We Own the CP

Your reaction to the title might be, “OF COURSE we own the Cooperative Program. What’d you think, that we had sold it to the Methodists?” Or, perhaps, you might react by saying, “The Cooperative Program is not a THING to be owned. We own the entities. We own the assets. Nobody owns the Cooperative Program.” […]

Brewton-Parker Gains Rehearing of Accreditation

NOTE: I publish this as a newsworthy story about a Georgia Baptist College. This is not a springboard for a foodfight about the president of the college or others who work there. The focus is the accreditation of BPC and nothing else. Eyes on the ball, folks.  On June 19. 2014, the Board of Trustees […]

Embrace the Politics of the CP

The Cooperative Program is political. This one fact, more than any other, has hindered its growth. I think our distaste for the political aspects of the CP is wrongful on our part. I’m writing to convince you of that. It is undeniably true that denominational politics can become evil. This is equally true, however, for […]

The CP and the SQ: A Response to Bart Barber (William Thornton)

William is the SBC Plodder.  My insightful friend and fellow blogger, Bart Barber, has a short article on SBC Voices entitled, “It’s the CP, not the SQ”, in which he says, “I write today to disabuse you all of the idea that defending the Cooperative Program means defending the status quo.” I’ve concluded that our […]

It’s the CP, not the SQ

I write today to disabuse you all of the idea that defending the Cooperative Program means defending the status quo. Yes, it is true that the Cooperative Program has been the premiere funding approach for the Southern Baptist Convention for nearly ninety years. Hegemony over the preponderance of a century certainly qualifies something to claim […]

I Died Just a Little

I’m a Yankee fan. I don’t know if you knew that about me; it is something I tend to hold pretty close to the vest. Oh, there are a few hints out there – the large decals on the back window of my truck, the plethora of paraphernalia around my office, the shirts and shorts […]

Keep the safety on guns and marriage

I have seen the awesome power of guns. I have heard of people innocently cleaning their gun and shockingly a spouse, a child, a brother is killed when an unrealized bullet is shot. In the heat of the argument people are killed and wounded for life. Limbs are lost, lives are ended, and in the […]

Joy in Suffering (Mike Bergman)

This past Sunday, I continued preaching a Sunday morning series on joy from Philippians. In it we talked about taking joy in the accomplishments of Jesus (3:1-12). Paul told the church once more to “rejoice in the Lord” and tells them that he will keep on reminding them of this again and again. Such a […]