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Les Prouty
5 years ago

Mike, very good word brother. It’s all too easy for us Christans to fall into the tendency to see the world as an “us” and “them” kind of world. Just this morning I ran across this from Calvin (and posted it on my FB wall of course!) and think it applies here somewhat:

“I do not deny that the more closely a man is linked to us, the more intimate obligation we have to assist him. It is the common habit of man that the more closely men are bound together by ties of kinship, of aquaintanceship, or of neighbourhood, the more responsibilities for another they share. This does not offend God; for his providence, as it were, leads us to it. But I say: we ought to embrace the whole human race without exception in a single feeling of love … for all should be contemplated in God, not in themselves.”

God bless.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams
5 years ago

Wow, I never heard this perspective on this text. Its always been about hanging with sinners. I even preached such. Thanks for this perspective. Mike

Dave Miller
5 years ago

Great article, Mike. I finally got a chance to read it!

Glenn Harrell
Glenn Harrell
5 years ago


Thanks Mike,
I love the nugget point of this article. It reminds me of a “friend” I used to play golf with. Just before I’d swing he would ask me “if I breathed in or out when I hit the ball.” Distracted focus.

Semantics or no, and certainly nothing of my own doing, I am no longer a sinner who hangs with sinners. I am now a Saint who does this thing of non-contrived witness. It is no secret that I am still sinful, but to deny my new status (identity) as Saint is doing my lost friends no favor and it leaves me in the world of obligatory sinfulness. I am every bit as much sinful, but no longer the sinner (noun) condemned with the world to whom I am sent. God is always demonstrating, through us, that we are not better than anyone, but certainly better off.

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