Let’s Stop the Stupid! Dealing with Viral News Hoaxes

Did you hear the latest news? There are 11 missing planes in the Middle East that will likely be used in a 9/11 style terrorist attack. Tupac Shakur, thought to be dead, has been in hiding and recently resurfaced Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted by the courts (though convicted by public opinion) of killing her […]

Joy in Life Beyond Life


This past Sunday, I started a month-long sermon series from Philippians entitled “Joy.” Why preach such a series? First, when you read the list of the fruit of the Spirit joy is listed #2 out of 9, right after love (which we know encompasses the greatest command on which all others hinge). With this, we […]

In Defense of US Military Intervention

I am definitely straying outside my area of expertise here. Foreign policy is complicated today. It was always complicated, but our modern world with all the wars and rumors of wars that abound is a minefield to negotiate. I do not pretend to have an authoritative word to end debate but an opinion to open […]

At Midwestern 9/2/2014

I was blessed to speak at chapel at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Tuesday. I didn’t realize they were doing video (remember the camera adds 135 pounds!). Anyway, here is the video if anyone is interested.  

Louisiana College Back in SACS Hot Water

Another Baptist college has run afoul of the accrediting agency SACS. In a letter dated July 9. 2014, SACS has alleged non-compliance with their Principles of Accreditation in at least 6 areas and Louisiana College now bears the burden of proving why its membership in SACS should not be withdrawn. They are back on SACS […]

Weekly Round-up: SBC Finance News and Notes

Second-Coming Group Announces Rapturous Donation Plan Members of the fringe evangelical group Day That Never Comes announced a binding vote this week that earmarked “a sizable donation” to the International Mission Board.  Buck Skettleswroth – Pastor, Prophet and bighorn hunter – said that when the Savior returns after this weekend’s Boise State game, church members […]

Baptism as the Sinner’s Prayer

What must I do to be saved? When we seek to answer the question of how a person moves from being a sinner at enmity with God and in desperate need of salvation to being a saint who is a holy and beloved child of God enjoying the fruits of salvation, we know there are […]

IMB Changes Funding Protocols: Is This the Future?

The IMB’s primary sources of funding are the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) and the Cooperative Program (CP), though many churches choose to designate certain other monies for the IMB.  LMCO offerings remain robust year by year, but CP giving has dropped and with that dip, the IMB has faced some difficult reductions in staffing […]