Why I love the SBC

Yes, that’s right, I love the SBC. I am a 34 year old Associate Pastor in Iowa, surrounded by people who either marginally like, don’t care or just flat out dislike the Convention. I have been part of the SBC since 9 month before I was born, but it’s not cause my parents were die hards. Before I was born, my dad wasn’t a church goer and my mom never drove. Closest church to the house was an SBC church. By the time I was born, my dad was saved and Baptized and serving in the church.

I got involved young, serving on youth counsel, doing different types of ministry in the youth department, I did BSU work in college, I served with NAMB as a Semester Missionary. I have worked in 4 churches in various roles, I have served as member in another 3, was a Campus Missionary for several years and through all of that, I can say I love the SBC. Some of the people in the SBC drive me nuts, but I love them too.

The SBC gave my opportunity. I have served with NAMB twice, Semester Missions and Mission Service Corps. It was hard, but it was a great opportunity. I attended Golden Gate and had a great experience there. I hope to pursue a Ed.D or Ph.D at one of our seminaries later in life.

I have hope and believe that the SBC will remain until Christ returns. I am not a landmarkest, I don’t believe the SBC is the “one true church” and will be protected forever. I believe there are great people in the SBC, we have a solid mission, we have a great group of missionaries, pastors, leaders and faithful members. I have served with great men and women, worked in churches, associations and with states in great projects. The SBC is not NAMB, IMB, state offices, local associations, or even the local autonomous church. The SBC is the people who wake up every day on Mission for God and choose to serve and partner with others in the expression of the church called the Southern Baptist Convention.

One day, the structure may change. The brink and mortar church may go away. The local association may cease to exist, the state offices may go away, but the SBC will go on. The partnership, the cooperation, the doctrinal foundation, the trust in God’s power, the Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit. We will still be on mission, we will still reach out, teach, preach and baptize. All the other stuff we worry about so much, most of it can go away, but I think we will continue to work if we continue to work together.


  1. Dave Miller says

    I thought this dovetailed well with my post this am. You can love the SBC but still think it needs some changes.

    Good post, Dan.

  2. says

    Amen and amen, dear Dan. Amen….that is, if what I am reading is what I am reading. ha…just never know in blogland what we’re amening sometimes….kinda like voting on stuff on the convention floor. thank you for all you have done in serving our Lord through the SBC. I’m grateful I was able to be a part of your life through my cooperative giving and prayers. selahV

  3. Frank L. says

    Dan, one of the reasons I think your prognostication on the SBC’s future is true is because we are so loosely connected for one. For two, the essence of the SBC is the local church and we don’t need a large convention to validate our ministry.

    We may change radically how we look, but we’ll be here a long time from now. I don’t look much like I did when I was in grade school, but I’m still alive.

    Maybe I’m not as fast as I used to be, and my heart needs some radical meds to keep beating, but I’m still here. It is a little exciting to think of what the SBC will look like if Jesus tarries for a few more decades.

  4. Greg Buchanan says

    BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

    I saw a hypothetical question the other day on a blog that asked something like: “if the SBC goes away, what will happen to local missions???”

    My answer would fall in line with this post: Nothing should happen to local missions if the SBC went away. Each local church should be partnering with other SBC and even non-SBC churches to share the Gospel. We shouldn’t be waiting on the State or the Nat’l SBC guidance or funds. We should be on mission where ever we go.

  5. Bill Morgan says

    Agree totally. I am 75 and I guess that allows me to say I am about as close to being a lifelong Southern Baptist as you can be. I grew up in a SBC church that loved missions, went to a Baptist College (Mississippi College) and SWBTS. I have pastored, served 18 years as a SBC missionary in Brazil and another 18 years at FMB/IMB in Richmond. I still work parttime in the dynamic missions office at FBC Concord in Knoxville. I love this convention, though she is not perfect. I know of no other group more evangelistic, more missional and more loving as the SBC. And I believe she will be here when Jesus comes back doing, as best as she can, what he left us to do!