David Platt’s IMB Report: When the Deficit Discussion Began

A couple of people have said, “Why is this the first we are hearing about this?” There is one answer. Because you didn’t listen to David Platt’s wonderful, home run, blisteringly passionate, (yes) radical statement at the SBC in Columbus. The fact that the SBC is deficit spending was his OPENING POINT. He led off […]

FAQs related to IMB Organizational Reset

Here is an addendum to the previous post. I don’t know who the “Editor” is – I guess it is IMB personnel.  Editor’s note: International Mission Board leaders have outlined a plan to address IMB’s revenue shortfalls and complete a reset of the organization in order to move forward into the future with innovative vision, […]

Homeschooling Post-Duggar

It has been a difficult year for fans of the TLC’s celebrity Duggar family. The show “19 Kids and Counting” reaches a lot of constituencies. Quiverfull fecundity fans, conservative Evangelicals, Arkansans, debt-avoiding coupon-clippers, and hash-brown casserole fans all alike can find something entertaining in the show. Alongside all of these, the show also has a […]

Ashley Madison: The Storm IS Coming…There IS a Harbor!

I have been assured by people who know that the Ashley Madison data dump may well be an EF5 tornado blowing through Christian churches and denominations, including my beloved SBC. In the last few days, I’ve been told things that turn my stomach. In the last few hours, I’ve heard things that make my heart […]

15 Helps for Developing Trust in God

It really should be easier to trust God. But we are silly creatures and so trusting the Almighty is difficult. Of course if he only asked us to do tiny things then it wouldn’t be as tough. But God doesn’t make small promises—he makes big promises that blow our minds and require big trust. Richard […]

The Organized Church (by John Wylie)

John Wylie, a frequent commenter here, is from Springer, OK.  There is a dual definition to the term church. One is the corporate body of Christ and the other is the local assembly. Those local assemblies were organized. There is a move away from what some call the “organized church” in our day, they say […]