Final Four: 2008 Blog Madness at SBC Voices

Today we had a few buzzer beaters and last second lead changes. But here are the surviving blogs. 997 votes were cast in the second round, bringing the total number of votes to 1823. Unfortunately, that number is not asked for on the ACP.

A lot could be said about who has made it and who was eliminated – but I’ll leave that up to the comments and conspiracy bloggers.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize(s)

How It Works

  • The polls will close around 8 PM on Monday night at exactly (ends April 7, 2008 @ 8:01 pm EST )
  • I’ve resorted the blog rankings in each division according to the votes received in round two.
  • You can vote for one blog.
  • The poll is set to limit votes from the same IP address. This will only affect you if you are sharing an internet connection.

Choose Wisely

Consider the following factors when voting:

  • Who has proven influence in the SBC blog world?
  • Which blogs are helpful, especially when they write about SBC related issues?
  • If Baptist Press was going to carry one blog post a month from from four blogs, which blogger would you suggest?

Blog Madness Final Four

  1. Founders Ministry Blog (Tom Ascol)
    Round One: 79 Votes)
    Second Round: 123 Votes
  2. SBC Tomorrow (Peter Lumpkins)
    Round One: 60 Votes
    Second Round: 110 Votes
  3. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy)
    Round One: 51 Votes
    Second Round : 89 Votes
  4. Ed Stetzer
    Round One: 90 Votes
    Second Round: 77 Votes

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  1. says

    Has anyone else noticed that none of these bloggers are under the age of 30? I thought this deal was for young folk.

    The old guys are taking over.

  2. says


    But Southern Baptists consider me a young leader.

    At least until I am 50 and that is 9 years from now.



    P.S. This campaigning is sad… so sad. Grown men groveling. Sigh.

  3. says

    What, no California SBC voices. I know the state of the SBC is pretty sad out here on the left coast, but there are a few SBC voices bloggin.

  4. Karin says

    Yes, folks, it’s almost down to the wire . . . we’re in the home stretch . . . and both top teams have put out a very valiant effort. They have decided it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty – it’s an official B-war (blog war), an official B-battle (yes, with a capital B!). There have been some low blows swung with the “actual” photos that have been circulated and we have found that no one is safe – it appears that there will be no holds barred!

    The younger kids have all been knocked out – they have proven themselves to only be second-stringers (not sure how they made the varsity team) but that isn’t keeping them from trying to call the shots while they’re warming the bench. Some are singing the “Official Reformissionary Campaign Song” but somewhere in the background we are hearing something that sounds like this from the Founders’ camp:

    . . .We’re goin’ to beat you all to —
    Rough! Tough!
    Real stuff! Texas Tom I-am!

    A real war song if there ever was one.

    The latest locker talk is that although the Ref (Steve) who is actually playing IN the game (instead of being there just to call the shots) is the apparent top contender for the crown, T @ F (Tom at Founders) is not the type to drop the ball. The gloves are off and Tom is ready to go the distance. His own quote is “I am in it to win it and so I am going to a full court press”.

    Both teams are trying to jockey into position to close the deal, but Ref – Tom’s got his eye on the ball and he’s going to take you!

  5. says

    “Around” 8 PM? Based on what happened at S@S, you may want to consider a definite time, like “exactly at” 8 PM. Otherwise, you might have to deal with Overtime again!

    BTW, everyone vote for Tom! McCoy already won one contest!

    Joseph Gould’s last blog post..Spurgeon, too, Stood on Shoulders

  6. IR SoBat says

    Seriously. When is the last time McCoy posted anything SBC related? He shouldn’t be qualified to be in this competition. He writes about freaky music no one has heard of, shows his pictures, talks about poetry that doesn’t even rhyme, and has a man-crush on a Presbyterian from NYC. Come on!

  7. says

    So Steve gets uber-blogger Scot McKnight to rally his fan base for him, what we Tom need to do next? Justin Taylor? Tim Challies? Team Pyro?

    The deck is stacked for McCoy, but perhaps there will be more support that will “emerge” for Tom in the last day of the vote.

  8. says


    Thanks for hosting this little contest. Though the ‘big dance’ is supposed to be a bit more competitive between all the players, two of four made it an interesting race.

    All joking aside, I never thought my site should have been in the contest at all, much less the ‘final four’.

    Thank you for linking my posts together with over 300 other SBC bloggers.

    Grace. With that, I am…


  9. says

    Brother Tony,

    Have you noticed that three of the final four are Calvinist? I wonder if Peter was chosen to lose? Would that be a case for supralapsarian Calvinism?



  10. says

    Tony Kummer,

    Food for Thought!!!

    Maybe your next Poll on SBC Voices should/will be for The Blogger/Blog that is the Best Witness for Jesus Christ. Examples are Brother Alan Cross and David Rogers. What are you thought on such a Poll as I have suggested.

    In His Name

    smithwe’s last blog post..How do You Measure Up

  11. Bart Barber says

    Tomorrow I plan to contact Gary Richardson and see whether I have any grounds for a lawsuit over not getting bumped up into the Final Four.