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8 April by Todd Benkert

Missions and the fate of those who never hear


In my roles as pastor and professor, I am often asked about the fate of those who never have a chance to hear the gospel. The answer to that question has profound implications, not only for our Christian apologetic, but for our urgency in taking the gospel to the nations. While many will try to […]

6 March by Todd Benkert

Second Thoughts on the Cost of Ministry


A follow-up to my previous post, “Counting the Cost of Ministry.” ______ Here I am, calling people to do hard things when I find myself struggling under the weight of very same hard things that God has called me to do. This week has been particularly difficult – having one of those days where you […]

3 March by Todd Benkert

Counting the Cost of Ministry


I used to think that ministry was just a matter of just showing up, sharing my faith, and seeing lives change. The stories I heard from the pulpit growing up, the testimonies of revival preachers and missionaries and others all spoke of the tremendous power of the gospel to change lives. Story after story was […]

23 January by Todd Benkert

Outward Signs of an Inward Change


For the next few months, I am preaching through James. The book of James sets an agenda for the church for how we might live as the people of God. James focuses his letter on the outward signs of faith that reflect the inward change that has taken place in the life of a believer. […]

20 January by Todd Benkert

Not Just a Black Holiday


Every year in January, government offices, the USPS, and many schools close in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday. In my area, several schools with a majority white population are remaining open today. The rationale? “It’s not OUR holiday, so why should we celebrate it?” In my conversations with white friends, and […]

13 January by Todd Benkert

Six Principles for Partnerships Between Large and Small Churches


This post first appeared at the RPM Ministries blog as part of their series on large churches. ________ Having been a part of both large and small churches, I have seen the tremendous potential of large and small churches working together. There can be great benefit when churches join forces and the combined effort can […]

27 December by Todd Benkert

Social Networking: A Few Tips for the New Year


The new year is a good time to reflect on our past and choose to make life changes. Social networking has become a huge part of people’s lives and perhaps now is a good time to think about our online presence and suggest a few changes. Read this as helpful pastoral advice or as my […]

23 December by Todd Benkert

The Virgin Birth – There’s Nothing Marvelous about a Myth


Every Christmas, Christians and non-Christians alike seem to revisit the doctrine of the virgin birth. Conservative Christians rightly affirm that belief in the virgin birth of Christ is a test of orthodoxy and of one’s view of the Scripture.[1] However, we must go beyond the doctrinal affirmations that arise from the narratives of Matthew and […]

6 December by Todd Benkert

Orphan Care: Trendy Cause or Sustained Movement of God’s People?


American Christianity in many ways mimics the culture at large by always going after the latest thing, following the latest celebrity, reading the latest book, and, yes, latching on to the cause of the moment. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest  in adoption and global orphan care.  I’ll leave it to the […]

9 March by Todd Benkert

Are you pursuing God?


I have a question. Are you pursuing God? I mean really striving after him? That is a question for you whatever your season in life. God’s desire is that we pursue Him and that as a result of that pursuit, we find our joy in Him and Him alone. I’ve been thinking about the different […]

6 March by Todd Benkert

“Calvinism” — Breakdowns in Communication


In our ongoing discussions of important issues, one perennial problem is breakdown in communication. An issue where this problem seems to occur often is in our discussions about Calvinism. Just what do we mean when we use the term “Calvinist”? Because the term is used in a variety of ways we often fail to communicate […]

5 March by Todd Benkert

Lord, Move Us!

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It was our second day in Asia. The night before, I had experienced my first “English Corner” – an opportunity to meet students, speak to them in English, and share with them my culture, my experiences, and most of all, my faith in Christ. In our initial English corner, I was the first one Ellen […]

4 March by Todd Benkert

An SBC Blog Experiment


How about a little change of pace and mutual encouragement? Answer one of the following questions in the comment stream: What do you love about the SBC? Or What is something God is doing in your church, association, state convention, or other ministry?   Here are the guidelines  (for this post only and I know […]