King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”

If they ever did a “Best Speech Ever” contest, this and Gettysburg would be contenders.


    • cbscott says

      Make that “Yep” to I Have a Dream being the best speech ever, or at least in my lifetime.

      It is my opinion that the substance of that speech transcended the racial boundaries of its time and has caused many men regardless of ethnic heritage to think on a higher plain in regard to social morality and the biblical truth that all people are created in the image of God.

  1. dr. james willingham says

    Y’all should read or listen to his speech upon receiving the Nobel Prize. He said in it that agape love would win the day.

  2. Tarheel says

    I love the “I have a dream speech “! I’ve listened to it many times. It’s just awesome in so many ways.

    Another great speech I remember is this one…

    I vividly remember sitting on my daddy’s lap watching this speech as a real young boy. I didn’t understand it’s profound eloquence at the time but when I watched a video of it, again with daddy in my early teen years, I was utterly wowed by the principles and patriotism therein. I’ve been a political conservative ever since that day.

  3. Jess says

    I’ve always considered the words of King as not being a speech, but the finest sermon that I have ever heard. The man was brilliant, and his words still are today.

  4. Chad says

    The “content of his character” are words that ring true even more so today than of the days he spoke them. We as a nation have become increasingly divided along class and racial lines and we elect officials based on everything but the content of their character.