Breakout: Afshin Ziafat – on Islam

isalmic doctrine God – Islam – submission to God     Muslim- one who submits to God.    Allah is the generic word for God. Wholly other and trancendent but not personal. God is a taskmaster and we are his slaves.  The Christian concept of God as Father is foreign. Man. Man is born sinless. […]

Breakouts: Barrett Duke/Dan Darling on Immigration

Dan is asking questions to Barrett. This is a loose summary of their views and statements.  We must rely first and foremost on the love of God. His justice is key, but his love through Christ overcomes, so when we deal with people, we must deal with them on the basis of love.  Fear of […]

Questions and Ethics Live: Dr Moore

On Political Involvement: we need to avoid two extremes – putting all our eggs in the political basket or avoiding political involvement at all. We need to be involved properly.  New Books – “Onward – Engaging the Culture without losing the Gospel” will address these issues. Engaging with a spirit of both kindness and wisdom.  […]