What’s Your Sermon Today?

Short paragraph – a brief summary. Tell us about your sermon today.

I’m always interested to hear what other guys are preaching on.

CB Scott in his youth


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    I’m in a series from the book of Proverbs, but I’m going elsewhere today. There is this huge music festival called Lifelight in Sioux Falls today and most of our under-30s are there. So,I usually vary from my series on Labor day weekend.

    I’m preaching about spiritual bankruptcy – from 1 Kings 19. After his great victory at Mt. Carmel, Elijah fell into discouragement and depression. We have a lot of worn out, stressed out, burned out people in our pews and this passage addresses a solution for them.

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    I’m preaching about “The Test of True Faith” (James 2:14-26) and highlighting the inseparability of faith and works. This is part of a sermon series through this epistle entitled, “Life at the Next Level.” Authentic Christianity isn’t meant to be purely intellectual, but practically implemented.

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    Just finished a series on the ten commandments, preaching a one-off this morning from 2 Chronicles 28 called In Pursuit of Foolish Paths. Using the reign of Ahaz to show how we sometimes seek to undo the consequences of sin with still more sin, even coming to the point where we grow bitter at God because of the consequences and judgment of our own sinful ways. Starting a new, short series through Jonah tonight. Next Sunday morning, a three-part series through Isaiah 55. Following that, beginning a who-knows-how-long series through Hebrews.

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    I’ve been preaching through 1st John under the theme: Politically Incorrect Christianity. Today’s message is from 1 John 5:13-17 dealing with the believer’s confidence in prayer. Part will deal with those commiting “a sin unto death”.

  5. Tom Bryant says

    Preaching through Jeremiah and in chapter 15:15-21, Jeremiah begins to tell God about how spiritual he is and how God hasn’t treated him well. But God stops him and tells him to repent and if he does, he will be God’s spokesman. The point is that we can do all sorts of things right. In Jeremiah’s case, he loved God’s Word, he stood for righteousness, but he was simply an employee of God with no real heart affair with Him.

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    I’ve been preaching through Hebrews. I would be in chapter 13 today BUT I’M ON VACATION FOR TODAY AND NEXT SUNDAY!!!!! Yes, I just yelled. I need the rest and our people probably need the break. Looking forward to hearing a message from an old friend today. God bless you guys as you open His Word and speak His truth today!

    • Dave Miller says

      You said, “people probably need the break.” It was interesting, recently, when I have my good friend (and former pastor of this church) Leo Endel here to speak. He picked up on many of the same themes I’ve been preaching recently. My wife remarked on that, but we agreed that people probably heard it more distinctly coming from his voice – the one they had not been listening to week by week.

  7. John Wylie says

    I’m preaching through Mark’s Gospel. The text this morning is Mark 8:31-33 and the title is TAKING SATAN’S SIDE. It’s about when Peter rebukes Jesus for saying that He is going to die and be resurrected. Peter unintentionally was being an obstacle to the kingdom of Christ because he was being influenced by satan. There’s an interesting irony here if you look at Matthew’s account in chapter 16, one moment Peter is speaking by Divine Inspiration and the next he is speaking by Satanic Influence.

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    at NorthRidge Fellowship in Jerome, Idaho: Jude 12-16, These ‘Certain Persons’ Have Crept In.
    at Eastside Baptist in Twin Falls, Idaho: 1 Timothy 4:6-8, Have Nothing To Do With Worldly Fables

  9. John Fariss says

    The sermon is “Angry Christians” based on Proverbs 15: 1-4 & 1 Peter 3: 13-18. The point is that passion is expected of a Christian, but anger produces an attitude that is neither Christ-honoring, Biblically condoned in all circumstances, nor effective in disseminating the Good News of Jesus Christ.


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    This is a great idea, to post these summaries of the planned sermons.

    Just wondering, would it be ok if those posting also posted a link to their audio or video of their sermons? Think of all the good preaching we all would have access to.


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    Sounds like good sermons will be going forth today.

    I’m not a preacher, but if I had to guess I’d say that our pastor will be using God’s law, in some way, to expose us. (not to make us better Christians)
    To reveal that any of our goodness and righteousness isn’t enough, and that we need a real Savior, and not a self-help guru.

    And then he will hand over Christ and His gospel, with NO strings attached. Nothing to do. Just hear…and believe.

    And then we will leave the sanctuary, where our service (to our neighbors) will begin for the week.


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    Finished a 6-week series through Proverbs, kind of an overview. I identified 6 major themes and explored each one.

    The final installment was “The Mark of Wisdom – Cultivating Integrity.” Jesus spoke of our words and our treasure being two windows of our hearts. Likewise, Proverbs speaks of our words and our wealth being indicators of our integrity. Honesty, Work Ethic, How we treat our employees, and how we care for the poor… these are some of the things Proverbs identifies as God-fearing wisdom.

    It will be up later with the series at: http://brokenandundone.org/sermons/

  13. David (Not Adrian's Son) Rogers says

    Outline of “What Does Your Heart See?” Matt. 6:19-34

    The Heart for Power – vss. 19-24
    Seeing Selfish Success
    Seeing Selfless Service
    Seeing what the Heart Sees
    The Heart for Control – vss. 25-32
    Confusing Worry with Wise Preparation
    Drains Emotional Energy
    Diminishes Ability to Respond
    Downplays God’s Presence
    Dulls Vision
    Wise Preparation
    Enhances Confidence
    Enables Timely Response
    Enjoys God’s Presence
    Energizes Outlook
    The Heart for Faith – vss. 33-34
    God’s Rule Right Now
    Front Burner
    First Priority
    Finding Joy

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    This morning was in my Romans series, 13:8-10, Love Is Supreme. Tonight I am picking up on working through the church covenant; theme of message is The Advancement of the Church.

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    Also in a Romans series. Rom 7:7ff The law is good but not powerful. Only Jesus gives the victory (v25) We live in Romans 7, But though there are no shortcuts to holiness, Thanks be to God we have deliverance through Christ Jesus.

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    Preached from Colossians 1:1-14. Focused on the work of Epaphras and his role in working with the church at Colossae and the work of Paul laboring in prayer for the church. Finished with our motivation to be a part of God’s work stemming from v11-14- responding to what God has done for us in rescuing us from sin.

    Next week we kick off a series called 8 Words: Eight things Jesus came to do. Excited to get it started.

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    Luke 9:57-62

    I. Following Christ: No Easy Task

    II. The volunteer: when the going gets tough, are you still there?

    III. The called: Will you answer when it needs to happen, or do you want it on your schedule? Will you put the call of Christ above other calls?

    IV. The deal-maker: Let me finish this—then I’ll do, but I want counted now.

    V. What are we?

    I can post the podcast link in a few minutes.

    Tonight, Ann and I will cook dinner for the church in recognition of their 2-year sabbatical from good preaching.

  18. Frank says

    Series in Mark. God Among Men. This week: “Leaving Satan Behind” (Mk. 8:31-38).

    Sermon in a Sentence: “One cannot get ahead until Satan is left behind.”

    Best quote: Christianity is not a crutch to lean on but a club to beat the Devil out of your life.

      • Frank L. says


        I love the Book of Mark. I guess I relate to him like the “Reader’s Digest” version of a novel, or maybe the Cliff’s Notes version.

        He gets right down to it.

        My thesis throughout the study (I guess about six months now) is: if Jesus is “among us” then it ought to be reflected in the experience of our lives: including the miraculous.

        God bless you, brother. I pray you have much, much success (spiritual success) as you serve God where you are. I’m humbled to know you are a “partner in the gospel.”

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    On Sunday mornings, I’ve been preaching through the whole Bible, one book per sermon. We’ve already finished the Old Testament. We’re over half way finished with the New Testament. This morning I preached “The Purpose of 2 Timothy: God’s Kingdom Continues.”

  20. Bruce H. says

    Found a new ministry; “Ministry of Presence”.

    “So I sent to you immediately, and you have done well to come. Now therefore, we are all present before God, to hear all the things commanded you by God.” Acts 10:33

    Find that person in the congregation that has a desire to minister to the church encouraging them to be present.

  21. Dimas Castlo says

    I”ll preaching a series on The Sermon on the Mount title The Blessed Life. Today I’m on Matthew 5;13, “Have you lost your saltiness?

  22. Keith Price says

    We have a lot of new believers in the church so I have been preaching a series called “Rosetta Stone” where we have been taking terms used in the church and explaining them (Lord God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Gospel, Salvation, Church, Sin, Marriage, Atonement, Hosanna, Resurrection, Faith, Hallelujah, Prayer, Joy, Etc.) This week we began to talk about the word “tithe.” We went through the myriad of giving/tithing commands in the Torah to see what we could learn about giving. These commands teach us that the “earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,” to celebrate with God’s blessings and be a blessing to those in need.

  23. says

    Been preaching through Hebrews since February… nearing the end.

    Yesterday did Hebrews 12:12-17
    Simply titled: “Therefore”
    Subtitled: “Living a life focused fully on Jesus and his greatness.”

    All thoughout the book we’ve been running with one main theme: Jesus is greater than everything. Now that we’ve seen the great hall of faith–the examples of those the righteous who lived by faith before us; now that we’ve been called to run the race with endurance, we talked about what that means…

    …with our eyes focused on Jesus, we are to live strong in holiness and helping others do the same.

    In that we talked about things such as being strong and confident in God by letting his greatness overcome our fears and weaknesses (12:12); following his ways on the straight and sure path in the midst of a rocky and crooked world (12:13); and pursing holiness and peace by striving to bring God’s grace to all, by keeping each other faithful to the one true God, and by keeping each other from falling into immoral and profane ways (12:14-17)…

    And, I’m already looking forward to next week…

    Hebrews 12:18-29
    Title: “Let us be Grateful”
    Subtitle: “Will we stand under Sinai in fear or upon Zion in awe?”