SBC ExComm Plenary Session One

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the tone and the content of the Plenary Session. The focus was on Christ and on our work together. I learned more from this meeting in hearing the entity heads speak this way than I have from the conventions that I have been to. I […]

How Can Southern Baptists Increase Ethnic Leadership Throughout the Convention? SBC ExComm Trustee Meeting Day One: Consideration of Motion on Racial Reconciliation Report

I am attending the September trustee meeting of the Executive Committee in Nashville today and tomorrow. My reason for coming was to make a case before the Communications Workgroup concering the motion that I submitted at the SBC in Balitmore which stated:   “In light of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Southern Baptist Convention's 1995 […]

Despair, Interrupted (Anonymous)

(This post was written by a friend of mine. He feels it necessary to keep his identity a secret, because he works in a Christian organization that might react punitively if it found out that one of its personnel struggled with this kind of issue. It is sad to me that such is the case, […]

Joy: Keeping a Check on Your Attitude

This past Sunday, I continued my month-long series through Philippians on the topic of joy. For the sermon, I looked at 2:1-18—a rather lengthy chunk, and focused on the idea of having joy by living in the humility of Christ. In that passage, Paul calls us to be unified and to be servants. These things […]

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Calling

Pull up a chair, wipe the sweat off your forearms so you don’t stick to the furniture, and listen to me whine for a while.  Vent.  Whatever. We’ve recently transferred from one job to another.  To be honest, I welcomed it.  We’ve long believed that God had something else for us, a new way to […]

Where Ted Cruz’s Christian Supporters Get It Wrong

To put it mildly, as a group my circle of Christian friends lists to the right.  In their views, Palin is a political goddess, lazy people use Welfare, Ferguson wasn’t about race.  And Senator Ted Cruz is a rock star. On September 10, at the In Defense of Christians meeting in Washington, D.C., Cruz addressed […]