Item 1: The Presidential Election

The scheduled time for the presidential election this morning is 10:30 AM. That is a change from previous conventions – the first election was always after lunch. But all the elections will be today.

Ronnie Floyd is still the expected winner of the election, but there is a lot of Dennis Kim buzz around. Just don’t know it will all play out. As far as I know, there are still just the three who will be nominated.

I plan to update this post with news as the election progresses.


  1. says

    Praying God’s will and a good convention. First choice for me would be Jared Moore and then Dr. Kim.

  2. Dave Miller says

    Total votes (5001 registered) – 3553

    Ronnie Floyd – 1834 51%

    Dennis Kim – 1446

    Jared Moore – 210

    Congratulations Ronnie Floyd.

      • Greg Harvey says

        I hope after Floyd’s term(s) Kim’s name comes up again. That would be outstanding.

        As I’ve noted several times, I think there were uniques for each candidate that made their candidacy both interesting and to a certain extent compelling. I’m not surprised that Jared polled so few, but there are things that he is saying that deserve discussion and I believe he has correctly raised those issues and sought to discuss them.

        This was a VERY good year for us with respect to the selection of a president because of these things (obligatory IMHO implied, but just in case you think you need one, there you go).

        • John Wylie says

          I agree with everything you said Greg. I would have preferred Dr. Kim to have won, but all in all, I’m pleased with the strong showing he made today.

      • John Wylie says

        Some were in the exhibit hall, some were at lunch, some will never attend any of the business sessions.

        • Christiane says

          if they are appointed messengers, don’t they have a moral (and spiritual) obligation to attend on behalf of those who sent them as representatives


        • says

          Is seems like that if your church sends you as a messenger to the convention it would be a dereliction of duty to not attend any of the business sessions and to not vote.

          • says

            You make a good point. I guess people see this differently. Personally I always attended the business because i wanted to keep up and have a voice. Some people say they go for the preaching, fellowship or whatever.

            I suppose the bottom line would be a pastor’s understanding with his church. If the church knows the attendance pattern of the pastor and is OK with it I suspect that would be their business.

  3. Dave Miller says

    Clint Pressley was elected 1st VP without opposition. 2nd VP Was also Unopposed. I think the name was Hans Dilbeck or Bilbeck. Maybe someone has the name.