Presentation of Motions

The introduction of motions is often a silly season during the SBC. There are a few good motions every year, a few nit-picky type motions, one or two personal crusades, and some downright silly ones.

1) No presentation of motions session would be complete without a Wiley Drake sighting. Wiley moved that the New SBC president be instructed to study and report on the subject of Imprecatory prayers.

That motion almost died for lack of a second. It will die soon.

2) I was walking to my seat when Todd Littleton made his motion concerning Richard Land. The gist, as I got it, was to affirm our disdain for Land’s remarks and to affirm the trustees reprimand.

3) There was an obligatory motion chastising LifeWay for selling the NIV.

4) Brad Atkins moved that the seminaries consider lessening their budgets slightly to increase the International Mission Board funding formula. I’d vote for it, but it ain’t gonna happen.

5) R. Richard Tribble offered a series of motions.

He moved (I think) to prevent people from using the platform mic. Not sure why.

He moved that nominating speeches be required to include Cooperative Program percentage on the speech. Not a bad idea, but likely not to be acted on.

He moved that we act to see that the convention not conflict with Fathers Day.

He also moved to establish a set of guidelines and a training program for SBC trustees.

6) Daniel Palmer moved that we change the convention from annual to biennial.

7) Gary Griffith (or Griffis?) moved that we relocate the 2015 SBC to Memphis where the Cooperative program was adopted.

I was walking in and missed a few. These are the ones I got.

Three fates await these motions.

1) They are ruled out of order. Many of these will be. Often, motions are ruled out of order if they are really resolutions.

2) They are referred to agencies. This is the bulk of them. The entity
‘s Boards of Trustees will act on them and report back in Houston (99.99% no).

3) Once in a while we vote on them. Of the ones I heard, I doubt Amy will be scheduled for vote.

Of course, there can be appeals and certainly will be.


  1. Dale Pugh says

    You’re joking about the Wiley Drake thing, right???!!! Please tell me you’re joking…

  2. Bart Barber says

    Our big problem in the SBC is that we never stop to make Amy think or let her see one thing for herself. We need to have a vote about that.

    • cb scott says


      Thus far after the 2012 SBC, I have defended Eric Hankins, Brad Whitt, Dave Miller, and Bob Cleveland. So I reckon I will have to take up Amy’s cause also.

      You guys quit pickin’ on Amy. She has as much right to her opinions as do any of you. I have known Amy for over 35 years and I know she is not a Semi-Pelagian, Arminian, Traditionalist, Calvinist, or any other kind of heretic. Amy is orthodox in her Amyness and has been immersed in water constantly all of her life, regularly partaken of bread and juice and even had her feet washed. She is orthodox. Leave her alone.

  3. says

    I thought the motion on not allowing someone to speak from the platform for or against motions or nominations actually made sense.

    I remember being at the GBC one year and it was obvious who the “official” candidate was by where the person was nominated from, what the “official” position was. And I’ve seen firsthand at the SBC how difficult it is to speak from the floor against the platform.

    Of course, that will never change. Unless Amy can fix it.

  4. says

    One more necessary motion, on behalf of those of us following primarily from the internet:

    Please, check twitter before you retweet the catchphrase from that sermon. Honestly, our esteemed President was quite right that “you cannot reach the iPod generation with 8-track ministry.”

    But I’m certain that:

    1) He said more than that, and those parts which weren’t good were excellent.

    2) I have seen that repeated so many times that it has turned cliche already and I will be throwing away all advertising copy from Lifeway or otherwise that features a phrase that was used and then worn out in the span of 6 hours.

  5. TRB says

    I’m not certain the tweet referencing Jim Crow was worth all the retweets. It seemed to overstate the significance of the election, a bit too much patting ourselves on the back. I noted at least one retweet from an African-American that didn’t seem to appreciate the statement.

  6. Rick Patrick says

    I think Amy should be allowed to speak from the platform after all she’s been through.

  7. bill says

    I heard that Amy was affiliated with Acts 29 and that the entire convocation of Missouri Baptists were walking around New Orleans with torches and pitchforks.

  8. Joe says

    What did you guys think about the motion to disclose executive salaries? And was President Wright out of order when he refused to let a messenger speak Wednesday morning and closed the business session with 5 minutes remaining although the messenger speaking about the motion had asked for permission to speak? It was dealing with the motion about disclosure of executive salaries. Coincidence? Just getting your thoughts, as it appeared that this motion was receiving some support by the floor through applause, etc.