4 July by Dave Miller

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


Here’s another speech worth listening to.

4 July by Dave Miller

The Bill of Rights


When we speak of our constitutional rights, it is often the Bill of Rights to which we refer. Have men ever devised a better set of governing guidelines (let’s leave out the OT theocracy for now!).

4 July by Dave Miller

The Preamble to the Constitution

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Today is “Great American Documents and Speeches Day”

4 July by Dave Miller

The Declaration of Independence


Ever read it all the way through?

3 July by John Roland

My TOP 10 tips of advice to Pastors on Social Media marketing


My name is John Roland and this is my first blog article on SBC Voices.   I am a bi-vocational pastor and I am 40 years old.  I have my MDiv with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2001).  Married with 3 kids and live in Newnan, GA (25 miles south of ATL Airport).  I […]

3 July by Jared Wellman

Save the Cheetahs, but Slay the Children


I’ll never forget an experience I once had in one of my pastorates in East Texas, an experience that highlights the illogical atrocity that is liberal thinking. In attempts to raise money for a Christian School associated with the church, one of our members raffled off a cow for butchering. After the raffle was over he took […]

3 July by Ben Simpson

It’s a Team Harvest


As laborers for Jesus, we are all working to reap a harvest through the gospel.  We plant, we water, and we harvest.  However, we don’t always get to do all three things with the same person.  Sometimes we’re the one who plants the gospel in a person’s life.  At other times we’re the one who […]