The Gospel Isn’t Meant To Be Strawberry Pie

Lord I want more of You Living water rain down on me Lord I need more of You Living breath of life come fill me upWe are hungry We are hungry We are hungry for more of You We are thirsty, oh Jesus We are thirsty for more of you This was one of my […]

No One Prepared Me for the Loneliness (by Tony Jones)

This post is authored by Tony Jones. Tony is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rich Hill, MO. He blogs at When I was a music minister, it seemed I was always surrounded by people.  There was always someone there, in part, because music ministers are always part of a staff of ministers […]

Election Reflections

I didn’t get much done last night, other than watch the election returns. Yesterday, before I left the office, I wrote out a worksheet of the 14 races which polls said were in dispute in the battle for control of the Senate. I tracked them, watched the numbers and finally called it a night around […]

Should Christians Give Mark Driscoll the Middle Finger?

Some years ago I watched a nature series entitled Life that depicted the life of, well, life. One of the episodes included never-before-captured footage of a pack of Komodo dragons hunting a water buffalo. The event was unique because no one thought that a reptile would pursue a mammal, but the food situation was so dire that the Komodo […]

A Lego Church


I love Lego bricks. They are, without question (in my opinion), the best toy ever invented. Give a kid thousands of tiny little bricks and the freedom of imagination, and he or she will spend hours creating and configuring and combining with other toys… I’ve also always been a fan of space dramas, particularly Star […]

Why I Don’t Endorse Candidates from the Pulpit

There is a movement out there calling on pastors to endorse candidates for political office from the pulpit. I sympathize with the aims of this group. They are trying to make a statement to the government and to the IRS that the pulpit should remain free from government intrusion. The IRS, after getting spanked a […]

Being Gospel-Centered Is A Bloody Mess

I still remember my white-knuckled pew grabbing. When I really wanted to go forward at service and give my life to Christ. Maybe it was a rededication—maybe it was coming to Christ for the first time. I don’t know, but I know that at that time the gospel seemed so beautiful. But I was counting […]