your lunch and begin peeling your orange, when your lunch buddy makes a strange comment. “Why in the world do they call it an orange if it is green?” After gaining your composure, you realize your friend is likely color blind and unable to see the difference between orange and […]

Cultural References I Can’t Use Anymore

I’ve been preaching to teenagers for about twelve years now. When I first started I was barely older than they were. In those good old days I could make a reference to something from my childhood and the kids would track with me. Now I just get blank stares when I try to use some […]

Should Christians Be “Getting Better”?

“The Christian life isn’t about progress… “ “Church isn’t a place for people to get better… “ “Following Jesus is more about realizing my own weakness and insufficiency and finding them in Jesus than it is about growing… “ I keep hearing statements like these and I must confess they leave me baffled. I’m baffled […]

Is Suffering Always the Trump Card?

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15) I’ve always thought the hard part of this verse is what comes after the comma. In fact most of my focus on this passage has centered around obeying the second half of this verse. We’ve all had experiences of insensitive people who refused […]

Missing the Outrage of the Day

Can you remember all of the things you were ticked off about last February? Other than the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, I can’t either. But I bet you were outraged about something. The folks at Slate, which by the way is a quite outrageous site, spent 2014 compiling all the instances of outrage. There […]