US Senator: Wealthy musicians, athletes, clergy exploit tax loopholes to drive up rates for rest of us (William Thornton)

The SBC Plodder is back! What do Kanye West, Lady Gaga,  Hollywood superstars, and mega-paid athletes have in common with clergy? They are all targets of retiring Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s report on special tax breaks. There is a group of several hundred such breaks set to be extended by congress. While the housing allowance […]

Brewton-Parker College Reaffirmed by SACS

Word is that Brewton-Parker College has been reaffirmed by SACS. They are no longer on probation.  The Brewton-Parker website likely has more details than I have now. This is wonderful news for the staff, students and supporters of Brewton-Parker. I congratulate my friend CB Scott. Hopefully this good news will sustain him when Ohio State […]

Spurgeon, Hillsong, and “Conversations”

We do not deliberate, for we have decided. To be for ever holding the truth of God, as though it might yet turn out to be a lie, were to lose all the comfort of it. –Charles Spurgeon Shortly after reading that quote from Spurgeon I read this sad news of Hillsong Church: At a […]

The NCAA Playoff Teams HAVE TO Be….

The Evil and Despised Alabama Crimson Crud They are arrogant, obsessed and they have a payroll higher than most NFL teams, but Bama is in. This is a fallen world and evil sometimes wins. Alabama won enough to earn a spot. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many they win as long as they lose ONE […]

Throw Open The Doors

She excitedly held the pregnancy test out to her husband. “What does that mean? What am I looking at?” “I’m pregnant!” “What?!?! Awesome. Oh my gosh! Let’s tell our parents and…” “No. I want to wait until, you know, later on. Just in case…” she trailed off. He knew what she meant but did not […]


It happens every year. Before the leaves can change from green to orange–and before those leaves descend to the ground–businesses start promoting their Christmas ads. Or as many businesses call them, their “holiday” ads. And this undoubtedly Hulk-rages every Christian on the planet into a wreath-colored green. “How dare they remove ‘Christ’ from ‘Christmas!’” we cry. Just […]

I’m Not Black, But…

I’m not black, but I am a lot of other things. All of them influence my reaction to the death of Eric Garner: I am a Christian: That means I’m someone proclaiming the message of peace on earth and good will toward men. These events must trouble me, because they are moving us away from […]

Russell Moore, The Gospel of the Kingdom and Eric Garner (by William Dwight McKissic, Sr)

Pastor Dwight McKissic blogs at “Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr: A New Blog for a Pneuma Time.”  Our nation is ill-at-ease. The number one item purchased on Black Friday was guns. Ebola, ISIS and terrorism are threatening us from afar. Questionable and controversial Grand Jury decisions have erupted into civil unrest within. Race-relations; family life; definition […]