22 August by Dave Miller

Maybe the SBC Isn’t for You?


I’ve been a regular attender of an SBC church since 9 months before I was born. It’s all I’ve known. I attended a Baptist-affiliated college, then after a brief and blessed stay at a conservative but non-denominational seminary, I graduated from SWBTS. I’m SBC born, SBC bred, and when I die I’ll be SBC dead. […]

21 August by Jared Wellman

Should I Watch the James Foley Beheading Video?


“Watch the video,” The Five’s Greg Gutfeld tells the American public, in reference to ISIS’ video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley. For Gutfeld, watching the video is a justified act because it can arouse a better understanding of the terror ISIS pledges against our country. I can’t help but wonder, however, as an American with no National Security credentials, […]

21 August by Dave Miller

Observations on the Ferguson Tragedy


I do not know precisely what happened that tragic day when Officer Darrell Wilson shot Michael Brown to death. I’ve read some reports and watched some video, and gone back and forth thinking, “This is unconscionable police brutality and murder” to “Wow, what else could the officer do?” I don’t have all the facts, just […]

20 August by Mike Leake

Celebrating a Hollow Victory In Your Child’s Sexuality


“Whew,” says the relieved dad. He’s just discovered that his twelve year old boy had pulled Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition out of the mailbox and stuffed it under his bed. You might be wondering why dad is saying, “whew”. It’s because he’s actually relieved that his little boy has a swimsuit edition under his bed […]

19 August by Dave Miller

Ice Buckets, Charity and Choices


I got challenged to pour a bucket of ice water on my head today, to help raise awareness (and funds, I guess) for ALS research. I’ve never really known anyone who had ALS, other than public figures, but I am aware of the disease – any lifelong Yankee fan knows about Lou Gehrig and the […]

18 August by Mike Leake

Would You Make This Deal?


You are in a desert wasteland. You haven’t eaten food in days. The last time  you had a drink of water was two days ago. You are parched and your stomach is screaming at you. You don’t know when your next meal or drink will be coming. In the distance you see Monty Hall and boy does […]

18 August by Guest Blogger

What Fathers and Mothers Need to Know about Ferguson (William Dwight McKissic, Sr.)


What Fathers and Mothers Need to Know About Ferguson Psalm 78:5-7 By William Dwight McKissic, Sr. On Saturday, August 9, about 2:15 p.m., a shooting took place in Ferguson, Missouri, that will forever be etched on the collective psyches of all Americans. Ferguson, Missouri, was not on the radar screen of most Americans until the […]