The Southern Report

The agenda has been advanced (because no motions have made it to the floor) and the Southern Seminary report is next.

Some have thought this might be a time of contention. There has pretty much been none to this point. With the peaceful tone of this convention, I doubt it. We’ll see.

Notes: Mohler is reflecting on his 20 years as SBTS pres. Hitting the CR hard – rescued the seminary to produce godly leaders for the SBC.

Twenty years ago, he promised to:

*Stand uncompromising on the confessions of faith. He is not backing down from the Abstract.

*To train and educate pastors and missionaries for the SBC. To support Great Commission work.

*to cooperate with other seminaries and other entities. If we do not cooperate, we will cease to exist.

He is here not to claim a job done, but to reaffirm that commitment.

No questions!