Reflections on Martyrdom (by Nick Horton)

This post originally appeared at “Borrowed Light,” Mike Leake’s blog.  On Sunday the 15th, the frigid wind blew outside my home as windchills dropped to 35 below. Arctic air had pushed out of the North bringing snow squalls and treacherous travel the night before and church services had been canceled. Though winter’s fury raged outside, […]

The God Question: Definitions and Sharing the Burden of Proof (by Mike Keas)

This post was originally published on “The Christian Post” on September 7, 2013. Mike Keas, Ph.D, is Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute (, Professor of History & Philosophy of Science (College at Southwestern, & teaches at Biola ( In a comment on my last blog Hraefn refers to this statement from me: “God, if he exists, […]

The Politically Incorrect Truth ISIS Teaches Us About Islam

In a recent contribution in The Atlantic, Graeme Wood published a piece entitled, “What ISIS Really Wants.” It’s an enriching read, offering a crystalline examination of ISIS. Personally, it wasn’t until I read this particular piece that I truly understood the difference between ISIS and other Islamic terroristic organizations, like Al-Qaeda or Hamas. Before today I lumped such groups into the same radicalistic category, […]

That’s What Gospel Do

You might not catch that title….but I’m banking on the fact that since it has the word “gospel” in it, and that’s a buzzword, you’ve clicked here anyways. Allow me to explain the title before I show you something in Scripture that I’m confident will prod your heart to worship. A couple of years ago […]

Confessions of a Discouraged Pastor (Anonymous)

(We generally don’t publish anonymous articles, but this one seemed a reasonable exception) There are two things I dread every Sunday. First, I dread reading the tweets and Facebook posts of my pastor friends who are “stoked” and “pumped” as they anticipate gathering with the greatest people God ever saved to worship in the greatest […]

Same-Sex Secession?

I do not favor secession and civil war over the issue of same-sex marriage. If that makes me a left-wing, progressive, liberal, pinko, Commie sell-out in your eyes, then so be it. Since I do not favor secession and civil war over the issue of same-sex marriage, once the Supreme Court of the United States […]