Blue-Collar Blog Madness Coming Soon

SBC Voices is what I call a blue-collar blog.  We do not have the star power of some of the other active SBC blogs.  We are more of a discussion forum on Baptist issues.  Most of the prominent Baptist blogs focus on the ideas and opinions of one man.  They are good blogs, well worth reading.  But we are a little different.  You come to SBC Voices to talk about the issues you read about on other blogs.  We are a place for average Baptists to have a voice about what is going on in the SBC.

At least, that is the goal.

For years, we have done something called “Blog Madness” in March.  It’s a tournament where we vote for and select our favorite blogs.  It’s now February, so March is just around the corner.  We are going to do Blog Madness again, but this time it will be different.

This will be “Blue-Collar Blog Madness.”

This year, the only blogs that will qualify for Blog Madness will be average blogs from average Baptists.  I’m defining that pretty simply.  If you are currently on our blogroll, the “Featured SBC Blog Posts” screen on the top of our main page, you are not eligible for Blog Madness this year.  Blogs that do not appear on our blog roll are eligible for this year’s tournament.

That is where we need your help.  We need you to nominate Baptist blogs that are not on our blogroll but are worth reading.  We would like to find 64 such blogs to put into our little tournament.

Here’s how it will go.

1)  You can nominate a blog you think is worthy to be considered for our tournament.

  • The blog has to be, in some way, Southern Baptist.  We are SBC Voices, after all.  Blogs need to be written by Baptists or have some focus on SBC-related things.
  • The blog cannot be on our current blog roll.
  • You must send the name of the blog or better yet, a link to it.
  • For the record, many of the contributors here have a personal blog.  Those blogs will be eligible to participate in the tournament.
  • You must nominate the blog by Sunday, February 25.
  • Yes, you can nominate your own blog.  In fact, I encourage it.

2)  We will divide the blogs into four regionals (perhaps geographically, perhaps not) and begin the voting in early March.

The tournament will then proceed pretty much as usual from that point on. The sixteen names in each regional will be narrowed down to the final four in each of the regionals, the “Blog Sixteen.” After another round of voting  there will be a winner from each regional.  They will face off in the Final Four and we will have a winner.

3)  The prize, in addition to bragging rights (which we shouldn’t be doing anyway), will be a place on the SBC Voices blogroll.

So, let me know which blogs you think are worthy to be part of our Blue-Collar Blog Madness this year.  You can either nominate in the comment stream, or you can shoot me an email at my special SBC Voices email:

Let the madness commence!



    • cb scott says

      I cast my vote for the NRA Blog.

      It is the blog that promotes blogger freedom for all Americans who have not been lawfully convicted, in this country, of a felony.

      • says

        I think we would need a resolution at NOSBC in favor of the NRA to make the NRA blog match the “SBC Blog” description. I’m not sure they’re eligible otherwise.

        And that would probably light up the world, at least the blog world, if somebody actually brought a pro-gun resolution to the floor of the SBC. Yikes.

  1. Dave Miller says

    Yes. On the top left of our main page there is a box called “Featured SBC Blog Posts.” It is a blog roll of prominent SBC Blogs.

    Currently, my post here on Divorce, Remarriage and Ministry is the newest one on that list.

    If you appear on that blog roll, you are not eligible. The biggest, most read, best known blogs are not eligible. But if your posts do not cycle through that blog roll, you are eligible.

  2. says

    No brainer: Mark Lamprecht’s Here I Blog, I still may not be able to say his last name, but I like his content.

    I’d nominate myself but I don’t think posting a new entry once every month or so qualifies as having an active blog. :)

  3. says

    I nominate pastor Jeff Wright of He’s a solid SBC pastor and Christian thinker. He’s faithfully served SBC churches in a biovocational manner for 9 years. He was recently voted in as the full time pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Cookeville, TN. I think you’ll find his thoughts engaging and biblically faithful.