Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hills Church

Here is a copy of the resignation letter Mark Driscoll sent to his elders yesterday.   October 14, 2014 Michael Van Skaik Chairman, Board of Advisors and Accountability Mars Hill Church Dear Michael: By God’s grace I have pastored Mars Hill Church for 18 years. Today, also by God’s grace, and with the full support […]

Houston’s Mayor and Religious Freedom

I’ve been busy trying to get caught up on some work before I head out of the country next week – won’t be writing much. But since this discussion broke out on another comment stream, I thought I should put up a forum for discussion of the issue here. According to the Houston Chronicle, it […]

Sorry, but that MDiv is not a paying investment (William Thornton)

The SBC Plodder is back with his customary incisive analysis of all things SBC. LifeWay and Baptist Press do a good job this time of the year in researching and writing about clergy salaries. BP’s story about pastor salaries not keeping pace with inflation is a good example. According to LifeWay’s 2014 Clergy Compensation Survey, […]

“Your Comment Contains Profanity” (Paul Thompson)

Paul Thompson blogs at the Bridge. Unfortunately, evidently he also needs his mouth washed out with soap! The childhood fear of having my mouth washed out with soap haunted me this evening as I was responding to some push back from mycolumn this morning in the Times-News. I’m thankful for the opportunity to write a […]

The Need For A Decision

I ignore thousands of people every day. And you probably do too. As I’m typing this article my social media feeds are still rolling. People are still tweeting, liking, linking, and carrying on conversations. I’ll ignore 99% of it. You will too, because we live in a culture of dismissal. This is why we are […]

Favorite Verses

Most awkward pastoral moment: When I’m pressed to identify my favorite verse in the Bible Sometimes it happens because a fifth-grader asks when I visit his Sunday School class. Sometimes it happens when I’m supposed to inscribe a gift Bible for one of our first-graders. Sometimes it happens in dialogue with a men’s Bible study. […]

One Good Lesson from “Left Behind”

There is so much NOT to like about the new “Left Behind” movie starring Nicholas Cage. Of course, first among them is the theological framework from which the movie springs. In our current SBC world, most reject premillennial, pretribulational eschatology. Many disdain it, quite a few ridicule it and some have labelled it a heresy. […]