Unappreciated Pastor

6 June by Unappreciated Pastor

The Baptists are Coming


The Baptists are coming- Don’t be scared The Baptists are coming- I hope you’re prepared The Baptists are coming- We won’t stay long The Baptists are coming- You better hold on! You’ve heard a lot about us, but now you get to see The chicken fryin’, gospel cryin’, SBC Led at the head by a […]

29 April by Unappreciated Pastor

Signs You May Not Last Long


The average tenure of a pastor isn’t anything to brag about. It’s a little scary, actually. So I have put together some warning signs that you may want to watch for if you have have recently been hired at a church. If any of these are true of you, don’t throw your boxes away just […]

16 April by Unappreciated Pastor

You Might be a Small Church pastor If…


1) You open each service with “These are my deacons, I am who they say I am, I can do what they say I can do…” 2) At least three times a week someone says to you “I noticed your car was at your house.” 3) The phrase “But we’re a loving church” is the […]

8 April by Unappreciated Pastor

Why I Don’t Quit (by Unappreciated Pastor)


It was a cold Friday morning. As a bi-vocational pastor, Friday was my day off. The kids were in school & my wife was at work. I like to do two things on my day off: fish and hunt. Hunting season wasn’t in so I headed to the Suwanee river. I don’t have a boat […]

25 March by Unappreciated Pastor

How To Know if Your Pastor is Cheating


I know what you are thinking. Like many others, you have bought into the idea, “This could never happen to me.” But the reality is that it most likely will. Your pastor will leave you for another church. Perhaps it will be the young one across town. Or it may be the established & financially […]

17 March by Unappreciated Pastor

What 40 Year Old Me Would tell 25 Year Old Me


I was 25 when I became a senior pastor. That was 15 years ago. Honestly, I’m a little down about this whole age thing. I’m looking back a little. Time has gone by so quickly. I have been reminiscing about life in the ministry. In looking back I have come to the conclusion that it […]

12 March by Unappreciated Pastor

“Eight Reasons to Elect me SBC President” by the Unappreciated Pastor


As some of you may know, I was nominated as president of the SBC recently by one of my followers on Twitter. To my surprise, a second quickly followed. I take this opportunity to publicly state that I accept the nomination. I look forward to a lively debate with the other nominees. Please allow me […]