2011 Blog Madness (Round Two)

The opening round had its share of drama, but we are ready to move on to the second. The top pick in each division below will advance to the finals. This round will close next Thursday 31 March 2011.

This round has now close…. click here to see the finals.

Southeast Division

  1. EdStetzer.com
  2. B21 // contending for the faith
  3. Founders Ministries – Tom Ascol
  4. Mike Leake – Borrowed Light

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Southwest Regional

  1. MicahFries.com
  2. Church Matters: The 9Marks Blog
  3. Denny Burk
  4. Reformissionary – Steve McCoy

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West Regional

  1. Kingdom People – Trevin Wax
  2. Ministry-To-Children – Tony Kummer
  3. AlvinReid.com
  4. Downshore Drift – Alan Cross

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East Regional

  1. Moore to the Point – Russell Moore
  2. Between The Times
  3. Provocations & Pantings – Tim Brister
  4. JDGreear.com

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  1. says

    OK, next year, no conference speakers, national ministries or the like. That sure makes it hard for the little, unknown guy to compete.


    Am I talking about Blog Madness or particular SBC events? hhhmmm…..

    As the mirror reflects….


    • Dave Miller says

      I actually made the suggestion today that we make next year’s tourney a “Regular Bloggers” tourney. Of course, that would be difficult to judge. Who is a big name and who isn’t?

  2. says

    I am shocked and honored to make it to round 2. No way I take down the mighty Stetzer…unless I call in a few favors from that Libyan prince I helped out through email a few years ago.

    • Dave Miller says

      Hey, last night after I voted you were ahead of Ed! (2-1, but that could be a trend!)

  3. says

    I’d love to have your votes in the West regional for Ministry-To-Children. We don’t debate much on SBC type issues, but are helping many thousands of people do kids ministry every week.

  4. Dave Miller says

    Shameless plug here: VOTE FOR MIKE!

    Ed Stetzer, B-21, and the Founders are all great blogs and worthy of respect.

    But I’d love to see one of our contributors, Mike Leake, make the final four. I know it is unethical for the editor of SBC Voices to be plugging a blog here. But we ENCOURAGE shameless electioneering in Blog Madness!

    So, lets put Mike Leake in the Final Four.

    And, while you are at it, put Tony Kummer’s Ministry-to-children there as well!

    C’mon, just do it!