The Aniston Principle

What is truth?  (John 18:38)

In life, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is true from what is false. I mean, who wants to base their judgments and decisions upon faulty information? If only we could measure the plausibility of truth claims and sort through the cluttered deception of worldly fabrications. May I suggest, free of charge, that we adopt “the Aniston Principle” for the systematic processing of information by the otherwise gullible?

Mr. Joshua Garlathy dodged child support payments for over a decade, owing $32,000 in back payments. Hiding in Hawaii, he was unwilling to return to the mainland and appear in court. That is, until bounty hunter Scott Bernstein convinced Joshua that he had been chosen for the role of “Dirty Nick” in the major motion picture, “Banished from Brooklyn,” which was said to be a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston. After flying in from Hawaii for his big acting break, he was finally arrested.

In a nutshell: “If someone says you’re starring in a movie with Jennifer Aniston, they’re lying.” Let’s all try to practice a little self-awareness out there.



  1. Dave Miller says

    They have had stings like this repeatedly, and they continue to be successful. I guess that sin and stupidity are not unrelated.

    I saw this thing where they sent out notices to a bunch of criminals, dead-beat dads, etc, that offered them a big prize they had to come and claim. Amazing how many of them showed up, and were promptly arrested.

    • Rick Patrick says

      I like your observation that sin and stupidity are not unrelated. I think that would preach!

  2. says

    On the flip side, if a lawyer from Nigeria calls to tell you that a widow in Somalia wants to send you $17.5 million dollars (received from her late husband who was a pastor), it’s probably legit.

    • Rick Patrick says

      You’re right, of course. But if they tell you JENNIFER ANISTON wants to send you $17.5 million, you can rule it out. It’s just so much easier to get millions out of Nigerian widows than Hollywood actresses.

      There’s really no comparison.

  3. Bruce H. says

    You mean the government lied? Is that legal?

    The meaning of Gullible – “Easily persuaded to believe something; credulous”

    How do you sink a submarine full of blonds?

    Knock on the door.

  4. Bill Mac says

    You know I heard an interesting fact about the Nigerian scam. It is so bad, so obviously a fraud, you wonder how anyone could fall for it. But it seems that the obvious fraudulent nature of the emails are deliberate. They want to weed out anyone with even an inkling of common sense, leaving only the terminally gullible, ripe for the picking.

  5. says

    To gullibility add greed. Americans are a greedy people, and it is their greed that makes them gullible. They feel like they deserve the money, they are blessed, under a favored sign, etc.

    • Christiane says

      I think Americans are among the generous people on the planet AT HEART. In the past thirty years, there has been a voice in the land that has not encouraged a generous heart, but that voice does not represent who we are as a people, no.

      As far as gullibility? well . . . as the old saying about our people goes:
      “you can fool some of the people all of the time,
      and you can fool all of the people some of the time,
      but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

      Our American collective wisdom is still there, in spite of all the political spin, in spite of all the advertising manipulation, in spite of all the materialism . . . it’s still there.

      If anyone doubts the goodness of our country, let them look at the spirit of our military men and women whose generosity and strength and devotion to homeland is as strong today as in the times of their predecessors.

      My niece served as a nurse aboard the Comfort (hospital ship) that went to Haiti . . . the people on board worked around the clock in shifts to care for the wounded.
      Someone had arranged for this military ship to have its food services outsourced to a private company. And the result: not enough meals for the staff on board who worked shifts that differed from the ‘regular’ times . . . so my niece went hungry sometimes, and my brother and the family sent her care packages for a while to ensure she had SOMETHING for those times. I tell this story because ‘private profit’ should never be controlled by those who are relentlessly greedy, if our people have to suffer as a result. There are limits to our acceptance of the greed of others in this country. Those ‘trapped’ in a situation where they have to depend on a private organization should never be preyed upon for profit . . . that is not American, no. That ‘predatory’ greed should be seen for what it is.
      And condemned. By ALL Americans.

      So, we are a country that has AT HEART a great heritage. If that great beating heart is ever killed, my guess is that greed will been given the role of executioner. We must be vigilant. . . . the ‘canary in the mine’ is the survival of those in our country who are the most vulnerable among us . . . when they are harmed, we will know what is coming for us.

  6. says

    I am fully aware of the history and current practice of the American people with reference to helping others. My aim was to reflect on what Rick was trying to address, namely, the irresponsibility that we know exists in a lot of Americans. I would not detract for one second from the great outpouring of compassion that has marked this nation from its beginnings until this present day, but we also need to recognize the presence of those in our midst who are never so moved. On the contrary, they are out to get all they can, while they can, for as long as they can, and then they can can all they can.