2008 Blog Madness at SBC Voices

Update #1: I’ve had to edit some vote totals due to irregular polling results. In other words, please don’t vote 33 times for your same blogger from the same internet connection in a matter of 2 minutes!

I’ve also made the polling security a little tighter to discourage those excessive displays of affection. This will make make it harder for voters from the same IP to vote. Sorry I had to lock the doors. If anyone has notices erratic jumps in results, please let me know and I’ll check it out.

Last September, Les Puryear wrote a post on his blog titled Who’s Who In SBC Blogging. I was honored to be mentioned in his list for my children’s ministry blog. This post by Les was one of the itches that led me to create SBC Voices. I began to see how powerful it would be to connect Southern Baptist bloggers on a larger scale.

With March Madness upon us, I thought it would be a fun time to revisit the question of Who’s Who? The best, and most democratic, way to do this is a tournament style poll. The first round will run for one week, ending next Sunday night. The top four blogs in each division will move on to the next round.

I selected and seeded the blogs based on three factors:

  • The authority of their blog
  • The percent of posts discussing SBC issues
  • My own subjectivity – I apologize if I’ve underestimated your blog

You will notice that I’ve excluded bloggers who do not have comments. In terms of this tournament, those blogs are considered online editorials. The beauty of this system is that you get to vote for who advances to the next round. I’ve been running a similar bracket style tournament at Said at Southern.

So, who do you think are the most influential Southern Baptist bloggers?

East Division

  1. sbc IMPACT (Geoff Baggett & Team)
  2. SBC Outpost (Team Blog)
  3. Confessions of a Pastor (Hershael York)
  4. Tim Ellsworth
  5. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy)
  6. Church Matters Blog (Team Blog)
  7. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax)
  8. SBC Witness (Team Blog)
  9. Eagles Rest (Bob Cleveland)
  10. For His Renown (Jim Hamilton)
  11. aintsobad (Rick Davis)
  12. Said at New Orleans Seminary
  13. Through The Veil (Scott)
  14. We Are Texas Baptists
  15. The Report (CB Scott)
  16. Confessions Of A Small Church Pastor (Chuck Warnock)
  17. Veritas and Ecclesia (Joe Stewart)
  18. The Fullness of Time (Nathan Finn)*

*After some helpful comments, I realized that I omitted this excellent blog which often covers SBC related issues. What is an SBC vote without a little controversy?
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Midwest Division

  1. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister)
  2. Joining God In His Work (Les Puryear)
  3. Love Each Stone (David Rogers)
  4. 12 Witnesses (Art Rogers)
  5. Micah Fries
  6. SBC Tomorrow (Peter Lumpkins)
  7. Jeremy L. Green
  8. Semper Reformanda (Gunny Hartman)
  9. Travis Cottrell
  10. Confessions Of A Recovering Pharisee (Kevin Bussey)
  11. Uber-Conservative (Joseph Garner III)
  12. Southern Baptist In NC (Tim Rogers)
  13. SWBTS Bloggers
  14. The Road We Travel (Rick Thompson)
  15. 2 Worlds Collide (James Galyon)
  16. Living To God (Peter Beck)
  17. The Youth Guy (Bryan Gotcher)

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West Division

  1. Grace and Truth To You (Wade Burleson)
  2. Ed Stetzer
  3. A Christian Manifesto (Scott Lamb)
  4. selvahV today (Harriette Peterson)
  5. Said At Southern Seminary (Team Blog)
  6. Hammer and Nail (Eric Carp)
  7. History In The Making (Ben Arment)
  8. Oversight Of Souls (Ray Van Neste)
  9. Southern Grits & Sovereign Grace (Greg Alford)
  10. SBC Today On Blogspot (Tim Guthrie)
  11. Rebuild Lakeshore (Don Elbourne)
  12. The Baptist (Thomas White)
  13. Tom In The Box (Tom Slawson & Team)
  14. Subverting Mediocrity (Jason Allen)
  15. No Blog Of Significance (Dan Paden)
  16. Toward The Goal (John Stickley)
  17. Deep In The Heart (Lee)

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South Division

  1. Founders Ministry Blog (Tom Ascol)
  2. Denny Burk
  3. Praisegod Barebones (Bart Barber)
  4. SBC Today.com (Team Blog)
  5. Agree To Disagree Agreeably (Boyd Luter)
  6. iemissional (Mary Marty Duren)
  7. Thoughts Of A Christian Woman (Debbie Kaufman)
  8. From The Hill (Robin Foster)
  9. Reason For The Hope (Wes Kenney)
  10. From The Hills and Hollers (? Volfan2007 David Worley)
  11. Borrowed Light (Mike Leake)
  12. Downshore Drift (Alan Cross)
  13. The Rambling Prophet (Tony Sisk)
  14. The Assembling of the Church (Alan Knox)
  15. Thoughts Of A NC Baptist (Justin Nale)
  16. Ecclesiastes 3 etc. (Phyllis Franklin)
  17. Caught In The Middle (Paul Littleton)

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  1. says

    I can’t believe I didn’t make the cut. I’m crushed. I’m wounded. A children’s ministry guy doesn’t even put the children’s ministry gal in the running. Just when you think you’ve made the “A” list, you get left out … boo hoo hoo. 😉

  2. says

    John- Depending on the response, a few dozen votes could carry you to the sweet 16, hang in there.

    Dorcus- I deserved that! When I put this list together, I knew I would leave off some 230 blogs/feeds. Focus on recruiting and try to make a run next March.

  3. says

    Mike – You’re blogging through the Puritan Challenge! That should count for something in anyone’s stat book.

    John – It takes serious humility not to vote for yourself, especially for such a prestigious tournament at this :-)

  4. says

    Tony –

    I forgive you. I would have just thrown the curve and blown everyone out of the water anyway. :)

    To show I hold no hard feelings, I’ll even help you fill in a blank or two in your list. The ? for Caught in the Middle should be Paul Littleton. And Volfan’s first name is David, he posted his last name once, but I don’t remember what it is.

  5. says

    A pastor of a CBF church (Confessions of a Small Church Pastor) makes the cut but Dr. Nathan Finn, one of the SBC’s brightest up and coming young scholars, does not? Have you read his blog? And the grammar-challenged Volfan makes the list over Finn?

    Erroneous! Erroneous! Erroneous on both accounts!

    Big Daddy Weave’s last blog post..The New Baptist Covenant Followup Meeting

  6. says

    I am honored to have been invited to the tournament AND to have garnered an 8-seed in the Midwest Division.

    My beloved Texas Aggies were a #9 seed and within a whisker of upsetting UCLA on Saturday, a #1 seed, to make the Sweet 16.

    I hope I don’t let them down and I hope to represent the Lone Star State well.

    Remember, don’t mess with Texas! 😉

    Incidentally, this is a GREAT short list of time-worthy blogs. If nothing else, we have that for which to be grateful.

    GUNNY HARTMAN’s last blog post..If the witch understood the true meaning of sacrifice, she would have interpreted the deep magic differently.

  7. says

    IT was a massive oversight for me to have overlooked Nathan Finn. My only excuse is that I was depending on my recent google reader history, in which 10 days without a post seems like a long time.

    I’ll consult with my lawyers and the selection committee.

    And based on my own knowledge of the SBC, grammar is not a prerequisite for influence.

  8. says

    “And based on my own knowledge of the SBC, grammar is not a prerequisite for influence.”

    Truer words would be hard to find.

    Kevin, I feel you. I should have mixed it up more with hot & juicy SBC topics to get a better seed.

    I’ll know better for next year. 😉

    Tony, this is a fun idea and particularly timely, since my beloved Aggies couldn’t quite pull off the upset of UCLA on Saturday night.

    With Dirk of the Mavericks getting hurt, I can now have something to keep my interest and take my mind off my woes.

    GUNNY HARTMAN’s last blog post..Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

  9. says

    FYI: A reader pointed out that I’ve listed at least one blog that doesn’t allow comments: Jeremy Green. This was an oversight on my part and another mark of my dependence on Les Puryear’s original “Who’s Who”

    I’m not inclines to remove or reshuffle blogs now. My main goal was to exclude the major denominational commentaries, which are typically good but not really intended for conversation. I think the voters will make up for my mistakes.

    Keep the corrections coming, they are helpful and I’m glad to answer any questions.

    Marty – Sorry for the letter omission, I guess it could have been worse (use your imagination).

    Bart – No debates planned yet, but this is an SBC blog so the comments section could blow up into one at any point.

    Day One looks to be a solid start, some clear leaders are taking shape. Of course anything can happen. We are getting some solid referral traffic from Friesville and some other small southern towns.

  10. says

    Gunny wants to get the party started!

    I tried to spread out all “SBC Voices” with different opinions. For example, I wanted someone coming from a reformed blog to have solid choices in each division. I think the other interest groups are spread out as well.

    My seeding efforts tried to reflect the same balance, but I really was shooting for SBC influence in the highest seedings. Of course, once I got past the top 6 in each category it all became fuzzy.

    My editorial take, is for this website to represent divergent opinions from SBC bloggers. For instance, on the Baptist Buzz links I’ll tag Wade and Anti-Wade on the same issues – provided the blog posts are serious attempts to deal with the issues.

    You grade me: Was the seeding fair to these issues?

  11. says

    Nathan Finn is a late add. Jeremy Green gets to stay in despite not matching your own rules, and I’m just told to do better recruiting for next year. What does a woman have to do to get some respect in the SBC?


  12. says

    FYI: Some vote totals have changes after a quick audit of the votes. Just to clarify, no one should vote 30+ times even if they really like the blog.

  13. says

    “You grade me: Was the seeding fair to these issues?”

    Honestly, I think you did an outstanding job.

    More than a few of these are new to me, so I’m probably not the most credible voice. But I think you do have to give those with a greater SBC emphasis and influence a higher seeding.

    Of course, it’s all for fun anyway, so enjoy and remember … no wagering and no point shaving.

    GUNNY HARTMAN’s last blog post..Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion.

  14. says

    Gunny – Thanks. I was trying to be fair and made some obvious mistakes on who went where. I think the end results will sense.

    Dorcus – You’re making a strong case, but Nathan is considered by many to be a blog superstar on SBC issues. As for the other, I didn’t want to drop them from the tourney now when the voters could do the work instead.

  15. says

    Tony, So honored to have been included. And blown away with the votes. I didn’t know that I had any influence with anyone other than my granddaughters, and even then I know it takes a fudgesicle to sway them.

    Hey…that’s an idea. All those who vote for me will receive a fudgesicle in the mail. :) Tony…you get a whole box. Thanks for this game. It’s fun to watch.

    selahV’s last blog post..PICKLES, FACES AND OTHER SOUR THINGS

  16. says

    BDW, to set the record straight — Chatham Baptist Church is a cooperating SBC, BGAV, and Pittsylvania Baptist Association church. Members may contribute to both SBC and CBF missions offerings, and we sponsor an SBC international mission family in Senegal. But, thanks for your mention anyway. And, as many have already said, “I’m just happy to be here!” — Chuck

    Chuck Warnock’s last blog post..Thru the Bible on Wed nights

  17. Bart Barber says

    Letter omissions in first names are an excusable mistake. So long as we don’t start rhyming.

  18. says

    Once again there are no Missionary blogs listed. Are they being overlooked or are they completely non-influential? What does that say about our missions minded convention? Guy Muse’s M blog deserves a spot at least.

  19. says

    Chuck – thanks for the clarification

    selahV’s – cookies are perfect

    Strider – Good point, I’d love to include more missionary blogs. At this point I’m still trying to locate them. Email me any that you know about. TonyKummer@gmail.com

  20. says

    I’m glad I made it off the bubble and into the Big Dance. I was made aware of this by Art Rogers, so I guess that shows the influence he has. I am very tempted to link to this so that I can get my readers over here to push me deep into the tournament – OH THE VANITY!

    Thanks for causing us all to sin, Tony. Like we need one more thing to argue about! :)

    Alan Cross’s last blog post..Whatever Happened to Conviction of Sin?

  21. says

    I just saw Strider’s comment and he’s so on – some of the best bloggers are Strider, Guy Muse, David Rogers (although I notice he got a mention), Missions Misunderstood, Camel Crossing… these are fantastic blogs.

    I’d also say that team blogs perhaps should be in their own setting – apart from individual blogs.

  22. says

    Bryan Riley wrote:
    “I’d also say that team blogs perhaps should be in their own setting – apart from individual blogs.”

    Since there’s a men’s and women’s tournament, I can see this for next year.

    I don’t think it would help me in this year’s tournament, however, so I’m just hoping for a half-court 3 at the buzzer of the half to give me some momentum in the last hours of this round.

    GUNNY HARTMAN’s last blog post..Watch your mouth, kid, or you’re gonna find yourself floating home.