The Preamble to the Constitution

Today is “Great American Documents and Speeches Day”


  1. dr. james willingham says

    Y’all should have the joy of teaching a course in American History in College. It is quite an experience, especially when you are teaching it to folks who did not have the blessings of these documents in their favor for many years. And then you find out that they often were better practitioners of the principles than were the folks who started it all. My life has been interwoven with Black folks. Just 11 years ago, I was in Arkansas dealing with the Funeral and Will of my father, when his lawyer told me that some of the buffalo soldiers after the end of the Indian wars had settled down in the area around Greenbrier Arkansas, North of the Arkansas River. He said a descendant of one of them had come into his office and showed him a Sharps Carbine used by his ancestor during the pacification of the tribes further West. There are so many stories like that in my life, reminders of the ideals that everyone desired as a part of heritage and which they hoped to transmit to their posterity, a sobering sadness that it might not last much longer. But God has other plans, plans beyond our wildest dreams, plans that can be found in Holy Scripture, plans that involve this age, even the last hour that encompasses one end of the heaven to the other.