Breaking News: Dennis Kim to Be Nominated as SBC President

Our own Dwight McKissic will nominate Pastor Dennis Kim, from Global Missions Church in Silver Springs, Maryland, for the office of SBC President.

Details will follow in a separate post.


  1. Adam Blosser says

    Looks like their website is in Korean. Has anyone figured out how to get the website in English?

    • Dave Miller says

      More seriously, Adam, greater information will be forthcoming soon, that will be in English. I will get it to you as soon as I receive it.

  2. says

    Everything that I have heard about Pastor Kim is VERY positive. I am very much in favor of his candidacy and pray that he will receive a strong consideration. This is VERY good news, from what I know of him.

  3. says

    As has been said Pastor Kim is a very fine man and pastor. I would like to see him in the office. However a reality check tells me that Ronnie Floyd is going to be hard to beat. I think there would be wisdom in nominating him for !st VP. He could possibility win that and we would have the advantage of having his influence exercised.

    • Dave Miller says

      Clint Pressley is being nominated for 1st VP and is a pretty good candidate.

      The Vegas line is still heavily in Ronnie Floyd’s favor. (Sorry)

      • says

        It is. There is no doubt about that. But, I remember a certain young lad from Iowa a few years ago who took the Convention by storm and his dashing nominator who gave a speech for the ages … or something.

        Anything can happen. But, it isn’t just that. It is the very idea of someone else running and there not being a coronation that is healthy. Also, having one of our Korean pastors who is not from the traditional South run is also a very healthy thing. We get to learn more about him and his ministry and we also are able to see how much God is working in ministries and lives in some different areas.

        Whether he wins or not, we already win because he was nominated.

          • says

            If only …

            I was not able to get my church to buy 10,000 copies even though I asked nicely in the business meeting. It was either we buy the 10,000 copies or we have VBS and send the youth to camp. That is how I framed the recommendation. The church decided to do VBS and Youth Camp for a much reduced cost than it would have been to buy the 10,000 copies. Apparently, my math was wrong and it was a bad idea all around.



  4. says

    I am Dr. Dennis Kim’s Director of Missions. Dr. Kim represents the best of all we stand for as Southern Baptists. His presidency would provide inspirational, spiritual, and unifying leadership within our convention. We have an opportunity to show the world that we are inclusive of all language groups. Global Missions Church is the most cooperative and best financial supporter to Montgomery Baptist Association in Maryland. Dr Kim has served as the past president of the SBC Korean fellowship of over 700 Korean churches. He supports the cooperative program and state convention and his church unselfishly plants churches every year. He is a humble and respected leader among all our churches.

  5. says

    “Whether he wins or not, we already win because he was nominated.”

    Bingo! When I saw this that was precisely my thought!

    • says

      Tim G, I am glad to see us agreeing again after our little dust up on Twitter the other night! :) Hope you are well, brother. Discussing Baptist life is usually fun and you and I have been at it a long time now. Blessings.

  6. Tarheel says

    The real question that must be answered is;

    Does William Thorton think pastor Kim is qualified?

    He he he 😉

  7. says

    A black man nominating a Korean man as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Now that is interesting.
    And warms the cockles of my heart.
    David R. Brumbelow

  8. William Thornton says

    Doesn’t look like I will be there but this is healthy. I’m really weary of the parade of mega pastors, nothing personal towards RF.

  9. says

    I would love to be able to share the sentiment here. I too have grown weary of the constant flow of mega and celebrity pastors. But based on the facts (1) anyone can nominate anyone and (2) RF is going to run away with this election I just do not see much of a “win” here. I would love to be proven wrong. Kim would get my vote. Alas I am afraid I am not.

    • says

      D.L., I think that there is a “win” in Dr. Kim being nominated. I think that he will have a strong showing. Whether he wins or not is yet to be determined, but in a year when the SBC elite put forward their candidate, it is good to see an experienced, well-connected Baptist from outside of the South also be willing to serve. Having a choice is a good thing and we are all the better for it, no matter who wins.

      • says

        Yes I agree with you summation of this issue in basically all points. I would like to see him merge a victor for many reasons, including those which you have enumerated.

        The reason i said that I do not share the”win” statement simply by being nominated is that anyone can nominate anyone. I do not see this as any turning of the corner.

        You could nominate me but that does not mean the convention has seen value in an old DOM who longs for better days for our convention.

        The issue will be the votes he garners. If he makes a good showing then, of course, that in itself would be a win. I hope this becomes reality.

        • says

          I see your point. That is valid. Still, it is as though there was a stranglehold this year on even the nominating process, Jared’s nomination notwithstanding. No SBC power broker was going to run against Ronnie Floyd. Not this year. So, because Mohler tapped him, everyone else bowed out. That is not good for the SBC at all. Having Dr. Kim, a serious candidate with amazing credentials, be nominated to give the Convention a choice is a win in my book.

          I think that he will surprise people with how many votes he gets. I think that he can win, to be honest.

      • says

        I am excited that Pastor Kim is willing to run and give us a choice. He is as far as I know a serious no-agenda no favors owed candidate. That i like very much.

  10. Adam Blosser says

    Obviously Floyd is still the favorite. If Jared were not in the race, Kim would likely have a better chance. Jared likely causes the anti-Floyd vote to be split.

    I am not convinced that Kim doesn’t have a real shot of winning though. I expect many are tired of the constant parade of megachurch pastors. I expect the location of Kim’s church is also strategic in this nomination.

    I, for one, am interested to see more info on Kim. My mind is far from made up.

    • Dave Miller says

      More information is coming. I put up a post and then was asked to delay it while a few details are sorted out.

      I’d never heard of Dennis Kim, but from what I’ve learned, he seems like a very good candidate.

      • Tarheel says

        Why take it down….is a new version going to say something different?

        It was an articulate and well reasoned plea for support….I’m not understanding why it came down.

      • Tarheel says


        Truly Not being a jerk here…. But….Why so secretive? You keep intimating you’ve seen how great he is as a candidate …. But thus far only you have access to that info?

        I’m confused.

  11. Chris Roberts says

    Since Dwight is doing the nominating, any word on whether or not he shares Dwight’s view on women preaching? While certainly the nominator and the nominee do not share all views, this should be an easy one to clarify.

    • Tarheel says

      I’d like to know that too….Chris

      My mind is far from made up too….but despite the awesome reference letter from Dwight, I gotta know a lot more about Kim before I would actually consider voting for him.

      I gotta say that 4.5% to CP is a big hurdle in my mind for his candidacy to overcome.

      • says

        The setting of the 4.5% and the mission of the church is something to consider, I think. I tend to see churches outside of the Deep South a bit differently considering they are usually in a less churches area – especially when you consider that his church is Korean-American. I just see that differently than I would a First Baptist, Jackson, MS.

        I recently heard that Rev. Luter’s church in New Orleans gave around 5% – if I am not mistaken (correct that if it is wrong). That is a similar situation.

        • Tarheel says

          I know of churches that give 10% AND do lots more missions on top of that.

          It’s a personal sticking point for me. Just an opinion. It’s a strong one though.

          • says

            I understand. I just tend to see churches outside of the Bible Belt and without large state conventions a bit differently. They are having to often do more on their own with less resources and ability to partner with others in their setting. Some still give 10%, but I do not question those who give less in settings where more might be required of them.

  12. says

    What I do know about Dr. Kim is that he has served in various levels of leadership in SBC life quite admirably. He is a man with a global vision and represent the future of the SBC. His Kingdom Discipleship focus is so large, expansive, effective, and empowering, ’til I have not sought to know, neither is of great interest to me what his views are on secondary and tertiary matters. He affirms the BF&M and that doctrinally qualifies you to be an SBC President. You would have to ask someone who think that that is an important matter to know the answer to, in order to get a more specific answer. I am enamored with his discipleship, evangelism, and missions engagement within the context of SBC life. That’s why I am supporting him, and why I am asking you to consider supporting him. Charles Stanley was converted under and has affirmed women evangelist. He’s also served as an SBC President. So, this ought to be a non issue given Dr. Kim’s huge success as a pastor and missions supporter.

    • Tarheel says

      What happened to your letter Dwight? I know I read if on here it but now I can’t find it?!

      It was an awesome reference letter.

  13. Tom Stowe says

    Dwight, I’m supportive of you and Dr. Kim, and I desire for Dr. Kim to win the presidency. I, however, grew weary of trying to become involved in a network of coronating clergy that was critical, judgmental, and too exclusive to admit outsiders. I would view Dr. Kim’s victory as a slap in the face of the SBC elite.

  14. John Wylie says

    All I can say is that I am pleased with this nomination. The quicker we get away from the heir apparent mentality the better. The only way I could be more pleased would be if Dr. McKissic was nominated.

    • Tarheel says

      Ok…party pooper alert.

      Leaving a known “heir apparent” for a lesser known alternative simply for the purpose of sticking it to establishment can wind us up with some change we think we want but might not really want it once we got it….dare I say it….think hope and change we’ve been fed before.

      AGAIN my mind is not made up….. Jared is a possibility …. As is Floyd…..just do t know anything really about Kim yet.

      That said ….anti establishment for the sake of anti establishment is perhaps not the best approach here.

      • John Wylie says


        Anti establishment is not the only reason for not voting for the heir apparent. Do you not see how much broader a field of qualified candidates we could consider if we would simply stop this nonsense?

        • Tarheel says

          Yea, I do. I share the frustration with the boys club….I’m just trying to offer a little balance.

          Additionally, I simply don’t know enough about Rev. Kim to support him as if now.

          • John Wylie says

            I get that and I understand, I just wanted you to know it wasn’t just anti establishment that I was suggesting. I am currently involved with a particular situation on a board where the pressure to go along is pretty extreme.

          • Dave Miller says

            Agree with John here. It’s not anti-establishment but pro-Baptist. Baptists don’t have an elite hierarchy making our decisions for us. Average Baptists nominating qualified candidates is a noble thing.

          • Tarheel says

            By that standard …. Shouldn’t Jared be your choice….he and his nominator are certainly more average baptists than either of the other two candidates and nominators….no?

          • Dave Miller says

            That is not even close to what I said.

            I said first that we should elect qualified candidates. It is up to each of us to decide if any candidate is qualified. Dennis Kim meets every single standard of qualification I can think of.

            But my point is that we do not need elite king-makers deciding who our next president will be.

          • Tarheel says

            Dave, but only one of the candidates is an average SBCer not being nominated by a “big wheel”, right?

            All I’m saying is that it seems that if we are gonna bemoan “mega church kingmakers and nominees” then Jared is the only choice.

          • Dave Miller says

            You seem to be intentionally misunderstanding what I said. My words are pretty clear and I think most people can understand them.

            I’m not continuing this if you are going to keep on twisting my words.

          • Tarheel says

            Must you assume that any misunderstanding is intentional?

            Perhaps you might try explaining instead of assuming my motives and impugning me?

            Just a suggestion.

            Good night.

          • Tarheel says

            I did read it…but apparently I’m not following you correctly.

            Might you state it differently so I might better understand?

          • Tarheel says

            I’m very willing to admit that I previously I misread/understood you but in order to do that I need to understand you. Which obviously I don’t.

  15. dr. james willingham says

    I think it would be great, if Dr. Kim was not only nominated but won. If this Convention is ever going to reflect its changing constituency, it needs to start now. The mega folks need to know there are others in this outfit, others who also voted across the years. Too bad, I can’t be there.

  16. says

    This type of conversation is difficult on old timers like me. I can remember a time when “candidates” were not announced. I can remember having several well qualified candidates. I can remember a time when there was a genuine election. I can remember a time when no candidates were backed by a power broker or block. I can remember a time when we actually prayed immediately before the vote asking God for wisdom.

    I know I sound nostalgic longing for the good days, but that is the way it should be.

    • Tarheel says

      Good lord, how old are you DL? Lol

      Weve “known” for whom to vote for long as I can remember ….. 2006 wS the only exception and a genuine surprise happened … And Floyd got passed over.

      • says

        I am older than dirt..70 to be exact. You are absolutely correct within the time frame you have referenced. I attended my first convention in 1965 and attended all but one until 1993. 1978-79 is when the CR started “officially”.

        Prior to that was my point of reference. You are correct by late 70’s things changed.

        In those days about the only indicator of the next president would be the president of the pastor’s conference. For several years he was elected as President of the convention provided the current president had served his two terms. The current VP was also highly electable then.

        There were some politics surrounding that, perhaps strategy is a better word. If one wanted a certain man to be president of the convention he would be nominated to serve as pastor conference president for the year that the sitting convention president served his terminal term. Also a sitting VP would be asked many times to moderate the session at which the presidential election occurred. This was to give him some exposure.

        The election of Jim Henry was a surprise to some. He was not the chosen one. I think he ran against the man that followed Jaroy Weber at Mobile, I have forgotten his name..Fred ?? i think.

  17. says


    You are correct. Jim Henry was a surprise. Jack Graham announced he would be nominating him to run against Fred Wolfe. Wolfe, was the heir apparent as the announcement came from the Pastors Conference in Jax. Rumor was that Graham broke ranks and that was the forming of mega-church group. It was the beginning of the end for the CR network b/c it formed two groups that were committed to inerrancy. I was told on year that a presidential nominee was going to “use the old system”.

    Dr. Kim is certainly an attraction and I find myself strangely in agreement with Tarheel. Anti-establishment seems to be the movement this nomination is taking. Certainly don’t mean that in any way derogatory toward Dr. Kim nor Brother Dwight. I do not know Dr. Kim but I do Brother Dwight. I know Brother Dwight to be a man of God that truly searches his heart daily and I praise God for him.

    • says

      Tim, the folks I talked to who asked Dr. Kim to run were in no way “anti-establishment.” In fact, they, like Dennis Kim, are very much part of the SBC establishment.

      Their motivation is primarily to nominate a good Southern Baptist who is well qualified to be our leader. The secondary motivation is to continue to include minorities in SBC leadership. That is nothing against Ronnie Floyd. In fact, none of the folks I talked to had any problem with Ronnie Floyd. Ronnie Floyd is perceived as the insider candidate, but I don’t know that any elite group met in a smoke-filled room to coronate him.

      Al Mohler can decide to nominate Ronnie Floyd. Jared Moore has the right to seek the office if he wishes. A group of men can approach Dennis Kim and encourage him to run. That is the way it works among Baptists.

      The group that approached Dr. Kim are “anti-establishment” only if not consulting some kind of denominational king-makers (I don’t even know who those people are) before making a nomination is some violation of establishment protocol.

      Baptists are free to be nominated without consulting any kind of self-appointed power group.

    • Tarheel says


      “I find myself strangely in agreement with Tarheel.” -Tim Rogers

      Holding on to that one for posterity!

      Glad to see you’re making strides to the right side of things…ever how long it may take you, it’s worth it. 😉

  18. William Thornton says

    With low attendance at SBC meetings in recent years electing dark horses is much easier, particularly with the loose network of bloggers and those who get their SBC news from such nontraditional outlets. We would all say that Dave Miller’s VP election was a surprise, same for Jared Moore (especially factoring in an early session when there was less than a quorum present, according to many observers).

    While there is less chance for surprises at the SBC presidential election, most messengers pushing away from their calorie packed, cholesterol saturated expense account meal to attend the voting session, I like the possibility of an upset of the mega-anointed candidate. The counterbalance to that possibility is the reality that most younger pastors who would be likely voters for a dark horse candidate have little interest in attending the meeting.

    I’m more intrigued by this years annual session because of the third candidate who, absent additional information not now known, would probably receive my vote. If the SBC oligarchy is concerned about the third candidate, I’d guess that the evidence of such would be found in subtle criticisms being made public in the next few weeks. RF got embarrassed in 2006. There are those who believe it critical that it not happen again.

    That’s my SBC political punditry. If RF steamrolls the election, then I can go back to being a hacker and plodder but I really like the idea of more spontaneous candidates and elections.

  19. Max says

    Does anyone happen to know how many of SBC’s 45,000+ churches sent voting messengers to last year’s convention?

  20. Tarheel says

    It won’t many, that’s for sure. Registered Attendance was around 5,000 I think and that included denominational and state employees.

    Guessing less than 3k?

    But that’s a guess.

    I’m betting lots more the year ….. Houston is an awful place for the convention IMO.

    • Max says

      Then, it might be safe to say that less than 10% of SBC churches participate in convention activities and that less than 0.1% of SBC member representatives (assuming 8-16 million members) attend the convention in a given year. And these numbers appear to be dwindling with each passing year. Perhaps apathy more than meeting location?