The end of the race issue — don’t stop now!

Will we ever be finished with the race issue? Will we ever make enough progress that we can rest, proclaim the job is done, or know that we have somehow moved past the need for racial reconciliation and the pursuit of unity across racial/ethnic lines? In our own spiritual journey toward the heart of God […]

A Model for Charitable Theological Discussion: 4 Take-Aways


As long as there are Southern Baptists, there will be disagreements about doctrine. The Baptist Faith and Message unifies us around a common core of gospel imperatives and Baptist distinctives. At the same time, our statement of faith allows for a variety of views on important aspects of church practice, eschatology and soteriology. Because of […]

The real question about the future of SBC missions

World Missions Background

This past week, the IMB trustees adopted revised policies for personnel and shared their intent to empower “limitless teams of missionaries to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached people.” Part of the impact of the move was that it reversed previous policies including those enacted a decade ago that controversially narrowed the doctrinal parameters […]