Mike Leake

14 April by Mike Leake

Why I Don’t Typically Pray For a Hedge of Protection


“Lord, we pray that you put a hedge of protection around this family.” I’ve had something similar prayed over me before. And I really appreciate it. But I have a confession to make. The phrase “hedge of protection” makes me laugh. You see, I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s. When I hear the […]

10 April by Mike Leake

Why I Care Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I Am


Apparently, if I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I would be Raphael. Yep, you guessed it, I got sucked into one of those ridiculous quizzes on Facebook that I’m certain is some form of a ponzi scheme. Thankfully, I was able to restrain myself and not take the quiz which would have identified which […]

7 April by Mike Leake

Why Do People Like Country Music


I loathe country music. No, wait, that’s not strong enough. I loathe that detestable sounding genre of twangified non-sense that is filled with beer-drinkin’ truck-drivin’ rednecks bellowing on and on about their lost puppy dog or how nice a beer and a lady is in a pick-up truck down an old gravel road. Other people—and […]

3 April by Mike Leake

How to Improve Your Daily Blogging


You read somewhere that it is a good idea to blog daily. So, you made that one of your blogging goals for the new year: post something every day by noon. And it worked. You started out invigorated. Ideas kept rolling from your noggin to the computer. With increased writing your traffic naturally increased. Before […]

1 April by Mike Leake

Introducing the Seeds Project


When my son turned five, my wife and I went to the nearest book store and bought him his first Bible. I also wanted a good devotional that we could read together as a family to help us understand the Bible. There were a few things that were decent, but nothing that really fit what […]

28 March by Mike Leake

How to Fix an Icy Marriage


Twenty years ago in a small church, hidden behind a row of trees, and located down a long and dusty road John and Rita stood before a preacher. On that day they covenanted with one another. John promised to love Rita and she promised the same. Years have passed since that Autumn day. John’s gorgeous […]

25 March by Mike Leake

Would God Ask You to Take a Mustard Bath?


The frail old man sets aside his walker and gradually places himself in the tub. But this is no ordinary bath. You see, he just returned from the store where he purchased seven gallons of yellow mustard. The old man has scooped, squirted, and squeezed this smelly condiment into his bathtub. Why in the world […]

21 March by Mike Leake

A Blogger’s Temptation


It’s Monday morning. I’m at my desk. And the clock reads 9:00 AM. Designated writing time. I read through a few articles, a few books, I look through some of the random ideas that I’ve had throughout the week. And I start to work on one of them. And then she whacks me in the […]

19 March by Mike Leake

Why Christian Growth Is More Than Just a Realization that Jesus Christ Is Our Righteousness


“We all live in a yellow submarine”…the alarm clock jolts Tom out of bed. He enjoys his morning bowl of Raisin Bran, then takes a shower, shaves his stubble, brushes his teeth, and puts on his suit. He polishes his shoes, straightens his tie, displays his pearly whites for his mirror’s approval, shoves his money […]

10 March by Mike Leake

Biff and His Book


In Back to the Future II, Biff Tannen, the stories lug-headed bad guy, travels back to 1955 and hands a Sports Almanac from 2015 to his 1955 self. Biff becomes the “luckiest man on earth” and predictably quite successful. Knowing the outcome of every sporting event might make your Super Bowl party a tad boring but it’d […]

3 March by Mike Leake

How Would You Respond to This Hypocrite?


Imagine with me that you are a well-respected pastor. You’ve been serving at your church now for about eight years. Things are going well and you are beginning to gain respect in the larger world of evangelicalism. A new pastor moves into a neighboring town. This new pastor is truly a hypocrite. He denies the […]

26 February by Mike Leake

Help Title My Next Writing Project


Last year I wrote a little devotional on the book of Colossians and gave it to my son for his fifth birthday. We gave him the devotional and his own Children’s Bible. At the time I simply titled it “Isaiah’s Big Boy Bible Study”. Now I’ve been inspired to tweak that devotional and make it […]

24 February by Mike Leake

Will You Join Us For 31 Days of Purity?


Last July I felt convicted to be more intentional in praying for my wife. I figured that it might help me to join with a few other guys and commit to using the month of August to pray every day for our wives. To that end I set up the 31 Day Pray For Your Wife challenge. I […]