Anyone fact-check your sermons, pastor?

Chances are, someone will, perhaps in real time. You likely have bored listeners sitting in the pew who can quickly google “pastor jailed in Vermont for refusing to perform gay wedding”. Didn’t happen. Snopes it, bro. As a fallback position, you can say that you meant to say that a preacher was arrested and locked […]

Pastors have a tough job in our ministry system

If someone sat down and designed a ministry system for senior pastors and other church staff it’s hard to visualize the design of a tougher system than we already have in the Southern Baptist Convention. There is no entry level of education; therefore, many pastors who have plenty of both compete with others who have […]

Pastor protection act proposed for Georgia

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston has announced his intent to file legislation for a “pastor protection act” later this year when the legislature is in session. The pastor protection act will: a) provide security for pastors against forced termination b) legislate civil protections for pastors against obstreperous deacons c) cause the state to pay for […]

Bart Barber’s stalwart defense of religious liberty

For most of us religious liberty in America is an abstract matter that allows us to declaim profusely and vigorously in matters that never touch us personally. We can talk and blog about it without leaving our comfortable pastorates. We can preach about it from our secure pulpits without risking anything save boring our congregation […]