Nazi Germany, Jim Crow and civil dialogue

I sometimes wonder if constructive dialogue is possible on the hot button issues of the day. It looks to me as if not but, perhaps,  I am reading opinions and discussions in all the wrong places. Who would argue that the volatility index for discussion of white hot cultural and racial issues is not in […]

How Will Faith Survive?

For many years, here in America, we have lived in a predominately Christian culture. Most of our neighbors shared our Judeo-Christian worldview. When you told people that you were a minister they responded with respect. Times have changed. Now when I tell people that I am a pastor they ask why I’ve given my life […]

Misfits, Malcontents, and Knuckleheads: Welcome to the Church

Have you ever noticed how many weird, messed-up, difficult people God saves? I could start a forum in the comments and we could share stories about the odd people we’ve encountered in our ministries, couldn’t we? People with mental and emotional difficulties. People with severe relationship dysfunction. People whom life has deeply injured. People with […]

What is the Center of Your Life?

Here is something to consider: Every Christian tradition is defined by certain doctrines and events that shapes their Christian. In other words, we all have something that we turn to in answering the question, “Where does God meet with His people to speak to them?” Or, “What means or method has God chosen to come and speak to his […]

Gratitude for Ben Carson’s Withdrawal

I am thankful for the decision by Willy Rice not to have Ben Carson as a speaker at the 2015 Pastors’ Conference. I am also thankful for his blog post explaining his reasoning. There is much there to affirm. He reminds us that Carson is a man who sincerely and convictionally follows his faith. I […]

It’s Time to Love Baltimore (by Joel Rainey)

Joel Rainey leads the Engagement Team for Evangelism and Missions at the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network. He is on the adjunct faculty of two seminaries, and the author of three books. He blogs at Themelios, where this was originally posted. Human beings are, at one and the same time, created in God’s image and likeness, and […]

Best retirement advice I ever received

I’ve always paid attention to the matter of retirement and retirement income. When GuideStone or the state convention sent a guy around to speak to the pastor’s conference or to an associational meeting, I was present and paying attention. When I reached the age (I think it was 55) where I received an invitation to […]