If Jesus Walked Into a Bar Would Everybody Know His Name?

Better yet, if Jesus walked into a bar would the people there be glad that he came? The popular notion of Jesus is that he’d walk into a bar and all the down and out sinners would greet him by name and give him a high-five. He’d be the most popular dude there—because you know […]

Spurgeon, Hillsong, and “Conversations”

We do not deliberate, for we have decided. To be for ever holding the truth of God, as though it might yet turn out to be a lie, were to lose all the comfort of it. –Charles Spurgeon Shortly after reading that quote from Spurgeon I read this sad news of Hillsong Church: At a […]

Why Jeremiah Has Been Rocking My Soul

I’ve been reading through Jeremiah during my quiet times. It’s tearing me up. “Lift up your eyes to the bare heights, and see! Where have you not been ravished? By the waysides you have sat awaiting lovers…” (Jeremiah 3:2) Ouch. There isn’t a single place in all the land that you haven’t defiled with your […]

A Plea to Pastors and Pastor Search Committees

The young man was absolutely smitten by her. But I knew, and I think deep down he knew, that he was stuck in the friend zone. She considered him a dear friend but nothing more. But she never had the painful conversation with him. She never told him that their chances of being together were […]

The Gospel Isn’t Meant To Be Strawberry Pie

Lord I want more of You Living water rain down on me Lord I need more of You Living breath of life come fill me upWe are hungry We are hungry We are hungry for more of You We are thirsty, oh Jesus We are thirsty for more of you This was one of my […]

Being Gospel-Centered Is A Bloody Mess

I still remember my white-knuckled pew grabbing. When I really wanted to go forward at service and give my life to Christ. Maybe it was a rededication—maybe it was coming to Christ for the first time. I don’t know, but I know that at that time the gospel seemed so beautiful. But I was counting […]

When the Devil Preaches the Gospel

If you are a believer in Jesus you’ve likely experienced seasons of accusation. Those are the terrible times when it feels as if we are cursed and gone astray. We feel condemned, wrecked, ruined, and that we have no hope of gaining salvation. I’ve had terrible seasons like this in my own life. This is […]

Why I Can’t Be He-Man

Sometimes, I wish I was He-Man. Nine words. That’s all he needs. Nine words…and a magic sword to hold aloft. By the Power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER. And with those words an effeminate looking dude becomes the most powerful man in the universe. Not only is he changed but so is his cowering […]