SBC Voices Contributors: Fire at Will!

I have been in Boston and New York this week. Hung out with my granddaughter. Caught a Yankee game (2-1 victory over Oakland) and saw the Lion King on Broadway. Saturday morning we are leaving NYC and heading to Baltimore. I never know what kind of internet access I will have.

So, if you have a post, put it up. If someone else just put one up, wait at least 4 hours.

I would suggest that you not put up more general interest posts at this point. We might hold off on those until the convention ends. Once the convention starts I will be tweets and posting regularly and any other SBC Voices contributor who is at the convention is welcome to do the same. Those posts might come hot and heavy without much gap in between.

I will be tweeting, using both the @sbcvoices handle and my personal twitter account @davemiller7.

We will try to be your source for “fair and balanced” (I’ve been called foxy) convention news and perspective. Sounds almost official, doesn’t it?