Why You Should Cheer for the Denver Broncos

I am leading my church to pursue discipline against anyone who supports the Seattle SeaTalks and will probably place anyone who cheers for them on moderation here. We need to stand for right, folks. America cannot survive if we do not speak out for what is honorable. I’d like to share my reasons for this principled and convictional stand.

1) Peyton Manning is a great American story. Rising up from poverty (well, his dad’s teams seldom won games anyway), he started ingloriously – in an act of shame, he signed with an SEC school where he couldn’t beat the Gators or win a Heisman (lost to a Big 10 player). He was promoted into Big 10 country where he became the greatest quarterback in NFL history (despite his SEC roots). He was mistreated by the owner of the Indianapolis Dolts and was written off by many. He rose up to the heights of Denver (any joke about being high is inappropriate at this point) where he has excelled.

2) Baptists drool over Duck Dynasty. The Seattle Mouth (Richard Sherman) described Peyton’s passes as “ducks.” Peyton is the true Duck Commander. Quack quack.

3) If you are a Driscoll-hater, remember that Seattle is where his church is located. You don’t want Pastor Mark smiling, do you?

4) If you are a Driscoll-lover, think of the opportunities for ministry he will have when sadness grips the city.

5) Maybe Richard Sherman is not the complete idiot we thought he was during his post-game rant a couple of weeks ago, but the chance to learn humility by losing would do him some good. Can you imagine his annoying chirping if they win? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

6) Peyton Manning was largely responsible for the slaying of Comrade Belichick and the New England Communists. He deserves your support for that act if for no other reason.

7) The coach of the Seattle Seatalks is Pete Carroll, whose “integrity” drove USC into the depths of scandal and led to the Lane Kiffin fiasco. Any coach who leads his team to scandal, then to a Lane Kiffin moment, then runs off to the NFL does not deserve our support.

8) John Fox had heart troubles this season. Losing could kill him, folks. Look at him. Does that look like a healthy man to you? Do you want his demise on your conscience? We just can’t take that chance.

9) I live near Omaha, and Peyton love Omaha. Listen, we don’t get much attention in this frozen part of the country (it was -6 this AM and they were warning that a cold front was going to come through in a day or two). Peyton has shined a spotlight on “Omaha, Omaha. Hurry, Hurry,” and cheer for the Broncos.

10) Because I said so. This is my house and if you are going to live in my house, you will live by my rules. Do not talk back to me. Go to your room, you are grounded.


  1. Mike Bergman says

    One big reason to not cheer for the broncos or that ex-colts forehead, er, QB: I’m a Chiefs fan through and through. There’s not much that could make me cheer for the blight that is the browncows.

    Go Seahawks!

    • Dave Miller says

      Heretic. Weighing the merits of blocking comments by one of our longest-standing contributors.

      So disappointed in you.

      • Mike Bergman says

        I figured you say that about my OU fandomhood…

        and actually, with me being a chiefs fan, you should feel great pity for my soul…

        • Dave Miller says

          My comfort today is that when the Broncos played the Chiefs the first time, everyone said he wouldn’t be able to move the ball on them, just like they are saying now about Seattle.

          Hopefully, the results will be the same.

          OU and the Chiefs? Sad. But if you are a Royals fan, you have my unending pity.

          • Mike Bergman says

            All I know is in my lifetime the colts have beaten the chiefs 4 times in the playoffs, twice led by forehead… And the broncos are our bitter rival, so can’t cheer for them anymore than I could teXas.

            as for the royals… I have vague memories of seeing George Brett play. If I cheer baseball it’ll be them, but that’s a rare ‘if’ :)

  2. Steve Miller says

    Dave, as your older brother, I have the right to tell you to be quiet. I’m telling you to be quiet. Nothing that involves a prolate spheroid (or “pigskin” in the vernacular) has my interest when Olympic curling is just around the corner. If you could get Peyton Manning to use one of those little brooms and a rock, I might be more intrigued.

  3. says

    I am a Missouri Sports fan (STL first, then KC). So that has my teams as being the Chiefs and the Rams. As mentioned, as a Chiefs fan it is hard to root for the Broncos. As a Rams fan, it is hard to root for the SeaHawks. So, those to “hates” cancel each other out. So I move on to family connections, and I have more connections to Seattle than I do Denver. Thus I say, GO SEAHAWKS!

  4. Dave Miller says

    The Chiefs fans are missing the point. It is fine to cheer for LOSING teams (Rams/Chiefs) but one ought never cheer for EVIL teams (Patriots, Seahawks, etc)

  5. cb scott says

    “Peyton Manning is a great American story. Rising up from poverty . . . ”

    Rising up from poverty????????

    Dave, are you just nuts? Has being 12 foot under an Iowa snow bank frozen your brains?

    His daddy is Archie Manning. Archie is a former SEC NATION icon who had enough money to burn a wet mule on a daily basis before Peyton was even a small gleam in his eye. And that does not even touch what Peyton was worth when he signed to play for the VOLUNTEER Nation. You reaally do not understand Big Boy FOOTBALL in the SEC, do ya?

    I realize that in all the other Lesser Conferences that when a QB graduates, he has to start a lawn care business or find a job at the race track feeding horses or greyhounds, whichever the case may be. I realize that former BUZZARD-EYE QBs have to hoe ‘taters, feed hogs, or shuck corn to survive after their college career is over. But come-on, man. The Mannings are SEC royalty.

    Any SEC QB who does not go to the NFL after college is given at least 3 or 4 Ford, Chevy, or Dodge dealerships. Or, if cars are not their thing, they are given 5-6 stores from a major grocery chain down here in the Southland to take care of their financial needs. Every heard of PIGGLY-WIGGLY, Dave? The Pig is in the Wiggly because of “Pigskin” money.

    And the truth be known, any SEC QB who had a winning season never has to worry about money after his Red Shirt year anyway. His daddy and mama can take care of his needs for the rest of his life, if you know what I mean. We take care of our own down here in the Southland.

    So, my ignorant Yankee Lovin’-BUZZARD-EYED brother, Peyton Manning did not rise up from poverty?. . . unless you think having to eat dinner with his daddy’s Old coach, Bum Phillips, and not get second helpings of the Red Beans and Rice ’cause Bum scarfed it all up is poverty.


  6. Dale Pugh says

    This article is an example of the superior magnificence of SBC Voices in Southern Baptist blogging life. I’m going to pull for Seattle just because Dave says not to.

  7. cb scott says

    “Iā€™m going to pull for Seattle. . . ”

    Duckman Dale,

    Somehow, I just knew you were going to say that. Its a “in the neighborhood” thing ain’t it, brother. šŸ˜‰

    • Dale Pugh says

      I’m like the Good Samaritan, SEC CB. Can’t you see my halo? Besides, Ducks, Hawks–both have wings.

  8. Tarheel says

    Dave Miller,

    This is absolutely the best and most well thought out post you’ve ever authored.

      • Tarheel says

        Lol. I’ve always loved Peyton. Wes Welker too.

        Peyton, and Tom Brady are head and shoulders above the rest, IMO.

        Of course they’re both nearing the end of thier careers so Russell, Luck, maybe Griffin III and others can carry the mantle.

      • dr. james willingham says

        At half time we have the real reason for cheering for the Denver Broncos: they are losing, and, barring an unforeseen comeback by Payton Manning and his cohorts, they will lose big time. Didn’t the quarterback for the Seahawks move from NCSU to Wisconsin? Go Manning.

  9. Truth Unites... and Divides says

    Russell Wilson is a Christian. And Seattle needs more Christian role models than Denver.

  10. Truth Unites... and Divides says

    If the Seahawks win, Christ’s name will be magnified when Russell Wilson gives his acknowledgments. Go Seahawks!!!

  11. Tarheel says

    I also like Champ Bailey…who REALLY is one of the best at his position. I like to see him slip a Super Bowl ring on that finger!

    Difference is he doesn’t have to act like a blooming idiot and tell the world how great he his….we watch him play so we already know.


  12. says

    I like both of these teams and have enjoyed them all year. So I get to root for everything that is well done.

    But I predict Denver wins by 17+.

    Unless Peyton gets hurt. Nobody (except New Orleans) will admit it; but there is no other way to stop Peyton. He has had two weeks to study the Seahawk defense (which is awesome), and to decide what to do to pick that defense apart, and to pick apart Seattle’s adjustments, and to pick apart Seattle’s adjustments to Peyton’s changes.

    There is just no way to prepare for a team that adjusts to however the defense lines up. Even is that defense is absolutely great.

    So, Dave, you can ban me if you wish for not rooting for the Broncos exclusively. By the way; rumor has it, that Sherman read your post. While he agrees that it is a rant, it falls short of Stanford-quality rant and he chooses not to respond.


      • says

        Truth, Dale? You hate to point it out? lol

        I’m numb. Clueless about what happened to the Broncos. The Seahawk part of me is happy, at least. Congratulations Seahawks and fans. That was probably the greatest demonstration of one team dominating another that has ever occurred in the Super Bowl.

        How will members of the Broncos face themselves today?

  13. dr. james willingham says

    Poor little Manning boy. What a let down. His father not winning! We don’t always win; we are not infallible.

  14. Truth Unites... and Divides says

    God is good. All the time! Seahawks win!! Big!!

    Dave Miller jinxed the Broncos! Ha, hee, hee hee, hee.

  15. says

    I still don’t understand why any of you consider such a minor, inconsequential thing such as sports team fandom to be of any importance at all. Arguing over whether vim or emacs is the better editor I can understand, but this whole thing about which sports team wins makes no sense at all.

    Was there some kind of sports thing going on tonight?

  16. Truth Unites... and Divides says

    How could the Bronco center snap the ball over the Big Forehead on the first snap from scrimmage?

    2-0 Seahawks, and they had the arrogance to win the coin flip, and they CHOSE to kick off to Denver’s vaunted offense. Then safety, Seahawks ball!!

    What a great start to the game!

  17. William Thornton says

    Highlight of the event was the national anthem which was never better sung than by Renee Fleming, a grand slam by the opera diva if you permit the out-of-season metaphor.

  18. Tim says

    Hey Pastor Dave;

    I love the Broncos, but is it too late for you to “re-edit” your thoughts about these 10 reasons? Just saying

  19. Truth Unites... and Divides says

    Denver Arminian Offense versus Seattle Calvinist Defense.

    Arminians favored, but when the game was on… A major butt whipping was the loving sovereign order of the day!

    Calvinist Defense > Arminian Offense. Accept it. Love it. Go C-Calvins!

    • says

      “This is football, right? Who was playing?”

      Denver Charismatics vs. the Seattle Cessationists.

      The Continuationists had the greatest scoring offense in history with their Charismatic quarterback Manning. They relied heavily on the experience of their HOF QB, but they ran into the exegetical defense of the hard-hitting Cessationists. Oof! Wham! Pow! What a pounding the Denver Charismatics took.

      No miracle-workers, no faith-healers, no genuine language tongue-speakers could prove the prophecies that the Denver Charismatic Broncos would win over the Seattle Seahawk Cessationists.

      The Denver Charismatics were left muttering unintelligible gibberish after the Blessing of God’s Spirit upon the Seattle Cessationists in their ultimate Super Bowl Victory.

      And all God’s People said… Amen!

  20. Jake Barker says

    Dave, Dave, Dave,
    Like I said on the polygamy thread……you are sometimes just wrong on so many different levels. Lime green suit, polygamy and yesterday the Bronco’s! So many different levels, so many wrongs and to irritate you more, have a nice smiley face :)