Todd Benkert

19 July by Todd Benkert

How to (and how NOT to) Minister to Families Battling Cancer


Reflecting on our past and present experience with cancer, we have been blessed to have family, friends and a church family who have been wonderfully supportive. Quite often, people want to know how they can help and encourage someone going through the experience of cancer or other medical related trials. I hope that you will […]

14 July by Todd Benkert

Will you hear his story? A Baptist pastor reviews a gay author


A year ago, I had a brief email correspondence with author Scott Terry about evangelicals and homosexuality. The following is a review and response to his book, Cowboys Armageddon, and the Truth: How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion Note: Parts of this post are rewritten, with permission, from my personal correspondence with the […]

8 July by Todd Benkert

An Acts 17 Moment: What Burger King has right about LGBT people


The new Proud Whopper is the latest instance of a corporation coming out in support of the LGBT community.  While evangelicals reject these types of campaigns as contrary to the Bible’s teaching about sexuality, the Proud Whopper provides us with an Acts 17 moment.  Burger King has unwittingly made a statement about LGBT people that evangelical […]

30 June by Todd Benkert

3 Reasons You Should Learn to Appreciate Soccer (even if you don’t like it)


Soccer is the sport many Americans love to hate. Whether you think it’s boring, inferior as a sport, you hate the “flop”, or just tired of the rabid fútbol evangelists (who are often more persistent than Sam-I-am and his green eggs and ham), soccer is a sport which many people just refuse to like. I am […]

19 June by Todd Benkert

The “right man” for the job: Can race/ethnicity be a factor?


Whenever we have discussions about selecting leaders, people will often argue that we approach the process in a color-blind way and base our decision on finding the best man for the job, without regard to race or ethnicity. I personally believe the idea of a “best” person for a leadership position is a myth. When […]

19 June by Todd Benkert

My “personal plan” for SBC14: A self-assessment


In my pre-Convention post, I laid out my personal plan for this year’s Convention. I wrote my post before because I wanted to move past a non-specific, general call for unity and offer some practical, event-specific application for the average messenger like me. Well, no one in Baltimore asked me how I was doing on […]

16 June by Todd Benkert

After Baltimore: Two Recommendations for our Trustees on Increasing Diversity in the SBC


One of the under-the-surface themes at the Convention this year was the increased desire among messengers to move past the issue of race and see a growing diversity in SBC involvement and leadership. Among the many positive indications of an increasing racial/ethnic diversity and unity in the Convention, I noted the following in Baltimore: Fred […]