A New Website for SBC Ministry Placement

There is an interesting new website called (twitter – @sbcjobsnet; Facebook – here) to help churches and pastors find each other. I’ve wandered through the site to get a feel for it. It is well constructed, easy to navigate and very useful. If you are part of a church that has a job opening, I would encourage you to use the site. If you are in search of a ministry position, I would also recommend the site.

Here is a press release from Launches as New Premium Job Board for SBC Ministers, Churches, and Entities

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — We are excited to announce the debut of, a new, premier online job board for SBC ministers, churches, and entities. While is not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the purpose of the site is to support SBC churches and ministers by providing a premier online destination for ministry candidates and churches to connect for the glory of God and the growth of His church.

This is accomplished through allowing unlimited space for churches to post job descriptions for open ministry positions. Churches with open positions may also browse the online resume directory for potential ministerial candidates.

For individuals seeking jobs, provides two avenues to apply for jobs. The first is to seek out a specific job and follow the application instructions contained in the job posting. The second is by creating a profile with your resume and information for churches and entities posting jobs to search. Both services are free to job seekers, and encourages ministers to use both methods. To be notified of the latest postings, applicants can connect online through both Facebook and Twitter.

For churches and entities, also provides two avenues to find capable candidates for their job openings. The first is to post a specific job and allow applicants to contact them with their interest. The second is by searching the resume database at and connecting with qualified applicants. By posting jobs, both churches and entities gain access to both methods.

At the site launch, contained more than 170 open jobs for Southern Baptist entities, churches, and state and local associations with several more being added daily.

They are careful to make it clear that they are not an entity of the SBC or in any way officially linked to the SBC. But they are a job board for churches, institutions and entities to use. Frankly, if this catches on, it could be very useful within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Check it out.


  1. William Thornton says

    Interesting. I recall at least two similar efforts a decade and more ago. Evidently they failed.

    It used to be fairly standard that one did not ‘apply’ for a pastorate. Here, you submit your resume to the church, a la Monster.

    Hmmm, no search feature for churches offering a salary over $100,000. Count me out.

  2. says


    Let me see if I got this straight. You, and elected officer of the SBC, promotes a job board that appears to be for profit and uses the same type of url as the official site a “.net” But you are quick to point out that the site is not a official part of the SBC. It seems confusing, at best, that you are promoting this site that is for profit but one can get the same service from the official SBC site for free. What am I missing?

      • says


        You want to make something out of me logging onto a site that I thought was connected to the SBC? WOW!!! REALLY?

        All I did was point out the clear conflict of interest for you promoting it on SBC Voices when you are an officer of the convention. Also, it is clearly a conflict of interest for Marty Duren, Micah Fries, and Ed Stetzer, promoting it through their SBC entity connected Twitter sites. Thus, if you want to make something out of me “using” the site, go right ahead. It speaks volumes of your inside knowledge of the site. Are you also connected in setting it up along with others employed by an SBC entity? The jobs board at is free and you have said nothing about that site. But you, an officer of the convention, are promoting a site for charge against the very site that is free? It reveals either you have financial interest or a theological interest in the SBC Jobs site.

        • Dave Miller says

          Tim, if you wish to fight, feel free. I’m not interested in sparring with you. You have the ring to yourself.

        • William Thornton says

          How do you know who is behind the new jobs site? You name Stetzer, Duren, and Fries. Are they involved in the enterprise?

          The SBC XC doesn’t have a trademark on SBC (check SBCVoices, SBCToday, SBCPlodder et al for unlicensed useage) and clearly states, up front, that they are not SBC affiliated or connected. I see no issue with that. If you didn’t know it was not officially SBC, a sharp guy like you would have surely seen the disclaimer on the welcome page

          The XC site only takes listings for job openings not resumes. The new place does both. I don’t think any official SBC placement service has wide coverage and useage and there is room for a competitor. It if free for job searchers and charges modest fees for job postings. I don’t see the problem.

          This effort may succeed or fail but I see no issue with entity employees or officers pointing out that it is availailable for use by SBC churches and ministers.

          Perhaps you could state why you are reacting negatively to this. I’m not seeing much of a problem.

        • says

          For accuracy’s sake, none of the people Tim mentioned have anything to do with this site. This is an independently created site. A friend who is involved asked if I could publicized it on the blog. I did. There is no deep, dark conspiracy here.

          • cb scott says

            Tim Rogers,

            You know and I know that for years, convention employees and convention officers have publicized various events, conferences, meetings, and for profit enterprises of all types and persuasions.

            Why are you making this an issue? Is it really because Dave Miller is an officer of the SBC?

            If that is the case, then let me give you a heads-up. I am an employee of the GBC by way of BPC. However, I intend to ask Dave Miller to let me put up a post advertising the Jerry Vines Conference in March. The conference cost money. Those who want to go will have to pay the cost. It is not free. But, as an employee of a GBC entity, I am going to encourage people to go. I think a lot of SBC folks need to go and listen and learn. Some of them frequent this blog.

            I think you are working the same conference. I give you fair warning. I intend to get a step-ladder and hit you in the head with a BPC coffee mug.

            I want you and Miller to lay down your swords and shields and study war no more. If not, I intend to bring about 900 lbs. of lime (you are both rather large guys) and a backhoe to Houston. There are a lot of secluded places outside the city and the digging is easy. I think you can figure out the rest.

          • cb scott says

            It is just business, Dave. Don’t take it personal. Besides, lime is going for a fair price these days. I’ve got plenty and I don’t mind the extra work. Business has been a little slow since the end of the CR . . . but I do think it is going to get better in the spring. The job with you and Tim will be great advertising.

            Oh yeah, I almost forgot the disclaimer:
            Allow me to make it clear my preacher removal business is not an entity of the SBC or in any way officially linked to the SBC. But it has been very helpful for churches, institutions and entities of the SBC and many, many other denominations. Frankly, as it has caught on, it has been very useful within the Southern Baptist Convention.

          • Rick Patrick says


            Joshua Breland.

            While I don’t see a conspiracy here, I am already familiar with no-cost ministry opening listings such as these:


            The only advantage I can see to Joshua’s site is the provision of a bit more information about the church and the candidate all formatted and collected in one place.

            While this seems to me to be a duplication of the state convention minister-church relations departments, as well as the seminary placement offices, I nonetheless wish Joshua well in the new initiative he exercised of his own free will.

          • cb scott says

            Rick, Dave, Tim, William, and all,

            I think that in today’s culture the more information provided about a perspective candidate on the behalf of the church and a perspective church on the behalf of the candidate, the better are the possibilities for both.

            Therefore, speaking as a Christian who is also a devote Capitalist, I say, if Josh, Beth and the entire team who has this site in operation, are above board in their integrity and business practices, more power to them and may they help churches and vocational ministers of all stripes find good fits and may they make millions in the process.

            Josh, Beth, and team, if you do begin to make a profit, send some of it to Brewton-Parker College. We will put it to good use helping properly educate possible clients for your business.

          • Dave Miller says

            I’m sorry that this comment stream went in the direction it has gone. I almost deleted the first comment that raised the innuendo and suspicion and wish now that I had.

            Anyway, best wishes to you folks on your endeavor. I think its a good site.

          • Rick Patrick says

            Nice graphics, Joshua, and best wishes to Beth on her new endeavor. Sorry for my part in the confusion concerning the owner and principal leader of this organization.

          • Debbie Kaufman says

            I remember when SBC voices was just beginning. Tony Kummer had a small site with very few blogs listed. I was among the first ones. People were suspicious at first too. Now look at what has long become SBC Voices which exposes some how many blogs that might not have been noticed otherwise?

  3. William Thornton says

    Find me someone who thinks the present job services, those free ones offered by seminaries, state conventions, associations, back slappers, etc, are easy to navigate, efficient, fair, and altogether helpful.

    Fact is, the way SBC ministers are called, hired, fired, moved is a sprawling, unorganized mess.

    The formal mechanisms – chiefly state convention minister relations offices, and seminary placement departments are not terribly helpful overall. The more informal placement through DOMs and other pastors is mixed.

    A simple mechanism like the service above, if used, may prove helpful and I cannot see how it can make things worse.

      • William Thornton says

        See above. If no one has heard of it, it isn’t worth much. How many people do you know who have been placed through it?

        • says


          I have been placed using it. It really isn’t hard. You go to it and end your resume. If, like some pastors, one desires to move to a neighboring regional church then the site will be no good.

          • William Thornton says

            Glad you found it useful. I would speculate that most ministers stay within a regional market and thus do not find it useful. I am fairly well informed and was not aware of it, but then, I haven’t been in the market for a new church in 15+ years.

          • says


            When I was winding down seminary, I used the SBC Jobs site to look for listings. Was annoyed at how little it offered in the way of drilling through results. I also sent in my resume to various state conventions, never heard from a single church through those so I’m not really sure that they actually provide any value for the search process. What other options are available, other than mailing churches directly?

            This at least provides an additional way to dig through listings, one that gives better searching and organization than the SBC site.

      • Dale Pugh says

        Easy to navigate? Yes. Helpful. Not really. Take a look at it with a critical eye. It just isn’t very well maintained.
        This new sight is more user friendly and has better, up-to-date info than the one on, in my opinion.

          • Dale Pugh says

            I understand that, Tim, but navigation is pointless if the information provided isn’t useful. The fact is that the whole “how pastors move from church-to-church” issue is a mess. You and I both know it is, for the most part, based on networking, and the “well-placed” guy is going to move on up.
            It’s already based on capitalist venture. I have no statistics to prove my point, but, anecdotally, I’ve known very few guys who went to a smaller church with less salary based on “God’s call.” His “call” is usually tied to a bigger church and better pay. (Just for the record, yes, I have moved from one ministry to a smaller ministry with less pay. I’m in one right now.)

          • says

            Dale, I’ve known a few, but typically we were in spots approaching a “Gee, pastor, we’d like you to have these lovely parting gifts….”

            And it does work more through person-to-person connections, and that is both good and bad. Bad, especially, if the politics are overdone, because many of you honest guys won’t play the politics because you’re focused on this whole ministry-Bible-Jesus thing. Which is good and what ought to be commended but too often isn’t–and the guy who plays the politics gets the bigger platform, and bigger, and bigger….

            Anyway–there’s a problem, but I think the coming years will solve it for us all. Soon enough, I don’t expect many churches will be able to staff like they have been due to legal and tax issues. And that may not be bad at all. It might put some of us back in contact with the lost and dying world and force a few more of the priesthood of believers to really priest up. More community within and more connection without. But that’s another post.

          • Dale Pugh says

            Hmmmmm……..Maybe you could flesh that out a little, Doug. I’d like to hear your perspective on it. Legal and tax issues? I hadn’t considered that.

  4. Beth Atkins says

    Hey guys. Never expected this to cause such a stir.

    It’s not a secret who owns the site. It’s clearly in the domain WhoIs info. I also made clear in the “about” section that it wasn’t affiliated. Sorry for any confusion. We’ve put a lot of work into the site. Not bad for a housewife and a couple of friends in their spare time, right?

    The main reason for the site was to help resource churches, entities, and ministers. Dave, thanks for getting the word out. William, thanks for the kind words. Tim, sorry again for any confusion. If you ever have an opening at your church, email me ( and you can have a free featured listing.


  5. William Thornton says

    The longer this goes with no disclosure about who actually operates it, the more suspicions will be raised.

    I see no problems with a new SBC oriented job site. I do see a problem with it being anonymous.

          • cb scott says

            Beth Atkins,

            Please allow me to give you some “free” advise since you are just getting started. (When you get established, my fees are rather expensive, especially if lime is involved, if you get my meaning.)

            If you intend to use Josh Breland as your frontman in the future; Try to get him off his “I want to look like a Mennonite” kick and get that “I just finished my hitch in the Army” look back.

            I promise you, SBC folks will take a far better likin’ to ‘im at your promo. booth at the SBC in Houston.

  6. Dale Pugh says

    I ain’t a part of this brouhaha, but it would appear to me that an apology would be in order from Tim who raised all this ruckus to begin with. Dude, get your facts straight before you start throwing accusation and innuendo around.

    • says


      I am not your Dude. My facts are correct. Tell my why Dave Miller promotes the site, and Ed Stetzer, who is promoting Dave Miller, Marty Duren, who got his job at Lifeway because of Ed Stetzer, and Micah Fries who also got his job at Lifeway because of Ed Stetzer all begin tweeting and writing about this grand job board?

      Not only that, but when the Executive Committee has a job board and Lifeway (an entity of the SBC) has employees tweeting about the grandness of a new job board that is a “for profit” board versus the non-profit free listing, it clearly is pointing to something that either is financially advantageous to those promoting it or it is theologically in line with what they desire. You pick your poison. Plus, we have our elected 2ndVP promoting this “for profit” site instead of the non-cost to SBC churches or pastors site that is just as easy to navigate. There seems to be a conflict of interest in the issue of promoting a job board that costs instead of promoting the job board that costs the churches or pastors nothing.

      So, dude, my facts are straight.

      • Dale Pugh says

        Sorry, Tim, didn’t mean to offend my use of the term “dude.” I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.
        There is no conflict of interest. I stand by my statement.

        • Dale Pugh says

          Oh, and there is no cost to pastors on this new site. Churches pay a minimal cost. So? If they’re willing to cough up a few bucks in order to find a staff member, why is that such a big deal? It’s their choice.

      • says

        Tim, you’re being ridiculous. Did you see C. B. Scott’s post about how he will advertise the Jerry Vines conference? I don’t have a problem with C B doing this or Dave advertising this job board, and neither should you.

        I advertised the job board on twitter because a friend asked me to. If you and I were friends, and you asked me to advertise a job board you made, I’d share it as well; I’m sure Dave would as well (If you’d quit taking unwarranted cheap shots against him and others on your blog).

      • says

        I think you might be reaching a bit on this one, Tim. If what you call a conflict is really a conflict, then a whole bunch of folks in the Baptist world are guilty.

        That said, CB, I was interested to see you are at BPC. I grew up on that campus, both parents worked there for 13 years. I visited the campus briefly this past August and hope to visit again with friends/church folks as I’m not in Texas anymore, now in Atlanta (working in the old GBC building).

          • says

            I recently finished my Phd studies (defending the dissertation in March, graduate in May) and I accepted a position with CBF. A good family friend/mentor of mine, Suzii Paynter of the BGCT Christian Life Commission in Austin, is about to start as the CBF’s Executive Coordinator, succeeding Daniel Vestal.

            So, it’s a nice time for me to return to Georgia. Although, I’m missing Baylor Bears (and Lady Bears) Basketball. Hopefully being able to see Braves games will make up for missing Baylor Baseball. I’m a 3rd generation Yankees fan trying to make my son a 4th generation fan. So, I can’t get too psyched about the Braves (Dave, Andy Pettitte’s RHP son Josh recently signed w/ Baylor)

          • cb scott says

            I’ll tell you what, Big Daddy.

            I have argued with you for near seven years on these Baptist Blogs and have grown to respect you for several reasons, one being your true grit and coolness under fire.

            However the fact that you would lead your own son to be a Yankees fan rather than become a devotee of the Atlanta Braves, especially with you now living in Atlanta, is just almost more than even my veteran heart of many sorrows can bear.

            Turn from this vile intention of which you have been led by the evil ghosts of pin striped devils of yesteryear and buy that boy a Braves cap and a Chipper Jones Rookie Card before it is to late.

          • says

            I was going to write words of encouragement to Big Daddy in his new endeavor, but then read what he intends to inflict upon his child.

            I just can’t do it now.

            Although the Braves and Yankees had the same World Series experience this past year.

          • says

            Do I play the “young” card here and point out that I may not have been allowed to stay up past bedtime to watch those?

            Except they were after I moved out of the house, so it doesn’t work.

            So, admittedly, no, I did not enjoy those much. 96, especially, as that one, if I recall, we almost had you beat and then let you back in. I didn’t remember us getting to the WS in 99. There were so many division championships with no WS in that span, they all blur.

          • Dale Pugh says

            The fact that BDW got out of Texas without becoming Rangers fan is proof enough that he needed to leave. Life in Texas can be……uncomfortable……for Yankees fans.

      • Dave Miller says

        Tim, you are making yourself look bad on this one. I gave a friend a “shout-out.” You see grand conspiracies where none exist, and frankly, you are looking silly doing it.

      • Dave Miller says

        For the record, this nonsense is over. We are not going to devote even one more comment about this ridiculous conspiracy theory. I will delete them. As always, you can rail against me at if that trips your trigger. But this ridiculousness is done.

        If anyone wants to talk about the site, feel free.

        Note the time stamp on this comment. 6:22 PM. Any comments on this subject that appear after that time will be summarily executed.

  7. William Thornton says

    Looks good to me. I am all for entrepreneurialism.

    Being open about this (and some of us non-geeks do not always know how to look up stuff) eliminates what has at times been a problem with some of the employees in some of our entities.

    There are good reasons as to why present resources (state convention CMR people, DOMs, and SBCNet) are inadequate. Something new may prove useful.

      • William Thornton says

        No one has ever said I was too kind…kinda worries me.

        I will do a blog sometime soon on the various avenues for churches and ministers to connect.

  8. says

    I am grateful to some of the individuals in this comment thread for showing just how paranoid, conspiratorial, and irrational some are in the various issues facing the SBC. To rant and rave and imagine some grand conspiracy due to the promotion of a small job placement website? Dave, this one needs to be filed under “most ridiculous comment thread ever”.

  9. Dale Pugh says

    Beth–how long has the site been up? What kind of results are you seeing? Do you have any way of keeping track of your success rate in placement? It would be interesting to know how effective your efforts have been.

    • Dave Miller says

      I did a little search of the different sites that were mentioned or linked to here. Interesting that few churches appear on more than one list. One seemed to be predominantly churches in the Southwest. The other had a lot of CBF churches. The SBC-EC site had a more wide-ranging listing. But was the best layout/format of the four I looked at.

      It would be well if this site or some other would become the standard. It would be great if there was one central site that everyone used. I have gotten all four of my ministry positions over 31 years through personal connections, not through websites. But this could work.

      I pity the poor search committees that will have to thumb through 750 resumes for every job!

      • cb scott says

        Dave Miller,

        I am glad you have been able to get all of your ministry positions through personal connections.

        I have always gotten my ministry positions because I am handsome and have a charming personality. . . and sometimes by extortion.

        However, if all of that fails me next time, I am going to use Beth Atkins’ placement service.

  10. David Tuten says

    Although I have made use of the SBC site, my ministry moves have all come about through state convention offices.

  11. says

    The site looks good. I’m torn on the existence of any site like this: I know the need is there, especially with how we do the business side of Southern Baptist life, but I sure would love to live in the ideal world where we all either stay put and serve ’til we’re dead or until the writing is in the sky, plain as day.

    Of course, honesty compels me to admit that I have done neither. And having a place to go and find possibilities to explore looks good. The state conventions tend to take resumes, the SBC’s central site appears to take church info–a spot where both are located is a good thing. Reminds me of a few spots that use to exist, but I don’t know if still do. There was one called I think.

  12. Dave Miller says

    Job, please note my comment (currently #61) of 6:22 PM yesterday. I said the topic was over and I meant it. I threatened to summarily execute any comments that ignored my warning. You ignored me and your comments have received capital punishment.

    Rick, thank you for attempting to be the peacemaker here. I deleted your comments once I deleted the comments to which they referred. I appreciate your efforts.

    Again, I say, I’m not devoting even one more inch of space to this. You can complain at my email listed in the previous comment.

  13. Frank L. says

    I’m thinking these sites may be short-lived. I don’t think most small churches can deal with the volume of resumes they get. I think it will force churches to reconsider what really counts for a “candidate.”

    I think it may have the unintended, good consequence of sending churches back to pastors and denominational workers to give recommendations.

    I know this practice can sometimes be politicized (and has been) but it seems to be the Baptist way — personal recommendations, not politicizing things.

    Oh . . . wait . . . maybe both are part of the Baptist way.

    • Dale Pugh says

      I’d think that the smaller churches won’t get all that many resumes. If they do get resumes, once they contact those guys and the size of the church becomes known, most men will decline being considered. Unfortunately, small churches just aren’t that attractive to very many candidates.

      • says

        It’s worth noting that small churches usually mean bivocational which means not just finding a church but also finding a separate job in the community. Makes for a much more difficult consideration if the pastor is from out-of-area.

      • Jess Alford says

        Dale Pugh,

        In my area the small churches usually go for recommendations. Resumes don’t count for much. It depends mostly on how inspirational the sermons are if a minister is fortunate enough to get his foot in the door.

  14. Matt Svoboda says

    This comment thread perfectly illustrates SBC blogging.

    A bunch of reasonable people trying to have reasonable conversation in a reasonable way with one very unreasonable person ruining it for everyone.

  15. says

    I was placed at the church I currently serve due to the KBC sending them my resume’. I’ve also had numerous inquiries from churches due to the TBC and KBC.

    I also appreciate Ms. Atkins’s desire. Pastors and congregations need help to connect. Ms. Atkins’s efforts are much appreciated. Keep at it.