Did Saul Kill Himself or Was It an Amalekite?

“Your Bible is full of contradictions…” As a good Bible-believing Christian you hear such a statement and balk. And then in the quiet of your bedroom you stumble upon a few of these “contradictions”. As a bit of shame fills your heart, you begin to wonder if maybe those who deny the Bible might have […]

Should a Pastor Look at Giving Records?

Sometimes I realize how insulated my life has been. I was born into the home of a Southern Baptist preacher and missionary. My grandpa (maternal – Dr. Eugene Pratt) was an SBC pastor, professor at SWBTS, and head of evangelism for the Missouri convention until his death in 1965. I’ve been attending Southern Baptist churches […]

A little more light for the Cooperative Program

  The Cooperative Program is now in its tenth decade of existence. For many Southern Baptists, their memory of it does not include any time when it was a thriving, increasing measure of Southern Baptist denominational health. The general narrative concerning it has been negative in that churches, relentlessly and depressingly, have dropped their CP percentages, […]

As the Pendulum Swings: Let the Deacons Do It

History has always been a series of pendulum swings, but the individual doesn’t have to get caught in that. –Robert Johnson A pendulum, if you remember, is a weight that gets displaced on one side. Due to the force of gravity the weight will swing from one side to the other—losing a bit of force […]

The Manifest Presence of God

The manifest presence of God. I’ve heard this phrase used quite a bit these past few years. Studying church revitalization, I’ve been told that one of the reasons why churches lack growth and vitality is that people just don’t feel the manifest presence of God. And so we need to seek more to bring people […]

Samaritans, Jews, and Gentiles: A Largely Irrelevant Discussion

I’m going to be straight with you: nothing of eternal import follows. I get these odd spirituality-related thoughts that will never improve lives.  My first wife* has little patience with my non-salient rumination, preferring to stick with matters that help us know God more intimately and – in her mind – relevantly. *First out of […]

Southern Baptist Fanboys (Melissa Edgington)

It’s always good to hear from the distaff side (if that hasn’t become a hopelessly sexist term how – if it has a) I’m sorry and b) I’m old!). I received this a few days ago from Melissa Edgington, a pastor’s wife and blogger. Thought you might enjoy it. Melissa blogs at “Your Mom Has […]