When Saints Live in Sodom (by Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr)

How Should Kingdom Citizens Relate to Gays and A New Gay-Friendly America?

 “My truth is that I am a gay American,” are the words that Gov. Jim McGreevey spoke as he was resigning from the governorship of New Jersey on August 13, 2004 because circumstances forced him to disclose the fact that he was a homosexual.

“I am an openly, proud gay man,” are the words of Mr. Michael Sam, who was an excellent football player at the University of Missouri this past season and is expected by some to go as high as the 3rd round in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Between the years of Gov. McGreevey’s resignation, and Mr. Sam’s pre-NFL Draft aspirations and “I am…gay” announcement, America has witnessed a major public policy and attitudinal shift in support of homosexuality.

Fifty years ago, James Brown released a song that became a great source of inspiration, pride, and self-esteem for Black Americans—“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” I remember it so well. All the kids in my neighborhood sang it with great joy. It became a rallying cry. Bursting out of obscurity into the National Spotlight recently hails Michael Sam saying it loud, “I am gay and I’m proud.”

Will Michael Sam become the face of the “gay rights” movement that takes us down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah at a record setting pace? Mr. Sam has received words of affirmation from President and Mrs. Obama, Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, and a host of others, simply for announcing to the world that he prefers to engage in sexual activity with another male, rather than a female.

The world that I was born into in 1956 did not officially and affirmatively recognize a “gay” person as a sociological category that merited celebration, congratulations, affirmation, special rights in addition to civil rights, minority status, entitlements, or any of the like. Heretofore, identity and recognition as a human being, American citizen, male or female, a member of a people group, religious affiliation, or your Daddy’s name, was sufficient. Within the past decade, the U.S. military, pulpits, POTUS, SCOTUS, Halls of Congress, popular votes in certain states, the public school systems, and the NFL, have all upheld policies and affirmed same-sex relationships and homosexuality. We are all having to accept the fact that in the New America, there is a new demographic called “Gay American,” that are recognized as a legitimate, official, respected people group by all major American Institutions—including many church leaders and some (mainly liberal) denominations. The social acceptance of homosexuality has occurred in America primarily within the past ten years—from the fall of Gov. McGreevey to the rise of Mr. Michael Sam.

For all practical purposes, the decisions by the above named entities to affirm same-sex relationships and homosexuality have created a third category of human being, commonly known as a “gay American.”  It is common for job applications to have an entry blank labeled “Sex: Male____ Female _____.” We now need to add a third option under this entry blank: “Gay ____.” American Society has radically and irreversibly changed as it relates to public policy approval, and public acceptance of homosexuality.

However, there is one major personality and three-dimensional system of government that has not yet signed off on the sociological people group in America—“Gay Americans.” The one major personality who has not signed off on, or endorsed Michael Sam’s admitted sexual proclivities, is the One who created him—God Almighty. The three-dimensional form of government that has not approved of same-sex relationships and homosexuality is The Trinitarian Enterprise. Until God Almighty and The Trinitarian Enterprise change their position on this issue, there is a remnant of us who refuse to change also.

We are commanded to “earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.” God said that His Word is forever settled in Heaven. Therefore, His Word on this subject is not going to change, neither will Kingdom-citizens.

So, how do Kingdom citizens relate to gay and a new gay-friendly America? What are saints to do now that we recognize that we live in Sodom? I’ll tell you what we must do. We must love the homosexual unconditionally, while we preach and practice grace, love, and truth uncompromisingly.

I. First, we must acknowledge that at least three Scriptures indicate, or suggest that homosexual relationships would be widely accepted and approved of before Christ returns. Jesus Himself said:

 “26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.” (Luke 17:26-30)

Jesus makes it clear here that sordid, sinful, sexual behaviors, similar to the type of sexual behaviors that were occurring during the day of Lot in Sodom would also be occurring when He is revealed (Luke 17:30). Incidentally, “sodomy” is a legal term that is commonly used today in courts of law, as a reference to anal sex. For those who argue that Jesus never addressed homosexuality; that is simply untrue. He used the same words that prosecutors, Judges, and lawyers use today to label homosexual activity, “Sodom” (Luke 17:29).

John the Apostle was given a telescopic view of end time events. God removed the panorama that separates the known from the unknown and showed John a spiritual battle taking place just before the seventh trumpet sound saying, “The Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” (Revelation 11:15). Just prior to the seventh angel, blowing the seventh trumpet, the sixth angel, blows the sixth trumpet, and among the many things John envisioned before the sounding of the seventh and final trumpet, signifying the end of the world as we know it today: John saw two witnesses dead bodies “lying in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt” (Revelation 11:8). The spiritual condition of our great cities of the world when the Lord return can spiritually be labeled as “Sodom” (Revelation 11:8). Today we call “Sodom,” “same-sex marriage” and homosexuality.

John and Paul indicate that the spirit of the Anti-Christ would be unleashed upon the world in the last days (I John 2:18; I Timothy 4:1). Daniel 11:37 tells two interesting, and relevant to this subject matter, characteristics regarding the Anti-Christ:

1.“He shall regard neither the God of his fathers.” In order to embrace same-sex relationships and homosexuality, one has to disregard the God of our fathers. Know that anybody who preaches that homosexuality is acceptable to God is not preaching the God of the Bible. They are disrespecting the God of the Bible and representing the anti-Christ. The notion that gay rights and civil rights are compatible is from the pit of hell. Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, deep down in her sanctified soul, she knows that her dad did not die for same-sex marriage rights. Martin Luther King did not sacrifice his life for two football players to get married. The thought of such is a desecration to his legacy.

2. Daniel also reveals that the Anti-Christ would not desire women. A male who does not desire a woman is considered suspect where I came from. I believe that Daniel was telling us that the Anti-Christ would have no desire for women, which may be a subtle way of suggesting that the Anti-Christ would be a homosexual, or certainly unmarried.

According to DL Foster, “The Daniel reference to the sexual nature of the anti-Christ as envisioned by Daniel is telling considering the world’s end time affirmation of homosexual perversion. The word ‘desire’ is drawn from the Hebrew chamad, which points to lust and desire associated with male/female sexuality. Thus, we can make a broad assumption that the anti-Christ will have no sexual desire for women.”

As the saints learn how to live in Sodom, we must take solace in the fact that the Bible accurately predicts that the spirit of Sodom would be prevalent and prominent in the end time. Jesus, John, Paul, and Daniel predicted what we are now seeing.

II. Not only are saints to accept the fact that living in Sodom is an inevitable biblical reality or prophesy coming true, we must also be like the two witnesses in Revelation and speak the truth in love to all who ask about our faith, or our belief in the Judeo-Christian concept of marriage between one man and one woman. I Peter 3:15 suggests that we must be gentle and respectful when giving answers about our faith to outsiders. We must be gracious, gentle, loving and respectful as we address these matters as a part of a now remnant faith community.

III. Finally, the best offense is a good defense. Seattle just proved that in the Super Bowl. Therefore, the remnant faith community needs to strengthen the bonds of our marriages. If people saw healthier and happier hetero-sexual marriages among the saints, it would reinforce the biblical concept of marriage as articulated by Jesus.

 “4And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ 5and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?  6So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Matthew 19:4-6)

Model a genuine marriage, so that people will reject a counterfeit. Live a morally clean life so that we won’t contribute to the spirit of Sodom that’s overtaking the land. These are a few important things to know and do as Kingdom-citizens learn to live in the new reality of an officially accepted sociological category or people—“gay Americans.”


  1. Christiane says

    There is a phrase
    ‘lean into the chaos’ which is often repeated among people of faith . . . I’m not sure where it came from, but I suspect it may have been inspired by Jesus’ willingness to be born into our chaotic world for the purpose of redeeming it.

    How does this impact how Christian people are to live in a world where their own values may not be ‘the norm’ ? Should they ‘withdraw’ in the way of some faith communities? Or become culturally isolated while living in the world? Or is there another way? I think there is ‘another way’, and it DOES involve Pastor McKissic’s idea of ‘modeling’ what we say we believe in our own practice of it . . . example: healthy Christian marriages, instead of our divorce rates being as high as those of non-Christian couples.

    That’s a good beginning.

  2. volfan007 says


    This is a good word, Brother. I really think we’ll be persecuted for our beliefs about homosexuality before too many years. The way things are heading in our country, right now, the sentiment is very much pro homosexual. And, not only pro homosexual, but also, wanting everyone to accept it as okay. And, if we don’t accept it as okay, then we’ll be looked upon as hateful, mean bigots, even though we don’t hate homosexual people.

    It’s a totally different day and age, Dwight. Old dogs like you and me grew up in a different day. These young fellas might have to deal with a lot more persecution from the govt. than what we ever have.


  3. Dwight McKissic says


    Old dogs, like you and me will have to support one another on this issue. We have become the minority. I believe that there is a Satanic empowerment on the gay rights movement. I have never seen social change take place so rapidly.

    BTW, I said some things exegetically, that are difficult to find confirmation for in even evangelical commentaries. Specifically, my extrapolations from the Daniel 11: 37; Revelation 11: 8; and the Luke 17 ” Sodom” reference by Jesus. Please give me some feedback regarding the out of the box commentary on those text? Thanks.

    • volfan007 says


      The passage out of Daniel, about the Anti Christ not desiring a woman, could very well mean a homosexual. I’ve thought that for years….of course, it could just mean that he’s celibate….that he has no desire for sex, whatsoever. But, it could very well mean that he’s a homosexual.

      I agree with your view of Luke 17, as well. We could be very well living in the days before Christ returns. The world seems to be getting more violent, and more depraved, and FASTLY heading to the days of Noah before the flood.

      There may come a day, soon, whenever we will face some sort of govt. punishment for preaching that homosexuality is a sin….whether its monetary fines or time in jail. I hope not, but the way things are going….and, changing so fast, too…

      • Dwight McKissic says


        Thanks for the feedback. I have very rarely heard sermons that linked the end times & the antiChrist to the exponential acceptance & practice of homosexuality. Thanks for affirming that my conclusions there are not way out in left field. You didn’t comment on Revelation 11: 8. While studying the city of Sodom a couple of years ago, I was surprised to find this reference. Had read it before, but hand’t connected it to the end times. It appears to sodomy would be the defining sin of the seat of the antiChrist and urban centers. It alienates that prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.

        • Nate says


          That might just be because of the speed with which this has come upon us. Like you, I have been amazed that people have so quickly capitulated to things less than 20 years ago would not have been spoken openly, even within the church. Everyone under 30 think this is simply the normative ideology.

          Thanks for the insights into those passages. I do think you are onto something.

  4. Jake Barker says

    Based on my experience with the methodist church and sodomy, I would suggest that each SB church and association make plans to rapidly de-fellowship any entity or church body that approves and has in places of leadership, sodomites. I recall that happening to a church in Austin a couple of years ago. It is going to happen and soon so the plans need to be in place. I use the term sodomites in place of “gay” or “homosexual” and have for 16 or so years. About 6 years ago, my wife and I were in a SB SS class, the teacher was and still is a judge. He thought I was rather intolerant by calling that. I pointed out that was what they were called in Scripture.

    • Chris Roberts says

      People who lived in Sodom were called Sodomites. Where in the Bible do you see practicing homosexuals called Sodomites?

    • says

      “Based on my experience with the methodist church and sodomy, I would suggest that each SB church and association make plans to rapidly de-fellowship any entity or church body that approves and has in places of leadership, sodomites. “

      Not far reaching enough. I would say any faithful Church needs to do that, not just the Southern Baptist Churches.

      Same-sex behavior is a sin. Affirming and supporting same-sex behavior as not a sin is also a sin.

      Of course, such corporate and individual conduct being such a Salt and Light in this culture will mislabel oneself as a Homophobe, a Bigot, an Intolerant, Exclusive, Unloving, Ungodly Bible-thumping Fundamentalist.

      Wear an unhappy face when you’re called such names and feel ashamed of affirming God’s Word in public.

  5. Dwight McKissic says


    By successfully changing the act and the labeling of the act from homosexuality, or sodomy, the gay rights movement conditioned the American public to be more accepting & tolerant of sodomy & homosexuality. If we didn’t change the vocabulary, imagine New Jersey governor & Mr. Sam announcing, “I am a sodomite, and I am proud of it.” Or, “I am a homosexual and I am proud of it.” But, by changing the language to “gay,” it takes the bite and sting out of the act and the label..
    You make a very good point, sir.

    Your point on local churches and denominations preparing to be proactive in addressing this subject is also a worthy consideration. Our church has updated our wedding policy to restrict marriages performed at our church to a male & female.

    • says

      “Our church has updated our wedding policy to restrict marriages performed at our church to a male & female.”

      When you speak above about persecution coming over our stance on homosexuality, I look for this to be the angle that attack comes from. Either a general loss of tax-free status or individual lawsuits against churches. The great weak spot of many churches in America is the pocketbook–either because they do not have much there, or they have no willpower on it.

      So this is where I think it will come. Churches, like yours, mine, and anyone else’s with sense, that have policies restricting marriages and use of the buildings will be the first target. When many churches capitulate to that threat, those that stand firm will be pushed that much harder. People will show up wanting to get married in your building that have never been in it–and then drag the church to court.

      I hate to be alarmist, but I really do think this what we will see. Look for court rulings that push “Freedom of Religion” into a “personal” idea that the public must not fund or support–

      • Dwight McKissic says


        I believe that your analysis of this situation is spot on. Thanks for helping us to see the future and to prepare to deal with it.

    • says

      Maybe a little pessimistic, but I believe that there is a core of baptist intelligentsia in the affiliated colleges that plans on challenging the SBC position on sodomy. I see so many young people and their younger than I am parents accepting of sodomy. This is an issue that I believe the general population of SBC churches is behind the curve on. As long as the supporters of the SBC resurgence are in control of things then things will be relatively stable. As we age and control of the denominational entities and younger (hiddenly) accepting pastors are called to our churches then we will see a move to become “more open”, read “accepting” of sodomy. I would suspect from reading the “who we are” on a couple of SBC’s near where I live in north Texas that we are nearing that situation now.
      Dwight, I agree in total with your response at #7.

  6. Tim B says

    I love your last couple of paragraphs. I heard someone say the other day that “We don’t have a darkness problem; we have a light problem.” The greater the light, the lesser the darkness. The church in America isn’t making much of a showing right now.

  7. Dwight McKissic says

    Tim B.,

    Thanks. I believe that correcting the “lightness problem” will be one if the best ways to combat the “darkness problem” that’s evident.

  8. Bart Barber says

    OK, Dwight. I’ve tried to overlook this for several days now, but this is the last straw:

    You’re blogging more frequently than I am these days, and with good, high quality stuff. You’re really making me look like the deadbeat contributor that Dave tells me I am. It’s got to stop.

  9. Dwight McKissic says


    You stand in a class all by yourself when it comes to Baptist Bloggers. I appreciate the compliment though. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy writing. When I’m inspired, I just sit down and let my legal pad & pen do the work.

    I believe that we are fighting a losing battle on this same-sex relationships issue. But, there are some fights, that you fight solely for the sake of principle, and impacting the next generation. This is one if those.

    This is the one single issue that I believe that National and Southern Baptists are in totally harmony on. I sure it was a way that in a practical way, they could do something together to stop this national train wreck in it’s tracks.

    Thanks for the compliment. It means much coming from you.

  10. Bryan Potts says

    I support LBGT people and understand why they feel hated by conservatives, particularly evangelicals. I’ll address those reasons briefly and I hope it yields some benefit for those above.

    A quick look at the title of this post is a great anecdote for the larger issue. “When Saints Live in Sodom”. I suggest it might be too lenient for the author to consider himself a Saint. Simultaneously and ironically, homosexuals across the nation (many of whom I believe he hasn’t met) are collectively referred to as virtual residents of Sodom. This is quite a judgement! And on quite a few people! Possibly the author should leave judgements of this scale to God, or at the very least, not refer to himself as a Saint when doing so.

    I believe LGBT peoples intend to show their “spirit” (gay pride parades, interviews, hollywood callouts) with perfect correlation to the perceived hatred sent over by evangelicals like the author — apparently a Saint walking among us, assumed to have so little sin that God would have spared him as he did Noah and Lot.

    I suggest the best move for the church would be to stop fanning the flamers, so to speak. Remember that in the time of slavery the Southern Baptists interpreted the Bible as pro-slavery and resisted change for generations. Looking back, that was a moral mistake. Perhaps the LGBT movement isn’t new territory for the author, after all?

    • Dave Miller says

      Pretty much the left wing talking points, there, Potts. But they demonsrate more prejudice than reality.

      First, we maintain that homosexuality is a sin, but there are few Christians I know who are anything but kind to homosexuals as people.

      Your intolerance toward Christianity is clear (I’d call it hatred based on the slew of private emails you have “blessed” me and my family with) – you cannot stand our convictions and want to sanction us for them. But for the time being, we live in a land with religious freedom, and we can still call sin sin.

      You assert that calling something sin is hate. I say it is not. But it is our conviction. As your viewpoint prevails, I fully expect you and your fellow proponents of anti-Christian bigotry to attempt to silence Christians. Leftists have never shown a love for freedom of speech – unless it is speech they agree with.

      • Dave Miller says

        For the record, Potts probably spent as much time in my home as in his own during his high school years. There is context to our discussion here, especially a series of anti-Christian rants by email, which I have been blessed with through the years.

  11. Dwight McKissic says

    To all,

    The penalty that America is now paying for Blacks and Whites not healing our racial and political divide/differences–particularly Black & White evangelical believers–is the public and policy approval of homosexuality in just about every realm of modern society. The one person who could step in and take advantage of this racial/political divide and aggressively promote & affirm the gay rights agenda on America, knowing that the church was too weak and divided to stop him, was—President Obama. He intuitively and experientially, understood the Black Church & their bitterness & resentment toward the White Church like none other. There was no Jerrey Falwell, E V Hill, D. James Kennedy, or J. H. Jackson–who served as President of the NBC for 29 years, and was an outspoken Republican. He openly supported Ronald Reagan at the convention. We can blame today’s church for this debacle just as much as we blame the Democrats and President Obama. We are witnessing the demise of the influence of the church before our very eyes.

  12. says

    Several years ago we removed a church from our Association because of their affirmation of homosexuality. The Southern Baptists of Texas did the same. There was never any question about the decision; we were all in agreement. That church no longer exists.

    Today conservative churches gain members by taking a stand on homosexuality. I wonder if the day will come when we will lose more members than we gain by taking this stand.
    Much of the younger generation is being won over by popular opinion, the president’s view, Hollywood, school, media, etc. Of course, either way, we must stand for the truthfulness of the Word of God.

    I’ve known of some homosexuals that are not attracted to homosexual affirming churches. In spite of their lifestyle, they know enough about the Bible to realize that kind of a church is a sham.

    I don’t generally use the word sodomite, but you are correct that the Bible does. Editor Robert L. Sumner of the biblicalevangelist.org still uses the term as a matter of conviction.
    David R. Brumbelow

  13. Jeff Johnson says

    It’s amazing to think how much and how fast our culture’s attitude towards homosexuality has changed over the past 10-20 years. I think the catalyst has really been the celebrity culture that has just exploded, first with cable TV and now in the Internet era. Beginning with MTV and 24-hour cable news and now branching into TMZ, blogs, and social media, people can obsess over the lives and personal views of their favorite celebrities. These celebrities are the new culture warriors, and they lend huge name recognition to a political or social cause. Many in the younger generations care what Adam Levine and Lady Gaga have to say on an issue, even though they may not be able to name any Supreme Court justices or even the Vice President. Most certainly do not know or care what some preacher says on the subject.

    Our message must always be God’s Word. It will never become obsolete or lose its power. But we do need to learn how to take that message to a culture that has drastically changed who it listens to and how it listens.

    • Greg Harvey says

      You know, we act like all of this is new. When my parents selected the name for my sister when she was born in 1969, they chose to honor a very close friend of my mom’s by using the name “Gaye” as my sister’s middle name. It was already a concern at that time that the word was being appropriated to mean “homosexual” and I remember my mom discussing that with me at the time and lamenting it.

      I’d add that my perspective is that no human being is able to break God’s Law. We only break ourselves against the Law. And sometimes when that brokenness is complete, the opportunity emerges to minister and to lead the person across the line of faith to belief in Jesus Christ.

      I ran into an article about this in Christianity Today that was posted to a Facebook group this past week. It proves that proclamation of the Gospel and especially directly teaching from the Bible is an effective means by itself of bringing others to faith. But it also illustrates the principle that we should be patient in letting the Bible and the Holy Spirit do the work of conviction and be prepared to support the potential believer for as long as it takes for that conviction to result in faith.


      • Greg Harvey says

        Grr…left the second link of the same thing in the article…feel free to remove the second link.

  14. Jake Barker says

    What a day? Will miracles ever be recognized? Perfesser Brumbelow, Biff (volfan007) and I agree on a subject. 😉 As an aside, Biff, glad to see you are still among the living…..thought that with Pastor Coots being bitten and dying, hopefully you weren’t handling snakes with them Saturday night. I know how you Tennessee and Kentucky boys like them ‘ol snattlerakes. :)