16 July by Guest Blogger

Will one in four SBC churches be closed by 2030? (from William Thornton)


William Thornton is the SBC Plodder. Occasionally, I run across an assertion or a statistic that stops me cold. Here is one that did just that: “Fear of change is one of the reasons one in four congregations will close during the next 15 years…” Let me digest this: Twenty-five percent of American congregations will […]

15 July by Ben Simpson

Gearing Up for Growth


Are you gearing up for growth?  Brothers and sisters, we are heading into the fall of the year, which is a prime time for church growth.  I’m so excited to see what God is going to do! Perhaps you’ve not thought about it in this way, but there are at least five different types of […]

14 July by Todd Benkert

Will you hear his story? A Baptist pastor reviews a gay author


A year ago, I had a brief email correspondence with author Scott Terry about evangelicals and homosexuality. The following is a review and response to his book, Cowboys Armageddon, and the Truth: How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion Note: Parts of this post are rewritten, with permission, from my personal correspondence with the […]

14 July by Mike Leake

What Did Jesus Mean When He Told Us Not to Judge?


It’s Friday night. It’s Fall. It’s Football season. You load your family up in the minivan to support the local high-school football team. You scan the bleachers for a space large enough to contain your squirrely children. Up a few rows in the bleachers you find a spot and unpack the house and set up […]

13 July by John Roland

My top 10 tips of advice to a church walking through a scandal


Sadly, it appears church after church are having to respond to immoral actions of pastors falling from grace. It deeply grieves me and causes me to really hurt for those churches. Young Christians and seekers become disillusioned and it can become a major crisis of faith for many within the church. Doubt and gossip can […]

12 July by Dave Miller

No, We Have NOT Shut Down


This is the fewest posts we’ve had at SBC Voices in a week since I took over this site about a hundred years ago. I apologize for the lack of diligence. I have been both lazy and busy. I guess I’m going through my normal post-SBC burnout phase. It tends to happen. Evidently, my crack […]

9 July by Dan Barnes

Simple Things Work


If you have read my posts, you know I am a Sunday school guy.  Specifically, I am a fan of Lifeway Sunday school. I believe it works, and I think churches will grow if they use it correctly. Read David Francis’ books on Sunday school. Download then free at Lifeway’s website. There are simple things […]