Worst Commercial Ever?

As one who loves baseball, I absolutely cannot stand this commercial!


    • Dave Miller says

      For someone who coached like I did, seeing a dad teach his kid to throw like that brings nightmares!

  1. dean says

    Dave, I cannot call this the worst one ever. I could shoot Flo and then go preach a sermon on love! I would be uninsured if I had to have progressive simply because of her.

  2. Truth unites... And divides says

    Sweet and endearing. Just a “tradionalist” Arminian baptist dad encouraging his son to throw with th same libertarian free will.

    • Rick Patrick says

      Now, now, that was obviously a Calvinist Dad, and a baseball reprobate at that, since God obviously determined, before the foundation of the world, NOT to endow him with the ability to throw the baseball.

      Dave’s wrath and hatred over this man throwing like a girl* actually brings God greater glory.

      *I can say that because I am also a complementarian.

        • Rick Patrick says

          On second thought, he might be a Lutheran. He drives a German car, wears a tie to play catch with his son, and carefully takes the time to teach his child even though all the information is totally wrong.

          • cb scott says

            Rick Patrick,

            If the criteria you have presented is the standard of evidence revealing his religious convictions, he is more likely a Mormon such as Harry Reid rather than a Lutheran.

          • cb scott says

            Rick Patrick,

            You are correct. it is a car and not a bicycle. But it is also not Nancy Pelosi’s jet. He may just use the car to get to the airport.

  3. cb scott says

    Have you guys ever noticed how often commercials, sit-coms, and children’s movies make husbands and fathers appear to be morons, lazy, clueless as to the way real life is, or just down right stupid?

    That commercial made me want to puke when I first saw it . . .and yes, I agree with dean; it would be an act of love toward all who pay insurance premiums to shoot Flo, the insurance lady.

    • says

      That is a long-running agitation, CB. Based on commercials or sit-coms, we’re all useless and need either gadgets, medication, or a patient woman to survive.

      The latter is certainly true at my house, but the other 2?

      • Debbie Kaufman says

        Women have been portrayed like this for years. It’s wrong to portray men or women like this wouldn’t you agree?

        • says

          It is. However, I have not seen anything like that portraying women in that way for many years. Perhaps I just watch the wrong channels, but across the last 10 years I cannot think of any programming where the mother was the bumbling idiot, but multiple ones where the father was.

        • cb scott says


          If you are asking me, I must state that I am in specific reference to commercials, sit-coms, and children’s movies regarding the portrayal of fathers and husbands.

          Therefore, due to the specific nature of my comment, I must answer your question; No, I do not think women have been portrayed in this same fashion in commercials, sit-coms, and children’s movies as are husbands and fathers.

          However, there was a period in earlier mediums of entertainment, commercials, and even billboards, wherein women were portrayed as morons with little ability to do anything but, clean, cook, have babies and make their men happy.

          Such portrayals were wrong and aided in much hurt and abuse for women. I agree to that, if that is possibly what you mean.

          But, as the Silva Thins commercial of the past made very clear. “You have come a long way, Baby!!

          And frankly, I don’t think all of the “long way” in the journey has been a good thing.

          I think that women and girls are far more abused today in our society than ever in the past. I think a direct cause of this increase in abuse to women and girls (and children of both genders) is due to the great absence in biblical manhood among men in our present culture.

          Debbie, that is my answer to your question. I have not heard from you in a while. I trust you and your family are in well health and prospering in our Lord Jesus.

    • Jess Alford says

      cb scott,

      Sir, you have a good education, and you have the ability to be eloquent with your words. Come on, you can come up with a word a little better than puke. Some of us might be eating and typing.

      • cb scott says

        Jess Alford,

        There is a time in a man’s life when he must make choices.

        Some men must make the choice to either fish or cut bail.

        Some men must make the choice to run with the big dogs or stay on the porch.

        Some men must make the choice to cowboy-up or stay in the bunkhouse.

        Some men must make the choice to take the Caddy or be left with a mule to ride.

        In your case, you must make the choice to eat or type . . . but do not do both when reading Baptist blogs. Projectile hurling does take place here. What can I say, Baptist blogs are messy.

  4. says

    My shade tree mechanic says the Passat has some parts that are plastic which will require replacement (designed obsolesence?). Is it Germanic resentment? After all, the present demoralization of America was planned, so I understand, in that nation (I forget whether east or west) back in the 50s(?) as the way to undo this nation. Baseball is the game of Kings, and in America every American is a King. The original 13th Amendment of the Constitution, adopt circa 1825-30, and which was printed in the history books of that era and left out afterwards, allowed for no one to take a title…which meant we were all Kings. You did better than you thought on this blog David.

  5. Jess Alford says

    That was a BF&M dad, did you notice the son having to immitate the exact moves of his father. We all know it aint right unless we do it like our elders.

    I’ll have to say, I think the commerical wasn’t too bad. The father and son was doing something together and looked like they were having fun.
    I think a good example was set for other fathers and sons.

  6. Jess Alford says

    After watching the commercial again, I don’t think the dad is the leader of his household. This is the most eloquent way I can put it, but I’m not an eloquent man, he is “HENPECKED”.

  7. Greg Harvey says

    A domestic car manufacturer would never have made this commercial. Think of Chevrolet’s “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” marketing campaign in the late 70s/80s.

    Now you have to wonder how a German one ended up actually making it? Or even what the point is? Is the point to teach the boy to throw badly so the dad has to chase the ball near his VW?

    Or is the point that men can–pardon to the females who actually DO play and CAN throw–reduce their throwing ability to “throwing like girls”? Because what is going on in the commercial is exactly that.

    So is the point instead that you can have gender-neutral athletic incompetence? And you actually WANT customers like that to associate with your brand? I guess it must be an overreaction to VW once establishing itself as THE car brand for cyclists given Lance’s fall from “grace”.

    Regardless: dumb commercial.

    • Greg Harvey says

      On my aside about Lance, just stopped into USAToday.com and saw this breaking news note:

      “Report: Armstrong apologizes to Livestrong staff before Winfrey interview”