9 April by Guest Blogger

A Response to Dr. Nathan Finn (by Dr. Eric Hankins)


Dr. Eric Hankins is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Oxford, Mississippi. He is the author of the much-discussed Traditionalist Statement and was central to the Calvinism Task Force appointed by Dr. Page, which reported at the Houston Annual Meeting. We look forward to this series of articles.  Over the next few weeks, I will […]

8 April by Rev Norespect

Why I Don’t Quit (by Unappreciated Pastor)


It was a cold Friday morning. As a bi-vocational pastor, Friday was my day off. The kids were in school & my wife was at work. I like to do two things on my day off: fish and hunt. Hunting season wasn’t in so I headed to the Suwanee river. I don’t have a boat […]

8 April by Todd Benkert

Missions and the fate of those who never hear


In my roles as pastor and professor, I am often asked about the fate of those who never have a chance to hear the gospel. The answer to that question has profound implications, not only for our Christian apologetic, but for our urgency in taking the gospel to the nations. While many will try to […]

7 April by Mike Leake

Why Do People Like Country Music


I loathe country music. No, wait, that’s not strong enough. I loathe that detestable sounding genre of twangified non-sense that is filled with beer-drinkin’ truck-drivin’ rednecks bellowing on and on about their lost puppy dog or how nice a beer and a lady is in a pick-up truck down an old gravel road. Other people—and […]

5 April by Dave Miller

Liberty and Benny Hinn – The Dangers of Uninformed Anger


The social media world was afire this week with questions about Liberty University’s “partnership” with faith-healing huckster Benny Hinn. When I first saw the reports, I was slain in the Spirit with shock, and I think I heard ol’ Jerry spinning barrel rolls in his grave. Of course, some of the more angry “discernment” ministries […]

4 April by Dave Miller

The Bleak Future of the SBC?


Note: I published this article back in July of 2013, not long after the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Houston. I am editing this post slightly, mostly in the last section, “Solutions” by adding a few of my more recent thoughts.  At the most peaceful and drama-free SBC in recent memory, there was one […]

3 April by Dan Barnes

Should We Preach for Unbelievers?


I saw an article listed by Trevin Wax (to be fair, I didn’t read it) called “How to Preach with Unbelievers In Mind.” When I read the title, my first thought is, should we? Should we preach a message to speak to unbelievers? I think many would say “yes, of course. Those unbelievers need an […]

3 April by Mike Leake

How to Improve Your Daily Blogging


You read somewhere that it is a good idea to blog daily. So, you made that one of your blogging goals for the new year: post something every day by noon. And it worked. You started out invigorated. Ideas kept rolling from your noggin to the computer. With increased writing your traffic naturally increased. Before […]

2 April by Andy Hynes

Five Councils that Shaped our Doctrine


The Five Influential Councils Say what you want about Constantine and the conversion of the Roman Empire to a form of Christianity, but one thing we should be grateful for is the May 20, 325 Council of Nicaea. This was the first of five Ecumenical councils that involved bishops from all over the Roman Empire. […]

2 April by Guest Blogger

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead – Part 2 (by Adam Blosser)


Adam Blosser is the pastor of Drakes Branch Baptist Church in Drakes Branch, VA. He blogs at ONE True Joy.  Ok, this post may not be popular.  I am a Christian.  I was supposed to love God’s Not Dead.  Well, I didn’t.  The movie was not all bad as I said in my last post.  It wasn’t […]

1 April by Guest Blogger

Divorce and Remarriage (by Paul Thompson)


Paul Thompson blogs at “The Bridge.” When did divorce and remarriage become so accepted among Christians? I’m not going to attempt to even answer that question, but more the question of how do we return to the “ancient ways” that promise rest? I get that grace is big. It’s bigger than I am likely able […]

1 April by Guest Blogger

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead – Part 1 (by Adam Blosser)


Adam Blosser is the pastor of Drakes Branch Baptist Church, in Drakes Branch, VA. He is trying to clean up the mess Dave Miller left when he pastored that church from 1987 to 1991. Adam blogs at ONE True Joy. Yesterday I went to see the movie God’s Not Dead.  I took the youth group […]

1 April by Mike Leake

Introducing the Seeds Project


When my son turned five, my wife and I went to the nearest book store and bought him his first Bible. I also wanted a good devotional that we could read together as a family to help us understand the Bible. There were a few things that were decent, but nothing that really fit what […]