I Am Abandoning SBC Voices

DavelimegreencarDon’t get your hopes up, it’s temporary.

I am leaving after church tomorrow, with my family, to head first to Lynchburg, VA, then to Palm Coast, Florida. I will be spending Christmas with my son who works at Liberty and attends Liberty Theological Seminary. He is the father of the two cutest grandsons in the entire world. We are taking the van to haul the presents.

On Christmas day, we will depart for Palm Coast where my family has a reunion every year – which we’ve not attended in quite some time. Normally, I am at our Christmas Eve service and by the time that’s over, it’s just too hard to make it down to Florida. But this year I turned the Christmas Eve service over to my two associate pastors and we are going to be on the beach instead of in the SUX (that’s our airport designation folks – I kid you not).

A wonderful thing is going to happen at that reunion, something that has not happened for us in a long time. My wife and I will be with our four children and our four grandchildren all at once. Since our eldest moved to Boston, we’ve not had everyone in one place at one time, so this is going to be three days of wonder!

Anyway, I intend to ignore SBC Voices for the most part. I may post an article if the mood strikes. I will almost certainly not engage in discussions or comment moderation. Contributors, fire when ready!  All I ask is that you not step on other’s articles. If someone else posts an article, give it at least five hours or so until you post another one. Two articles a day is my goal, but sometimes we’ve only had one.

If you post an article, you are on your own for comment moderation. Try to be fair – like everyone accuses me of NOT being.

People sometimes submit articles to me. I will try to put them up, but no promises.

Again, I will probably be lurking, and perhaps writing something now and again. But I’m am officially going on vacation at noon tomorrow and SBC Voices is not high on my priority list over that time.

ONE MORE THING!  The last couple of days have been tumultuous, but what I’d like (barring some kind of huge issue that springs up) is to keep our eyes on the manger until after Christmas. Devotional posts are traffic poison, but that is fine.  Christmas thoughts and reflections would be great. Let us focus on Christ and his Incarnation, instead of Calvinism or Cessationism, or even Duck Dynasty.

That is a request, not a command.

Starting the 26th, fire when ready!


  1. Dave Miller says

    Thanks, Bob.

    One more note for contributors. I’ve scheduled a few posts already – Christmas-oriented or with a supportive theme. Before you hit the publish button, look at the scheduled posts to see if there is anything set.

    Be excellent to each other.
    And party on, dudes.

  2. Dr. R. Richard Tribble, Jr. says


    Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Pray it provides you and your family with a bevy of memories that will keep all warm for years to come.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. says

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do. Enjoy your family and come back in one piece. That’s an order not a request. (As one who has had a severe auto accident recently you understand.)

    • Dave Miller says

      Yeah, I will be retracing my steps (or wheel marks) toward the place I tried to help my wife cash in my life insurance policy early this year. Hope to reach St. Louis this time! (And well beyond there).

  4. Dave Miller says

    I’ve gotten several Facebook “likes” on this post. I wonder if they just read the headline and were rejoicing that I would be gone!

    • dean says

      I am a cessationist and I started speaking in tongues when I read the title. :)

      Be careful and Merry Christmas, Dean

  5. Tarheel says

    “If you post an article, you are on your own for comment moderation. Try to be fair – like everyone accuses me of NOT being.”

    I don’t know who accuses you of that, but I hope you dont let them bother you…you’re incredibly fair, especially given the number of type A, highly opinionated posters lurking around these parts. to make matters worse, many of us are pastors. Lol.

    Merry Christmas, and enjoy your vacation and time with the family!

  6. says

    Dave, have a wonderful time with the family over Christmas! Since it sounds like you’re driving, give us a wave in North Carolina as you drive through from VA to FL.

  7. says

    On the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again…

    Hey, you Kansas City folks, get the roads cleaned up. I’m coming through in about 4 hours and I don’t want any snow.

  8. Ron F. Hale says

    All we want for Christmas is for you to “abandon” that lime-green suit. Wrap it up and give it to your eldest son as early inheritance. Put it in a “yard sale” in Florida and let the snow birds fight over it. Bless us Brother!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. dr. james willingham says

    Just think. With David out of the way, we can do as we please. When the cat’s away, well you know the rest. Like the sinus infection characters you see on television ads. We can carry on until David “Medicine” Miller returns to evict us.

  10. Max says

    I am abandoning SBC Voices. It’s been real and it’s been fun … but it ain’t been real fun. I will see some of you here, there, or in the air.