Identify that Superhero…














Is this:

  • Joe Blackmon?
  • David Worley?
  • Dave Miller?
I’ll never tell!



  1. Bruce H. says

    I didn’t think Dave watched Hollywood videos. So, it can’t be Dave. Hummmm? :-) Besides, how would Dave get a picture like that of one of the other two guys? Beats me, Dave. When will there be a confession?

  2. says

    I’m trying as hard as I can to resist typing my choice ; but, my fingers are moving by themselves . I will overcome – I will win ! My choice is ……

  3. Doug Hibbard says

    Who is stuck in the 80s? All VHS tapes, looks like a first-generation NES in the lower left…

    And mildly over-stressed. all the videos are neatly arranged and lined up. Except for those copyright violations on the bottom shelf.

  4. Christiane says

    Let’s apply reason. (been watching English detective mysteries again on youtube, so please indulge me)

    Make up questions that can be answered by physical observation of that photograph.
    Example: someone may have taken the picture . . . is there is a witness out there?

    Make up questions that can be deduced from logic:
    Example: there are wires on the floor of the photo, there is some sort of an object on the floor to the ‘left’ of the ‘Superhero':
    could this actually be one of those ‘blow up dolls’ that people put out for display at holiday times?

    Make up questions that are the result of ‘brain-storming’ (you can eliminate the dumb ones later):
    Example: The need for attention often over-rides common sense, however, in THIS case, ‘common sense’ long went out the window:
    could this person be a nut?

  5. Ron says

    Without doubt, it is the: Herpyllus esslesiasticus, better known as the Parson Spider. One has been seen in West to Middle Tennessee, just west of the Tennessee River.

  6. Christiane says

    I have decided it is a Halloween blow-up doll . . . except look at those ‘eyes’, how very clever that the manufacturers of the doll make them look almost human. :)

    • volfan007 says

      okay, why wont this blog let you type something in Hebrew? huh? I mean, it’s a Christian blog, right? And yet, it denies the Hebrew language????? lol

      I’ll try it again….

      ???? ????? ?? ??? Worley.

  7. says

    This person was revealed to me as CCTBOTS. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I do however believe this person is stuck in this position and is begging for a rescue evidenced with his hands extended .

    • John Wylie says

      In the immortal words of Jason Robards in the movie Payback, “That’s just mean man!” JK Lol

      • Jeremy Parks says

        Jason Robards wasn’t in Payback. Based on the line you’ve quoted, you must be thinking of James Coburn.