SBC Voices Breakout

I see something of a breakout coming for this site over the next 40 days. So, I wanted to give a brief update for everyone who is tracking us by RSS feed.

  • We’re now following 352+ blog feeds and news sources from Southern Baptists.
  • These are all searchable (or should be) in the right sidebar. It’s a custom search engine from Google that allows me to pick which websites to include. I’ve added several non-blogs to the index also, so it is becoming a very good tool for SBC search.
  • Site traffic has tripled in the 9 weeks. I think its related to the convention, but also some word-of-mouth. Not to mention the flood of new readers after the Blog Madness.

My original plan was to start blog frequently about the SBC. To this point, that hasn’t happened. Mainly because of time constraints, partially because I’m a little slow to put my foot in my mouth.

There are several other blogs doing a great job, as you will know if you follow my Baptist Buzz feature. But at some point I will begin to write, or find people to write for this website. Scanning the feeds is my training for now.

Thanks again for all your links and support of SBC Voices. Please send any new blogs (or corrections) to


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    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m just hoping the traffic isn’t all pre-convention SBC buzz.

    The fun thing about this project has been bringing all the blogging people together. I think seeing people blogging in your own states makes the whole connecting thing a little more manageable.

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    You are doing a great job, and it’s interesting how the “Rank and File” SBC bloggers are making a difference getting information out there and starting to participate at a level never seen before.

    BTW, I had to laugh when I read this comment in the entry:

    Iā€™m a little slow to put my foot in my mouth.

    There are several other blogs doing a great job…

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    Yes, you are doing a great job! My real prayer for all those who blog that are connected to the SBC will consider the following:

    At the beginning of the day, middle, nor at the end – the SBC herself does not save anyone. We must be about our Father’s Business and not get so tangled up with all the denomination stuff.

    No one on their death bed says, “If only I had been a part of the SBC.”

    Thanks again Tony! And yes, you were just prayed for.

    Camey’s last blog post..The Carters. More Than A Lawn.