Where To Find Bread and Water in the Dungeon of Depression

“He who has been in the dark dungeon knows the way to the bread and the water.” –Charles Spurgeon I’ve been in the dark dungeon. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for years. A few years ago I finally acknowledged this and began the road to recovery. I haven’t arrived by any means but I think […]

Thoughts Gone Wild (Dustin Lair)

Dustin Lair describes himself as a “husband, father of 7, small church pastor, retired church softball player and occasional pickup basketball superstar.” Dustin sent this to me, and frankly, with the tendency of the interwebs toward the negative, I thought it was helpful. Thank you sharing this, Dustin.  Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are […]

Proclaiming His Death in the Lord’s Supper and Beyond

The Lord’s Supper always frightened me. My childhood Lord’s Supper memories remained deeply ingrained.  We had fancy metal serving trays with real glass cups.  C.B. Klinner led the church through several mournful hymns, highlighted by “There Is a Fountain” sung at a quarter of its intended pace.  We never slumbered, though, out of fear of […]


Best thing I can do sometimes is just get out of the way and let my wife write.  Enjoy. Sometimes life is all about seasons. I spent years as a full-time church planter, long enough that it became my area of relative expertise. But that was a season and like all seasons it ended. And […]

Dear Angry Preacher Dude

I started watching him as a joke. And then my spirit was grieved. I watched the angry preacher berating his congregation and laughed at some of the ridiculous things he was saying. Things that one can only truly appreciate if you spent any time in one of these angry little churches. I appreciated the humor […]

The Mystery of the Dress: Possible Solutions

Social media has been atwitter with discussions and even arguments about the true color of this dress. Scientific discussions have been offered as to why some people see a blue and black dress and others see a white and tan dress. I think there might be a few other explanations that have been ignored heretofore. […]