Best thing I can do sometimes is just get out of the way and let my wife write.  Enjoy. Sometimes life is all about seasons. I spent years as a full-time church planter, long enough that it became my area of relative expertise. But that was a season and like all seasons it ended. And […]

Dear Angry Preacher Dude

I started watching him as a joke. And then my spirit was grieved. I watched the angry preacher berating his congregation and laughed at some of the ridiculous things he was saying. Things that one can only truly appreciate if you spent any time in one of these angry little churches. I appreciated the humor […]

The Mystery of the Dress: Possible Solutions

Social media has been atwitter with discussions and even arguments about the true color of this dress. Scientific discussions have been offered as to why some people see a blue and black dress and others see a white and tan dress. I think there might be a few other explanations that have been ignored heretofore. […]

Living in SUX: You Prepare for What You Expect

(This is a revision of a previous post – actually one I’ve written twice – in 2013 and 2011 – every time you guys in the South get blasted by blizzards, I guess).  I have to admit that my flesh has risen up strongly as I’ve watched my southern brethren (and sistern) bemoan the terrible […]

When scripture makes us uneasy…

“Now these are the rules that you shall set before them. When you buy a Hebrew slave…” ~ Exodus 21:1-2 When we read though the Bible, inevitably there are certain scriptures that will make us feel uneasy and wonder, “Did God actually say that?” and make us wonder if the ‘God of the Old Testament’ […]

There Is a Time and a Place…

On the day we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King in 2014, one of our contributors (Todd Benkert) wrote an article celebrating the fact that Dr. King’s birthday was “Not Just a Black Holiday” and that all of America should celebrate the work that this man did in bringing racial justice to our land. […]

Knees at the Altar or Boots on the Ground? (by Ron F. Hale)

After the White House gathering on “violent extremism” this past week, our president said again, “The notion that the West is at war with Islam is a lie!” It feels evident to many Americans that a rigid and radical strain of Islam has declared war on us! This war is apparent in the beheadings, bombings, […]