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A ‘sacred cow’ in the church is a tradition that has been exalted to a position of normalcy without Biblical warrant. Sacred cows are often hard to get rid of because they are accepted and considered respectable in Christianity. They are virtually immune from criticism. The sacred cows mentioned in this book are fairly recent phenomena. These are the new traditions—the new sacred cows that are leading Christians away from obedience to God’s word. The purpose of this book is to help Christians think through the methods they use in ministry and to recognize some of these sacred cows so they may tip them over.

Some people believe that cows sleep standing up, and when pushed hard enough, they can be tipped over. “Cow tipping” in reality seems to be an urban legend. Sacred cow tipping, however, is no urban legend, and all Christians should participate.

Please join me for some sacred cow tipping!


“This book will certainly put a ‘pebble in the shoe’ of anyone following the traditions of men. You will be encouraged to grow in a steadfast obedience to God and His Word.”
—Mike Leake, associate pastor, First Baptist Church Jasper, IN; author of Torn to Heal: God’s Good Purpose in Suffering, Cruciform Press

“This is an excellent, timely, and concise book. Jared Moore challenges several popular practices in ministry today. All believers, and especially pastors, will benefit from reading and prayerfully considering what Moore has to say.”
—Rachel Miller, news editor for The Aquila Report and author of the blog A Daughter of the Reformation

“Once again, Jared Moore has succinctly and directly addressed some of the widespread problems in our modern churches. His thoughts on these “Sacred Cows” would serve any pastor or church member well. I look forward to seeing how Jared’s writing will continue to serve the Gospel of Christ and His Church as we read, consider, and put into practice these wise words.”
—Christie Wright, Assistant Head of School of Highland Rim Academy, Cookeville, TN; teaches Ancient History and Literature, Theology, and Rhetoric; pastor’s wife and mother to three young children.

‘“Ten Sacred Cows…’ is a must-read for every pastor and church leader who is willing to look closely at their ministry in the light of God’s word. Moore offers a pithy and rich treatise on the current trends in the church and why they must be examined, exposed and even expelled.”
—Michael Duncan, pastor, Mountain View Baptist Church, Darrington, WA; Bible commentator and co-host on the Alive in Christ Radio Network; author of Shadow Remnantand co-author of The Discipling Church

“There’s no reason not to read 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity that Need to be Tipped! It will only take about 15 minutes. But your thinking will be sharpened by that investment of your time. You may not agree with Moore on every detail. But shouldn’t ‘tipping sacred cows’ be a goal of all Baptists? Every generation breeds its own sacred cows. It is the duty of every generation to take this vaunted stock before the ultimate livestock judge. Place your sacred cows beside the plumb line of the word of God and ask what must be eliminated. Jared Moore’s book does just that.”
—R. L. Vaughn, pastor of Old Prospect Baptist Church, Mt. Enterprise, TX; author of Materials Toward a History of Feet Washing among the Baptists; co-editor of SingtheTrumpet.com

“Jared Moore addresses 10 coveted practices in the modern church in this concise work. While these 10 practices tend to make ministry more comfortable, Moore challenges that comfort with a biblical lens. He writes with a pastor’s heart to help the church get closer to God’s heart.”
—Mark Lamprecht, Christian blogger at http://hereiblog.com

“In 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need to be Tipped, Pastor and author Jared Moore contends that we need to do a little “sacred cow tipping.” As he tips over and tackles many of the most pressing issues in the Church, Moore does so not with a finger pointed at us but rather points his reader to the sufficiency of Christ from the truth of the word of God. I encourage you to get copies of this book and pass them out to every member of your church.”
–Dave Jenkins, director, Servants of Grace Ministries

“I am happy to recommend and endorse Jared Moore’s 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity that Need to be Tipped. The ten well-respected traditions he tackles are all ‘sacred cows,’ and as such, seem above criticism; yet they are crippling the effectiveness of the evangelical church in the West. It’s such a temptation to local churches to hold onto these traditions because of misplaced pragmatism; we need a revival of doctrine and practice that will result in their being tipped over for good. I see a book like this one from Jared as a means God can use to that end. For such a brief, accessible and easy-to-read work, it is packed remarkably full of truth and food for thought. I pray it will get into the hands of many in Southern Baptist life, especially pastors. I pray that it will be useful to God in the sanctification of his church.”

–Jeri Tanner, member of Christ’s body, and a member of a Southern Baptist church in Alabama; 56 years of age, a wife, mom, and grandma

“In his new work, Moore tackles the new ‘norms’ that have surfaced to keep Christians from what it means to be a true disciple.  When we evaluate our traditions in light of Scripture, we will truly see those ‘sacred cows’ that need ‘tipping.”’

–Todd Randolph, church planter/pastor currently residing in Knoxville, TN; has served churches in Kentucky and Tennessee as pastor and adult discipleship or Sunday school teacher for over 15 years


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