One Reason You Might Swallow False Teaching

I watched about five minutes of one of those prosperity gospel television preachers the other day. The cameras panned through the audience focusing on head-nodders, note-takers, and Amen-shouters. The preacher man was spitting nothing but straight heresy and these people were eating it up. This led me ton wonder, how in the world these people […]

A Baptist’s Bookshelf: Thomas Schreiner’s Hebrews Commentary


A Baptist minister’s bookshelf is sacred. It bears the weight of centuries of thought from people of all different backgrounds and faith traditions. A Baptist minister often relies on the recommendations of others when deciding what books to add to his library. That’s why I’ve decided to do periodic book reviews of new titles I’ve […]

A ‘Culture of Grace’

I was reading an article recently detailing the fall of a megachurch pastor. In the midst of it, the author made the point not to ascribe one man’s sins to the group. In other words, big church doesn’t equal big ego. The author pointed out another megachurch pastored by a man of humility and grace. […]