Bart Barber’s stalwart defense of religious liberty

For most of us religious liberty in America is an abstract matter that allows us to declaim profusely and vigorously in matters that never touch us personally. We can talk and blog about it without leaving our comfortable pastorates. We can preach about it from our secure pulpits without risking anything save boring our congregation […]

Lottie Moon: SBC’s most heroic figure

Because of the offering in her name, Charlotte Digges Moon, Lottie Moon to all of us, is the SBC’s most heroic figure, a completely subjective opinion.      Regina Sullivan wrote the latest biography of LM (cover image is shown above). A previous biography, 1980, was written by Catherine Allen. I bought the former and was […]

Christians and the Law: A Friendly Response to Tim Keller’s “Making Sense of Scripture’s ‘Inconsistency’”

With the recent marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, I’ve seen several people on Facebook link to this 2012 Gospel Coalition article by Tim Keller: Making Sense of Scripture’s “Inconsistency”. Keller sought to give a brief explanation as to why Christians still seem to hold to Old Testament teaching that condemn homosexuality yet “ignore lots […]

A Baptist’s Bookshelf: Lottie Moon


Lottie Moon is the most famous Southern Baptist missionary of all time. Shortly after her death, an annual Christmas offering bearing her name was established to help fund mission work around the world. Despite her fame, very little substantive material is available about her life. Christian Focus Publications just released a title that helps fill […]

22 Practical Ways To Help Your Toddlers Profit From Corporate Worship

One of the great neglects currently and for the past few decades in the Baptists and Evangelical tradition has been how we think about and minister to children and teenagers. Because Baptists and Evangelicals believe in the necessity of regeneration for one’s salvation and thus for full membership in the local church, many current Baptists […]

A Baptist’s Bookshelf: Song of Solomon


A Baptist minister’s bookshelf is sacred. It bears the weight of centuries of thought from people of all different backgrounds and faith traditions. A Baptist minister often relies on the recommendations of others when deciding what books to add to his library. That’s why I do periodic book reviews of new titles I’ve added to my […]