“Going Bush” till 2013

In Australia “going bush” describes those who leave civilization behind and head for the outback for a while. I am not planning to backpack or head for a cabin over the “holidays” but neither do I intend to be around this blog much.

Contributors: starting Saturday and going through the first of the year, post at will. If you have something ready to go, and no one else has something up, put it up.

Also, those of you who have admin capabilities, do whatever comment moderation you feel is needed.  Trust me, people actually enjoy it when you delete their comments – they never get mad and always thank you for the good job you are doing! (uh…well…um…)

I may do some writing and post some things between now and the New Year, but I will spend little time reading comments or interacting with them.

I’m a little bit blogged out, folks. So, I’m going to celebrate Christmas, go seek my grandson and take a little blogging break.



  1. cb scott says


    May I ask of you to put up one post? Give it the following title:

    BOWL GAMES 2012-2013.

    I will take it from there.

    Have a great holiday and try to watch Bowl Games with SEC NATIONS playing in them with your grandson. He will thank you for it in later years.

    Oh yeah, from now until 12-30-12 when the real Bowl Games start, try to catch Duck Dynasty a time or two. it has been a pleasant discovery for me this week.

    Seriously, I pray you and you family have a God blessed celebration remembering the coming of our Lord in the First Advent and waiting with anticipation of His Second Advent, knowing that then and only then shall there be peace on earth and good will toward men . . . and the killing of children will no longer be known among us.
    Come now Lord Jesus. Come now!

        • cb scott says

          Amen, Doug.

          For some reason, during this time of the year, I tend to have a degree of pity for many of the Lesser FOOTBALL NATIONS such as the TAR HEELS, BUZZARD-EYES, GOAT-HERDERS (I mean Oklahoma State Cowboys), and WOLVERINES, and yes, even the DUCKS.

          BUT never, never and never Boise State or Notre Dame. Actually, I wish they could play each other and both NATIONS get beat 59-0.

      • cb scott says

        Thank you, L’s.

        But there will be no mercy for the Monk School at South Bend. The CRIMSON ELEPHANT is coming to smite your little Green Munchkins hip and thigh.

        • says

          Yea and verily the pigskin priests shall fall into the abyss of second place, which is, of course, first loser.
          The Ducks shall, however, show the world why they deserved to play the Trunked One in the National Championship. Oh that the Almighty would bring His judgment and wrath to bear on the referees who got it wrong in the Stanford game.