Attrition Rates in the IMB

As with any large organization, IMB keeps a careful eye on employee turnover.  After all, hiring new workers costs money due to the selection process, training, and initial deployment.  Keeping experienced workers provides continuity and a pool of skillful knowledge.  Loss rates can demonstrate organizational health, morale, financial concerns, and employee population changes. IMB divides […]

What I Wish I Knew When I Went to College

All across America, freshmen are heading to college campuses and class for the first time.  They be getting their matriculation on!  They are bright-eyed, nervous, and excited about all they’re going to experience and learn during the years ahead.  That’s how I was back in 1998.  I was so eager for someone to fill my head […]

The Song of Broken Bones

It was only supposed to take a moment. I would walk across the street—change my shoes—and then get back to being Michaelangelo the ninja turtle. Just as I was putting on my left shoe, I heard the most terrible scream of pain coming from across the street. My compadre, Raphael the ninja turtle, had fallen […]

When to Go to the Mattresses in Blogging

Jus ad bellum is the Latin phrase used to describe that aspect of just-war theory dealing with how to know when your beef with someone is significant enough to justify going to war. With this post I hope to consider how to know when you are justified to sally forth to blogging warfare (or, to […]

Things We Shouldn’t Tolerate in the Church, and a Few We Should

What defines a church?  What is a church and what isn’t a church?  We have had this discussion a lot when it comes to church growth and church planting.  There are definitely some some distinctives that exist, or at least should in the church.  Things we welcome, things we tolerate and some things we shouldn’t. […]

Maybe the SBC Isn’t for You?

I’ve been a regular attender of an SBC church since 9 months before I was born. It’s all I’ve known. I attended a Baptist-affiliated college, then after a brief and blessed stay at a conservative but non-denominational seminary, I graduated from SWBTS. I’m SBC born, SBC bred, and when I die I’ll be SBC dead. […]

Should I Watch the James Foley Beheading Video?

“Watch the video,” The Five’s Greg Gutfeld tells the American public, in reference to ISIS’ video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley. For Gutfeld, watching the video is a justified act because it can arouse a better understanding of the terror ISIS pledges against our country. I can’t help but wonder, however, as an American with no National Security credentials, […]