My Word of Advice

It’s graduation season,  and all over the country,  people are getting ready to attend graduation parties,  ceremonies and activities. Kindergarteners with their construction paper mortar boards,  High School Seniors getting class rings and tassels,  College grads getting ready for the next chapter.   It seems like yesterday I was graduating from Seminary,  where does the […]

The real question about the future of SBC missions

World Missions Background

This past week, the IMB trustees adopted revised policies for personnel and shared their intent to empower “limitless teams of missionaries to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached people.” Part of the impact of the move was that it reversed previous policies including those enacted a decade ago that controversially narrowed the doctrinal parameters […]

IMB Policies: Breathe, Folks – This Is NOT a Cataclysm!

In another shining example of the sad state of modern Christian news reporting, “Religion News Service” issued a report that would lead one to believe that the next President of the SBC might well Benny Hinn and that David Platt will be seeking missions advice from the Kansas City Prophets as he leads the IMB. […]

More Than One ‘R’

PBS’s NOVA has a fascinating recent episode entitled The Great Math Mystery. The “mystery” explored in the episode is the question of whether mathematics are ontologically real or are merely a way that we classify and think about the universe. In simpler words, where is math? Is it something in your head, or is it […]

How Joel Osteen Makes Me Worry Less about the IMB Policies

Joel Osteen will be thrilled, I’m sure, to know that he’s made someone a little bit happier today (since I’ve never heard him say anything that scratched much deeper than wanting people to be a little bit happier today). You see, Joel Osteen doesn’t speak in tongues. OK, so I don’t know what he does […]