Children of Promise

And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to the promise. ~ Galatians 3:29 We all want to belong. The place God designed for us to naturally belong and be welcomed and accepted, to feel like we’re home, is family. Of course one of the sad realities of living in a […]


Growing is the list of “unchangeables” from the perspective of our society. Terrorists do not change, we are told. They can never be rehabilitated. Lock them away forever. Bullies do not change, we are told. It’s better not to trust them. Failed cities and their inhabitants do not change, we are told. That’s just the […]

“Our church has a marketing committee…”

…so I thought it would be interesting to speculate on the phrase that could have followed that statement: (a) “…can you believe that!” (b) “…for crying out loud!” (c) “…and I don’t know what the church is coming to.” (d) “…great God Almighty!” (e) “…our pastor is such a forward-looking man of wisdom and insight.” […]

When You Are Called to Sing to the Deaf

His eyes can barely stay open. A graven look overwhelms his thin face. You can tell that this young man hasn’t eaten for days. He is starving to death. You, being the good chap you are, offer this dying man a bit of bread and water. You know that he needs to eat and wonder […]

A Day to Remember

According to my in-depth research (I googled it), approximately 1,264,000 soldiers have given their “last full measure of devotion” in defense of this nation and its freedom. Memorial Day is set aside for the remembrance of their sacrifice. Whether you have family or friends who have paid that price, take a moment today to give […]


It didn’t take long after the Josh Duggar story hit the news for one of my Facebook friends put up a post chiding evangelicals for our lack of outrage about the situation. “Where is the outrage about the Duggar scandal among conservatives?” This man is a former Southern Baptist who “went out from us” and sometimes […]

A Word from Baptist Global Response

I was delighted to see William Thornton’s post about Baptist Global Response on SBC Voices  — and the many positive comments that were made. I wanted to offer a word from BGR and open a line of communication for those who want to know more. Our mission statement says Baptist Global Response “connects people in […]