SBC 2009: Tops Out Clicked Stories From Tuesday

Social media is making the SBC annual meeting more transparent and real time than ever before. The tweets have been amazing for real time information, but the blogs are still where you can get the full story. So, let me share some of the most out clicked stories we’ve featured on SBC Voices so far.

Many of the best posts are just now floating across the RSS feeds, so keep watching the aggregators on our homepage.

Tuesday 23 June 2009 (SBC Day #1)

  1. Conflicts of Interests in the SBC and the Great Commission Resurgence Declaration (and Conflict) from Wade Burleson
  2. WELL, SHUT MY MOUTH from SelahV
  3. Rumbling in the SBC: 2009 Convention Dispatches from Owen Strachen
  4. A Short Synopsis of Monday With a Preview of Tuesday at the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention from Wade Burleson
  5. Thoughts on the SBC 2009 from Alvin Reid
  6. God Intended It For Good from Bart Barber
  7. New SBC Data from Ed Stetzer
  8. Reflections on the SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville (Day 1) from Justin Nale
  9. My Thoughts on Today’s Southern Baptist Convention Meeting 6:23:09 from Michael Spencer
  10. The Day That Everything Changed In The SBC from Alan Cross