2009 SBC Voices BLOG MADNESS: Opening Round Has Started

Round One Has Closed – Go Vote For The Final Round – This post has information about contest rules, prizes, and the selection process. Watch this video, then scroll down to vote. Round one will end Sunday 22 March 2009 at approximately 9 PM.

About The Selection Process

The top rankings  were based largely on the following factors. Some are very subjective, while others easy to verify.

  • My observations of that blog over the last 12 months
  • What others have said about SBC blogs (StetzerPuryer)
  • High comment counts
  • Posting consistency and quality
  • PageRank from Google and Yahoo back links
  • Authority rank from technorati.com
  • Performance in 2008 SBC Blog Madness
  • Bloggers influence on other social media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • How I expect them to perform in this tournament

2009 SBC Blog Madness Official Rules

  • It’s my contest, so what I say = the rules.
  • You are free to vote your conscience. I would expect most people will vote for who they like or who most influences them. But you can also vote for the rival or your rival.
  • The voting is restricted by IP address. So, one vote per internet connection. If you work in a large office or use your school’s internet then you may need to manually email your vote to me. Tony@SBCvoices.com
  • You are encouraged to stump for votes in the comments, on your blog, twitter, facebook, pulpit, etc. If you are too shy for self-promotion, then you might want to rethink this whole blogging thing.
  • The top 40 voted blogs will be added to the SBC voices watch list.
  • Each round will last about a week. Four blogs from each division will advance to the second round (sixteen total). One blog from each division will advance to the final round.
  • The winner will receive a $313 gift card to Westminster Books via email. This prize was donated by my children’s ministry blog (check out my Vacation Bible School articles) and earned via the Westminster blog partners program.

Update: The polls were down for about 65 minutes on Friday 13 March afternoon, but are back now. Technical error on my side – now resolved. Any more issue email me Tony@SBCvoices.com

East Division: SBC Blog Madness 2009

  1. internetmonk.com
  2. Provocations & Pantings – Timmy Brister
  3. sbc IMPACT!
  4. Praisegod Barebones – Bart Barber
  5. Tim C. Guthrie. – SBCtoday.blogspot
  6. JDGreear.com
  7. Moore to the Point – Russell Moore
  8. Christ and Pop Culture – Richard Clark
  9. aintsobad – Rick Davis
  10. hottubreligion – Bill Pooreie
  11. iemissional – Marty Duren
  12. owen strachan
  13. More Than Cake – J.R. Miller
  14. Thoughts Of A NC Baptist – Justin Nale
  15. Lawn Gospel – Hank Balch
  16. Diary of a Seminary Student – Terry Delaney

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Midwest Division: SBC Blog Madness 2009

  1. The LPM Blog – Beth Moore
  2. Kingdom People – Trevin Wax
  3. Dr Jim West
  4. Joe Thorn
  5. EdYoungBlog
  6. CROSS-eyed – Justin Childers
  7. SBC Voices – blog content not “aggregator”
  8. Tim Ellsworth
  9. ALVINREID.com
  10. SEMPER REFORMANDA – Gunny Hartman
  11. Evangelical Village – Matt Svoboda
  12. Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee
  13. Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor – Chuck Warnock
  14. Fox’s Wanderings – Mike Fox
  15. Call To Die – Andrew Lindsey
  16. who am i? – Barry Wallace

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West Division: SBC Blog Madness 2009

  1. Church Matters: The 9Marks Blog
  2. Denny Burk
  3. Grace and Truth to You – Wade Burleson
  4. Reformissionary – Steve McCoy
  5. Tominthebox News Network – Religious Humor/Satire
  6. The Assembling of the Church – Alan Knox
  7. Joining God in His Work – Les Puryear
  8. MicahFries.com
  9. Delivered By Grace – Rev. Josh Buice
  10. chadwickivester
  11. A Man from Issachar – Eric Redmond
  12. TruePravda – Jared Bridges
  13. elect Exiles – Drew Dixon
  14. Oversight of Souls – Ray Van Neste
  15. Todd Burus
  16. Moving At The Speed Of God – David Jackson

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South Division: SBC Blog Madness 2009

  1. EdStetzer.com
  2. Founders Ministries – Tom Ascol
  3. subtext – Joe Thorn & Steve McCoy
  4. The M Blog – GUY MUSE
  5. DownshoreDrift – Alan Cross
  6. SelahV Today
  7. SBC Tomorrow – Peter Lumpkins
  8. B21 // contending for the faith
  9. 12 Witnesses – Art Rogers
  10. Culturality & Missiology – David Sills
  11. Shawn Lovejoy
  12. Confessions of a Pastor by Hershael York
  13. EAGLES’ REST – Bob Cleveland
  14. Ministry of Reconciliation – Debbie Kaufman
  15. kata Drew – Drew Maust
  16. Borrowed Light – Mike Leake

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  1. says

    Thanks for including my blog in the original “bubble” blogs! As a first year blogger, I am grateful someone even noticed.

    I also wanted to point out to you that you’ve listed “A Man from Issachar” twice in the West Division…somebody’s probably missing their chance to be included in that group too.

    I appreciate SBC Voices and the role it plays in the blogosphere…

  2. says

    Hey, Tony. I’ve always enjoyed SBC Voices and I appreciate the work you’ve put into it. I’ve only been blogging a few months and know I don’t stand a chance in this contest, but it’s fun anyway. Just having my name included on the list makes me feel a little like that annoying donkey in Shrek that jumps and down and says “Pick me! Pick me!”

    Now, for a really stupid question: Do you vote by clicking on the blog link?

    Barry Wallaces last blog post..D.A. Carson coming to Union University in April

  3. says

    I consider it an omen which indicates I should win this contest: The gift card is $313 …. this is 3/13 … Friday the 13th in fact … and I was married 3/13 … Also Friday the 13th … and this happens to be #50.

    So … I’m prognosticating extremely bad luck for anyone who’s not me, that wins this thing. 50 years’ worth. If youse guyz out there have any mercy at all on all those other bloggers, you’d best vote for Eagles’ Rest, Southern Division (note: I’m from Indiana, originally, but I DO have my naturalization papers .. plus the required two non-running cars).

    Bob Clevelands last blog post..Faint Memories. Thundering Echoes.

  4. says

    The voting has been intense, but this post has maybe 10x more page views than votes today. A lot of browser refresh to watch the scores go up.

  5. Bart Barber says

    East??? I swear on the soul of J. B. Gambrell that I’ve never lived east of the Mississippi River.


  6. says

    I had no idea that there was such an embarrassment of riches of high quality theological reflection and cultural commentary–and so much of it lodged in the SBC!!
    I was a little surprised to see that the prize money was $313. I thought it could have been at least another $353, just to really motivate everyone.
    Honest–I am only familiar with a small number of these blogs, and several of the best Christian blogs I know of are not SBC. C’est la vie.

  7. says

    I’d be ashamed to be in the competition unless I was the internetmonk who truly is a Voice In the Wilderness.
    The SBC has become one of 2 things.
    1. old dying churches that refuse all change.
    2. churches that either are are want to be mega-churches leading people to hell.

    Rob Loflands last blog post..Why I Don’t Enjoy (Most) CCM

  8. says

    Ahhh! I don’t have time to peruse all these blogs I haven’t seen before. But alas, I must. Thanks for the list. I will not thank you for the time I am about to lose checking them out:)

  9. Darren says

    I guess Mohler isn’t listed here because he doesn’t allow comments to be posted in return, but his blog is at the top of my daily reading list.

    Is it a mark of insanity to vote for Ascol and Lumpkins in the same poll?

  10. says

    Just in case you all are interested, sbc IMPACT is hosting a March Madness pick ’em for the NCAA tourney (generally aimed at SBC bloggers, as Art Rogers has done in the past). Since he’s out of country right now, we thought we’d pick up for him.

    You see, it’s one thing to have bragging rights about your blog, but another altogether to be the best basketball prognosticator… :)

    Check it out here: sbc IMPACT March Madness Tourney.

    John Stickleys last blog post..Stress…

  11. says

    Just wanted to say that I read your blog quite frequently and I’m always amazed at some of the stuff people post here. But keep up the good work, it’s always interesting.
    See ya,


  1. […] Here’s something for a little fun this March. For the 2nd straight year Tony Kummer over at SBC Voices is holding his Blog Madness competition to see who the most influential SBC blogs are. Last year I was able to make it to the Sweet Sixteen where I lost to Peter Lumpkins by a measly 9 votes. So, I need your help. Run over the SBCVoices and cast your vote to help move me into the next round! The winner this year gets some really nice gift cards and I’m always in the mood for gifts! Thanks in advance for your help. Click here to vote for me! […]