Things I Stole from Worley’s Facebook: Invite Videos

Vol put the second video up on Facebook, and I decided to share all three with you.

Here’s the second one (and perhaps my favorite):

And one more:

Now, go invite someone to church!


  1. Christiane says

    I needed that second video . . . thanks David . . . er . . .
    thanks David Worley, thanks David Miller

    loved it!

  2. Tom Parker says

    Pertaining to the first video.

    Asking 007 and Dave Miller–Would both of you and your churches really have no problems with the guy with the strange haircut and covered in tattoos if he shows up for worship service tomorrow?.

    • says

      I wouldn’t. There are people in my church who might be uncomfortable. But I hit that pretty hard – the church is a hospital for sinners not a country club for superior saints.

      • volfan007 says

        Hey Dave, I have people in my church that have tats and such…I’m like you…I’m sure that there are a few in my church that wouldn’t be crazy about people dressed like this coming to our church…but they are few, and I hit on that hard, as well…

        As far as I’m concerned, they’re welcome.


      • says

        “But I hit that pretty hard – the church is a hospital for sinners not a country club for superior saints.”

        Amen, Dave. I don’t have tattoos, but I’ve walked on the wild side of town in other ways and certainly don’t deserve to hang with all those “superior saints”. I look for the visitors in church who look like they feel out of place. I pray for them and I try to talk to them (I struggle with a healthy dose of social awkwardness) and be as welcoming as I can because I know that when they get to know me and my fellow Christians, they’ll see Christ past our flaws.

  3. John Wylie says

    Hey Vol and Dave,

    Great videos. We have quite a few people with tats and piercings in our church. A man who was saved last year, who had both, came to me and hugged me and said “thanks for not judging me because of how I look.” The case against tats comes from what I believe to be a misapplication of a passage in Leviticus. I had a couple leave the church one time because I would not condemn tattoos. They said I was leading the church into liberalism…lol

  4. tom Bryant says

    We even have a few guys in our church who look like the guy he invited!
    They were great videos!

  5. Bill Mac says

    OK. Is it only me but does the first video start playing every time you visit the site? It’s starting to drive me crazy.

  6. Eder says

    Hey Dave, how are you? I´m writting from Brazil, I´m so glad I found the first video – Invite – here, helped me to find one with subtitles in portuguese. Could you send me the links of the two other videos? I’m Lutheran Pastor in Brazil, but I lived on the US two years ago, in IOWA where I spent one semester at Wartburg Theolgical Seminary and one year in Sterling , IL. Thank you and God bless your ministry, I hope you can help me out. God´s blessings…