JD Greear: Sending

(I’m taking notes, not quotes  getting the gist of the message but not the word for word blow by blow!) Told of his church’s aggressive church planting strategy.  John 12:20 -25  Greeks came to see Jesus.  Jesus explained the principle of the harvest. His plan was not the growing of one institution, but by seeds […]

Getting a Handle on SEND: What’s It All About? 

I’m at SEND for the first time.  I’ve heard about it – you can hardly not hear about it. There are well over twice the number of people here in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville than there were as registered messengers at the SBC Annual Meeting in Columbus. Nearly three times as many. As I […]

Ten Things You Probably Did Not Know About Lottie Moon

LOTTIE size 160

Lottie Moon, missionary to China from 1873 to her death in 1912, is the most famous person in Southern Baptist history. Our largest offering, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, is named for her. In time, her life came to be mythologized by Southern Baptists and her name invoked in order to raise […]

I Usually Hate Comparative Outrage Arguments, But….

It usually gets under my skin when I see it. Someone writes about an issue of social injustice in America and instead of engaging the merits of the issue a pro-life Christian simply responds with the abortion-juke (the pro-life iteration of the omnipresent Jesus-juke). “Why are you so upset about this when millions of babies […]

The Biblical Case for Religious Liberty

I am doggedly committed to the idea of universal religious liberty not because it is American or self-serving but because it is biblical. As a pastor, I am obligated to follow the Word of God even when doing so puts me at odds with contemporary public opinion. When the day comes that I do not […]

As the Pendulum Swings: Family First

History tends to follow pendulum swings. The church is not immune. As finite and sinful human beings we have a tendency to bounce from one extreme to another—dancing around the truth along the way. I’ve got a handful of pendulum swings that I’d like to address. Today I want to address one that I’ve termed […]