Overlooking the Cooperative Program (Luke Holmes)

 Luke Holmes blogs at “A Copernican Revolution”  and is pastor of First Baptist Church of Tishomingo, OK.  “Mr. President, Mr. President!” Three voices spoke almost as one. “Mr. President, do I have the floor?” The president’s gavel hammered vigorously. “The Chair recognizes Brother Stealey.” “Mr. President, we must settle this evolution issue at once,” Clarence […]

A Call to Rural Communities (Steven Schenewerk)

Steven Schenewerk is pastor of Winston’s Community Baptist Church in Winston, Oregon. He blogs at WCBCpastor’s Blog.  I have seen countless articles encouraging young adults to consider serving urban poor populations. That is wonderful. But what I haven’t seen are many articles or encouragements for young adults to consider serving rural poor. Serving in a […]

Get Used to Gay Marriage: The Supreme Court Hath Spoken

Sometimes, by refusing to speak, you can shout pretty loudly. In what seems to be to many a surprise, the Supreme Court has refused to even consider appeals by states that had bans against homosexual marriage against court rulings that declared them unconstitutional. This, in effect, makes homosexual marriage the constitutionally-approved law of the land. […]

C’mon, Man, Name Some Names! Should We Blog Generally or Specifically?

Yesterday, Jared Moore submitted a post called, “Do You Desire Revenge or Repentance?’ focusing on a phenomenon I have seen often in blogging. As Jared admitted, there is a biblical place for correction and calls to repentance, but I’ve seen that go way overboard – and often. I’ve observed “discernment bloggers” go postal on those […]

We Own the CP

Your reaction to the title might be, “OF COURSE we own the Cooperative Program. What’d you think, that we had sold it to the Methodists?” Or, perhaps, you might react by saying, “The Cooperative Program is not a THING to be owned. We own the entities. We own the assets. Nobody owns the Cooperative Program.” […]

Brewton-Parker Gains Rehearing of Accreditation

NOTE: I publish this as a newsworthy story about a Georgia Baptist College. This is not a springboard for a foodfight about the president of the college or others who work there. The focus is the accreditation of BPC and nothing else. Eyes on the ball, folks.  On June 19. 2014, the Board of Trustees […]

Embrace the Politics of the CP

The Cooperative Program is political. This one fact, more than any other, has hindered its growth. I think our distaste for the political aspects of the CP is wrongful on our part. I’m writing to convince you of that. It is undeniably true that denominational politics can become evil. This is equally true, however, for […]