Have a Happy Thanksgiving – See You Monday

Blogging plans are always a little bit loose. Something could come up – breaking news, a Baptist scandal, or something. Anything can happen. But barring some huge event, I’m not planning to hang out here at SBC Voices much over the next few days. I’ll probably stop in to check on things a time or […]

Just Say No – A Suggestion about Black Friday Encroachment

Black Friday was always a Festival for Mammon, a bastion of commercialization and evidence of the crassness and materialism of the American people. The rush when they open the doors at Best Buy was something amazing to see, in those days when I was on dawn bargain patrol. We used to try to get a […]

Am I Guilty for America’s Racist Past?

A few years ago I bought Family Tree Maker and a subscription to Ancestry.com. I tracked my ancestors back to Europe (I am a descendent of the Merovingian kings – you should show some respect). The Millers come from Carbon County, Pennsylvania, but I couldn’t find when they emigrated from Germany. The Pratts, my mom’s […]

From a FOOTBALL Player? Benjamin Watson on Ferguson

I saw this link and went to Benjamin Watson’s Facebook site. He is a tight end for the New Orleans Saints. I have to admit I’d not heard of him prior to this, but I think it’s about the best statement I’ve seen on the Ferguson tragedy.   At some point while I was playing […]

Ferguson Apocalypse

Thick, black smoke billows from a burning car in Ferguson, Missouri. A grand jury has investigated the shooting of Michael Brown and has determined that the evidence does not offer sufficient cause to indict officer Darren Wilson for any crime in the shooting. We often use the word “apocalypse” to describe events that are chaotic […]

Observations on the Ferguson Tragedy

Confession time – many of you have followed the events in Ferguson, Missouri, a lot more carefully than I have. I have followed the story but not delved into every eyewitness report or followed the debates closely. I did, however, follow the news coverage Monday and watched the St. Louis County DA’s press conference. I have […]

What’s In a Name? (by Louis)

Louis has been a regular and respected commenter at this site.  November is the month that our church celebrates “Missions Month.” It is a great time of emphasis on international, domestic and local missions work. We highlight the work of the International Missions Board, other mission agencies, and local work. We hear testimonies from missionaries […]