What online classes are really like

At the end of January I start my fifteenth class towards my M.Div at Southern Seminary. I’ve done everything from Systematic Theology, Introductions to the Old and New Testaments, Church History, Greek, and Hebrew. A few classes were considered “on campus” because, apart from the online portion, I had to travel to Louisville for a […]

Don’t Ever Stop Clapping for the LGBTQ Community

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Russian author and critic of Soviet totalitarianism.  He had great reason to be a detractor given his years of imprisonment in Soviet gulags and forced work camps after being charged with writing anti-Soviet propaganda during Stalin’s reign.  Later in life, Solzhenitsyn captured what it was like to live in those times in a book […]

Housekeeping (mint for your pillow?)

So, as he noted, while Dave is avoiding lions across the ocean, he asked if I could assume moderator duties for the time being here. For some reason, I said yes. I will not be donning any green suits in his absence, but I want to provide a couple of housekeeping notes. Most stuff around […]

You can go to seminary—online!


Because I work in an office, I usually don’t have much trouble writing the correct date after New Year’s Day. Yesterday, January 6, marked the first time I wrote 2014 and then quickly changed the 4 into a 5. Even still, it’s strange to refer to December as “last year.” But last year on December […]

Wake Up, O Sleeper!

Second only to baptisms in frequency and hilarity, funny church stories often concern people who fell asleep in church. A man I knew from little Bethabara Baptist Church of my childhood went to church one winter morning. More than the real estate market, wintertime seating in that church building was all about location, location, and […]

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up: SBC Voices Isn’t Dead

I hear a lot about the death of blogging. I think it’s wishful thinking. Sometimes I would echo that wish. But I haven’t abandoned my post. I’ve neglected the site for the last month or so, and the next two weeks are going to be even worse. I’m leaving tomorrow evening after prayer service for […]

Missing the Outrage of the Day

Can you remember all of the things you were ticked off about last February? Other than the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, I can’t either. But I bet you were outraged about something. The folks at Slate, which by the way is a quite outrageous site, spent 2014 compiling all the instances of outrage. There […]