Ashley Madison: The Storm IS Coming…There IS a Harbor!

I have been assured by people who know that the Ashley Madison data dump may well be an EF5 tornado blowing through Christian churches and denominations, including my beloved SBC. In the last few days, I’ve been told things that turn my stomach. In the last few hours, I’ve heard things that make my heart […]

15 Helps for Developing Trust in God

It really should be easier to trust God. But we are silly creatures and so trusting the Almighty is difficult. Of course if he only asked us to do tiny things then it wouldn’t be as tough. But God doesn’t make small promises—he makes big promises that blow our minds and require big trust. Richard […]

The Organized Church (by John Wylie)

John Wylie, a frequent commenter here, is from Springer, OK.  There is a dual definition to the term church. One is the corporate body of Christ and the other is the local assembly. Those local assemblies were organized. There is a move away from what some call the “organized church” in our day, they say […]

The Ethics of the Ashley Madison Data Dump

Knock knock! Who’s there? Ashley Madison! Ashley Madison who? Seriously, I don’t know any Ashley Madison. Baby, wait…my frat buddies and their pranks, right? Baby? Babe? I was hacked! Umm… Let’s all go ahead and stipulate a few things here, shall we? – We all sin, sometimes horribly.  We have much in common with the users […]

Zero (Thomas Law)

This was a presentation I made to the Capital (Oklahoma City, OK) Baptist Association pastors conference on July 13, 2015. I was asked to work it up as a blog for the Church Planting website of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. It was posted on their website in two sections on August 10th and […]

Josh Duggar, Hypocrisy, and the Extrapolation Fallacy

Well, I guess Josh Duggar won the not-so-desirable prize.  When I saw the reports that the Ashley Madison website hackers were finally releasing the information they had stolen, one of my first thoughts was that it was likely that a few well-known Christian names were likely to appear on the list. Some pastors, Christians celebrities, […]

Short term missions: First, do no harm

A subject that is guaranteed to stir the SBC masses is anything remotely critical of our beloved and ubiquitous practice of short term missions.  Why would anyone find reason to criticize that in which the smallest Southern Baptist church participates – a short term, volunteer mission trip to another country, another culture, a location with […]

“Some people just never change.”

About this blog title… I hate those five words. I heard them recently at a roundtable discussion for pastors, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard them and it probably won’t be the last. As a pastor, the first time I heard them spoken was after I left my first church and started at […]