Free 2-Day Shipping on Amazon for 6 Months

Amazon is currently offering all College/University (Seminary as well) students free 2-day shipping for 6 months when they join Amazon Student. I’ve had Amazon Prime for the past couple years. We enjoy the fast shipping (especially when I need a textbook or a birthday present quick). Are you tired of paying high shipping costs on Amazon or are you tired of paying extra to get those textbooks faster?  Sign up for Amazon Student and get free 2-Day Shipping for 6 months. This offer ends January 31, 2013.


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    Since this is now a crass commercial site, I have a number of books from my library I am selling…need some fishbait money. Most of these are individual commentaries, some theology books, and some really nice books Calvinists would like.

    Some are listed on Amazon where I sell other types of books regularly but most are not.

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    As an aside, Amazon’s standard shipping charge is $3.99 which is reasonable. A small book costs me around $3 to ship and any hefty tome, commentary or theology book, likely goes over the $3.99. Of course there are people who still sell books on AZ for a penny and make fifty cents or a dollar but I don’t see that as worth the trouble.

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    Football season’s over, so we needed some form of distraction. Crass commercialism seemed like a good addition.

    Speaking of, I have some prime swampland for sale :)

    • Jim Shaver says

      Amazon Prime is the best shopping deal going if you purchase a lot of items online.

      I buy canned dog food on Amazon and UPS delivers it to my front door once a month in a 50lb + box for free. Total price I pay per can is cheaper than I could buy the same food from Walmart.

      Combine all my purchases from Amazon and divide total orders into the $79 annual Amazon Prime fee and my shipments cost me exactly 95.1 cents each in 2012.

      Where else can you get a deal like that?

      • Stephen Beck says

        Did you include the cheaper price of Amazon versus buying elsewhere? Of course you don’t have to have Prime to get the lower price but it’s a nice incentive.

  4. Stephen Beck says

    My wife and I have been Prime and Kindle users for several years now, in college and now in seminary/work life. The free student account offer comes up often, though I’m not sure that most seminaries qualify (we couldn’t make it work but we didn’t try hard). Last time we had to renew our Prime accounts it was for only $40 instead of the normal $80. Either way, it’s a great deal.

    “Standard” shipping for $4 is not bad, but that’s 4-5 business days to deliver. I ordered a book this Tuesday afternoon (around 4 PM I’d say) with my Prime account, paid $0 for shipping, and it showed up on my porch on Wednesday afternoon. Great for times when you need a book quick. You also get access to a lot of free shows and movies on Amazon Instant Video (most good movies are a few bucks to rent though).

    Still, most of my books I try to get digitally if they are available. Most seminary textbooks, at least here, are not in the $50-150 range like my university science/math books were, but still they can often be found on Kindle for half the price of the print copy (which is already cheaper on Amazon than in a store). My wife likes getting fiction e-books from the library. A feature I haven’t used is that if you own a Kindle or Kindle Fire and have a Prime account, some popular books can be “rented” for free without a waiting period.

    The tragedy is we live in the golden age for potential affordable literacy but still we have scores of people without any idea how to read and learn like they should be able to.

  5. Stephen Beck says

    Sorry to bombard the comments.

    Does anyone have a conscientious objection to buying cheap products from large, non-local retailers like Amazon or say, Wal-mart? I check out Lifeway and other stores most of the time when I buy books but really the price savings is too much for me and I don’t think it’s wrong to buy from big box. or a couple of other websites (Westminster Seminary is one I do try to support when I can and they have a good bookstore selection) can have good deals, but the shipping costs tip the scales to Amazon.

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  6. Jim Shaver says

    I like the Westminster Seminary site also and recently bought three Bibles from them that I couldn’t get from Lifeway or Amazon.