Urgent Call For Prayer: Ignore At Your Own Risk

Considering our economic trouble, shrinking churches, and loss of political influence – now is the time for prayer. The Southern Baptist Commission For National Revival (SBCNR) has issued the following prayer. 

All Southern Baptists Churches are encouraged to read this prayer aloud at 11:10 AM EST on Sunday 15 March 2009. This national harmony of prayer will certainly turn back the tide of judgement now threatening our nation. You can download a PDF bulletin insert from the SBCNR website. 

  SBC Prayer For National Revival

Lord, we thank you that we are not like other men,
non-religious, Roman Catholics, liberal Protestants,
or even like this blogger.

We never drink wine. We stay away from gays.
We shun the apostle’s creed. We contend for the faith of our fathers
(except that part about the colored people.)

We build posh buildings in your name.
We always vote right. We feast twice a week.
We give Jesus a tithe of all that our churches get.

We ask for your blessing. We seek your protection.
We ask that you humble those people and heal our land.



  1. Dr. Paul Foltz says

    It sounds like the Pharisee. ”God i did this, and I am not that, so bless me.”

  2. Todd Benkert says

    Way too cynical for me…and not at all representative of any Southern Baptists I know.

  3. says

    We must all be ever-vigilant. For even if we despise the thoughts in the above post and say “we could never be like that,” we, like Peter, may hear the rooster crow for us.

    God grant us the grace to be gracious because it is well within all of us to be a Pharisee.


    The Archangel

    The Archangels last blog post..Offering Our Children to Molech

  4. Dr. Paul Foltz says

    The Archangel;
    Amen. We are not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think.
    Each one has the capacity to act as a Pharisee, and to be judgmental of others.
    We need to judge ourselves, and agree with Paul, that in our flesh dwells no good thing.

    Dr. Paul W. Foltz

  5. says

    Wow. Throw in a couple of alliterations and you’ve got yourself a holy slap in the face. I’ve been studying Jeremiah for the past couple of weeks. Chapter 7 and 23 really hit at this same issue. Check it.

    Jeremy Lucarellis last blog post..The Siren’s Song

  6. says

    I can tell you that WE didn’t read this prayer at MY church. We’re WAY better than those who actually thought Tony was serious. Psshh. I mean, those pastors who actually missed the Pharisee reference are really daft! They don’t know that they are praying the prayer of the Pharisee! I’m so glad we have better discernment in MY church!

    Jim Pembertons last blog post..How Can God Be Glorified Through Limited Human Will?